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SPPf Bishie (Claim a Character) Thread v. 5! [NEW!]

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loves Rutger
Digimon Dreamer, you're not banned. Sorry about that mistake with the forms. Added Cutty Flam

Digimon Dreamer

Rolo L. Obsesser

Thank you! I thought I was banned though I had followed the rules saying that if a person is known more by their jap. names then they had to go first and it was shown plainly in the rules.


Gold from pokemon special - growly on 8/18/08


Bloody git
Fierce Deity Link from Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask (manga) - Hakuryuu (8/19/08)

I'm not sure if that counts. Fierce Deity Link is a completely different character though, and since Link was claimed. =/ If it doesn't count, however, ignore this.


GanonDorf - Legend of Zelda - Gen1king August 20, 2008


(ノ@皿@)ノ ~ lolwut?
Kururu from Keroro Gunsou - itsme (08/19/2008)


Wonder of Thunder!
Vector the crocodile/Bekut? za Kurokodairu from Sonic X - (Dean 8/19/08)

Misty punk

Jiggwypuffles! FTW!
Um I was just wondering.....since Katsu Koneko is banned, does that mean Ash/Satoshi from Pokémon is free? If so.....

Ash/Satoshi from Pokémon - Misty punk (21/08/08)
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