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SPPF Character Face-Off Champion League


Silver Soul
Lel Britain: 15/96 +
Light Yams: 19/96


Silver Soul
Lelouch vi Britannia: 19/96 +
Light Yagami: 20/96


Silver Soul
Genaller: You know what? a 5 match series is way too long. I think 3 is sufficient meaning his majesty Lelouch vi Britannia has already won!!! I have done as you’ve ordered my master.

Lelouch: Excellent; the power of Geass is absolute!

*Lelouch celebrating:


*Just as all seems lost a radiance of light appears and behind it is...*


Genaller: Such magnificence!! I have been freed of Geass!!! Lelouch vi Britannia is hereby disqualified!

Lelouch: NOOOOOO!!!!!!

Every other participant: Eggbert should be the league champion because he’s freakin awesome and even surpassed Geass.

Genaller: Agreed; All Hail Eggbert!!!

The End


Not thinking twice!
Eggbert can only be defeated by a teamup between Rodney Long, Larry the Leprechaun, and Buznut (after he pays me back, of couse)!