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SPPf Bishie (Claim a Character) Thread v. 5! [NEW!]

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It's all shiny and new! And it matches my signature. Maybe you think the pink is overkill? Well, the world needs more of it. ~

HI GUYS! Bishie thread v. 5, with Rave's approval. The last one was closed due to the inactivity of the owner, and now it's mine. The list is being completely wiped, and we're starting again! Don't ask to be a helper either; if we need more I'll ask. The rules are a little different this time, so MAKE SURE YOU READ THEM.

A forum tradition -- kudos to whoever thought of it first [Shadowfaith ^^ Thank you again!] --, a bishie [short for bishounen/shoujo, or young and beautiful male/girl, although it doesn't HAVE to be young and beautiful for the purposes of this thread] thread is where you can claim a character from your favourite anime or manga.

RULES: Read or be sacrificed to my testing laboratories

  1. Anime/manga characters ONLY. Yes, that now includes characters from the Fire Emblem/Legend of Zelda manga/anime, etc., although do note there's a Claim a Video Game Character thread in Other Games. This does not include Pokémon (actual Pokémon). So, yes, May is up for the taking, but Pikachu is not, sry guyz. (Before someone asks, Team Rocket's Meowth was allowed to be claimed because a) he can speak the same language as humans b) he has had the appropriate character development to class it as a character.) Also, no cartoon bishies. Avatar counts as a cartoon. Also, you can claim Link [who is taken at the time of posting] from the Legend of Zelda manga, but you can't claim Link from the Legend of Zelda video games. See vidya gaem thread link.
  2. No alternate forms or cameos. No young/old/shiny/parallel/genderswapped/upside-down/whatever-you-have of a character. Using a video game example to illustrate my point, wolf!Link, young!Link, OoT!link, Picori!Link, and whatever else you can think of, are all the ONE CLAIM: Link. To be clear on this point: no separate arcs claim. Naruto from Naruto and Naruto from Shippuuden are the EXACT SAME CLAIM. However, Sakura Kinomoto from Cardcaptor Sakura and Princess Sakura from Tsubasa: RESERVoir CHRONiCLE are separate characters, as CLAMP have stated they are entirely different characters. If CCS!Sakura makes a cameo appearance in TRC, she can't be claimed as part of TRC.
  3. Follow the form. Post in DEFAULT FONT. Do not add any formatting tags.
  4. Stay active and unbanned. If you're caught inactive for over a month [unless you're on hiatus and your signature clearly states exactly WHEN you will be back, within three months], or banned, your claim will be removed, even if you're just temp. banned. We're holding your bishie hostage to make you follow the rules! This is also to allow active members who abide by the rules to have a shot. So, yes, if the claimant of your ideal bishie falls under one of these conditions, directly link to their profile.
  5. First come, first served. Yup, that's the way it goes. Also, Rave's Law: don't whine to Rave or any of the other mods if you can't get your bishie. Be nice to everyone, too. If someone already has your bishie or is breaking the rules [don't minimod either unless you're a helper], either pick a new one or wait until they drop the character. Tough luck.
  6. All other forum rules apply, including the signature rule about having claims you don't actually own in your signature.
  7. In the event the owner is inactive, DON'T post in my profile complaining or whining. I'll approve your claims when I get the time ^_^ I have a lot of time on my hands, so it should be every few days I'll have a check of the thread after the first influx is over, but I do have a life and two very busy sections to mod.
  8. Changing bishies: keep your bishie for one month minimum. Self-explanatory. You can drop at any time, of course, and claim another one later. Do it continously though and I will penalise you.
  9. Failure to follow these rules results in PENALITIES dundun. Three strikes, you're out. One strike: one week ban for flaming/spamming/harrassing me/etc., three days for any strikes related to not filling in the form correctly. Two strikes: two week ban. Three strikes: never darken these doors again.


This list is screwed up. When I get some time this week (probably on Tuesday), I'll go and fix it up.
SapphireSwampert -- 1/3
Gentleman Skeleton -- 1/3
Latias 24 -- 1/3

If you need to check the time around my awkward time zone; timeanddate.com.
Whiscash -- 1/3, ban expires 20th August +10 GMT
Steelix 2.0 -- 1/3, ban expires 20th August +10 GMT
miken park -- 2/3, ban expires 20th August +10 GMT

FORMS: Use them or... else.

This is a basic exercise in literacy. They're exactly the same as the old ones.

To claim:

English name/Japanese name of character from anime/manga title - your username (MONTH/DAY/YEAR)

Note: in the case of where the character is known more by their Japanese name [for instance, Madison from Cardcaptors is usually referred to as Tomoyo from Cardcaptor Sakura], use this:

Japanese name (dub name) from Japanese title (dub title) - username (MONTH/DAY/YEAR)


Misty/Kasumi from Pokémon - Random member (07/08/2008)

To change your claim

Old bishie: English name/Japanese name of character from anime/manga title - your username (MONTH/DAY/YEAR)
New bishie: English name/Japanese name of character from anime/manga title - your username (MONTH/DAY/YEAR)

Old bishie: Misty/Kasumi from Pokémon - Random member (07/08/2008)
New bishie: May/Haruka from Pokémon - Random member (08/08/2008)

Name change:

Old name: your old username
New name: your new username
Bishie: English name/Japanese name of character from anime/manga title - your username (MONTH/DAY/YEAR)


Old name: Random member
New name: Random member version two
Bishie: May/Haruka from Pokémon - Random member (08/08/2008)

PLEASE let us know if you've had a name change! If I can't find you under the username you're listed with when I do my periodic checks, I'll remove your claim.

Now have fun, and if you have a problem/whatever, I only nibble delicately, so PM me. Unless it's to harrass me about updating, in which case enjoy your nice penalty strike.

Aaaaand you're done, except for checking your bishie hasn't already been claimed! GOGOGOGOGO.

Tiffany and Shuam, ilu guys <3 Thank you thank you


To quick-search, in Windows, hold Ctrl and F down at the same time and type your search terms; use Apple and F on a Mac.

This post was last updated: 17/08 +10 GMT.
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Staff member
Chao from SonicX - Chaos Emerald (08/06/08)
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Team Rocket's Meowth from Pokemon - Shuam (08/06/2008)

Erik Destler

cool cool cool
Phoenix Wright/Ryuuichi Naruhodou from Ace Attorney/Gyakuten Saiban - Erik Destler (08/07/2008)

(Yes, there is a GS Manga. Google it :B)


Gin / Sakata Gintoki from Gin Tama plz - Rave (08/07/08)



Misty/Kasumi from Pokémon - ~Mist~ (08/07/2008)

Thank you!!


Claire Stanfield/Rail Tracer/Vino from Baccano! - Ichi (08/07/08)


Not Dead Yet
Black Jack from Black Jack - Archimedes (8/7/08)


Basil/Bajiru from Katekyo Hitman REBORN! - Sammi (08/06/08)


Bringer Of Death
Sasuke from Naruto Shippuden o_O
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