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SPPf Bishie (Claim a Character) Thread v. 5! [NEW!]

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Izzy Izumi/Izumi Koushiro from Digimon - iluvwobbuffet (8/9/2008)


Phoenix Fire

scream your self
Takeshi Yamamoto/Yamamoto Takeshi from Katekyo Hitman Reborn! - Phoenix Fire (8/09/08)
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Good bye :)
Yuki Sohma/ Sohma Yuki from Fruits Basket - Pokewiz (08/09/08)
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Coola/Kura from Dragonball Z - Zero Nexus (9/8/08)
Strike one. Banned for 3 days for improper form. Month/Day/Year next time.
All others added to the list.

Just some sort of thank you for making the thread in the first place in the first post would be nice XP
I personally have no power in this, but Bishie Threads are pretty much in every forum. I don't really see how much (if any) credit we can give you. You'd have to ask Misaki-Chi about it. Apologies if necessary.

Pink Parka Girl

I wish I could change my username
Solana/Hinata from Pokémon - Pink Parka Girl (08/09/08)
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