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SPPF Christian Alliance

Discussion in 'Clubs' started by Pikawho?, Nov 21, 2008.

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  1. skybattler262

    skybattler262 Well-Known Member

    Guys, sorry for this unusual urgency...
    It seems that there is something eerie wrong recently...
    Anyone who is of interest in Eschatology AND IS NOT FROM THE USA?
    I just wanted to PM someone regarding the matter... as the days are coming closer of Our King's Return...
    I literally forget that the Rapture may occur any time from now, even as the hype of Pokemon X and Y are ongoing...
  2. crobatman

    crobatman Well-Known Member

    That is true Skybattler, this pokemon stuff is just a small convenience for us. Just a temporary pleasure, but our life with Christ is ETERNAL!!!!!!!! :) I am from the USA, but why ask for Eschatology questions to someone not from the United States?

    I got my 3DS used, and I do not remember it coming with an SD card. I had a 32 gb card in my old phone, so that is in my 3DS now!

    Halloween Topic time!
    What are you or your church doing this year for the Fall?

    Some Christians kind of feel sketchy about doing activities for halloween, but for me, it is just another day of the year. I see opportunities for outreach and fun. This year, both towns in my county have a Scarecrow Contest. So, our Youth Group decided to build 2 so we could advertise our Church! We go to the downtown area to pass out candy to those on the "scarecrow stroll" and we are using the opportunity to give small John/Romans with info for our church too.
    In November, the USA celebrates Thanksgiving, so we are having a big Thanksgiving Dinner at our church and offering to people in our community.
    The week before that we are having a Youth Outreach Event too :) I really enjoy doing events that give opportunities to share Christ with others!
    Last edited: Oct 14, 2013
  3. skybattler262

    skybattler262 Well-Known Member

    To avoid bias...
    I just wanted to know how Eschatology is interpreted differently from those in the USA... I know it might sound crazy, but most of the eschatology I found online is having America as the central focus...
    I mean, whatever is happening to the US is somehow reverse to what is happening here in the Philippines, and Asia in general...
    Many are saying that the riots recently have no purpose, but the scenario here is entirely different...
    For now, the Filipinos are extremely tolerant to homosexuals, as long as you don't go beyond the moral boundaries or offend others, but how tolerant would be another question...
    All in all, as doom and gloom approaches America, the situation in Asia is entirely reverse, as the people here are slowly being grounded in the truth of the Gospel, thus I wanted to know how to view things in a third person point of view
  4. Dread Advocate

    Dread Advocate †Stay Metal†

    What are you or your church doing this year for the Fall?
    We're doing a Trunk Fest again. Participating members of our church decorate their car trunks or truck beds and try to match their costumes to the decorations, and we hand out candy to any families that may be trick-or-treating and decide to stop at the church. My family is doing a trunk, but we haven't decided on what. I want to do the cargo bay of the Serenity to match my planned Mal Reynolds costume. My mother suggested that my friend and I team up together and put two trunks into one. I need to talk to him about that.

    Skybattler, I honestly don't know how to answer your question. I've never been out of the South in the States. But the way you describe things and how America is the focus in your eschatological findings really just sounds like a classic case of American exceptionalism.
  5. skybattler262

    skybattler262 Well-Known Member

    That's precisely my point. However, I heard news recently that China is in an unusual slowdown in the past economic trisemester and is unlikely to start a war (just bullying our poor country who have virtually no defense thanks to politicians who don't even know how to source out their own funds to benefit the country except themselves). Anyhow, I want to see how Asia in general fits in the end-time scenario, since there are little to no focus on Asia except China, the prophecied leader of the Kings of the East faction of the Antichrist. I mean, South East Asia, in general, is having an economic boost despite the slowdown in other countries in the West. If there really is a gearing to an end-time scenario, then what particularly is the role of Asia?
    P.S. There a revival ongoing here in the Philippines, not only by numbers, but by the quality of believers, and by far, China is, ironically, the country with the most number of Christians in it's population, and most are inside the underground church, which make me want to see the role Asia would take in the last days
    Edit: Just received some news... looks like when America hits the deck, the world follows... Now, I understand things why most are watching the events happening in America
    Last edited: Oct 15, 2013
  6. Steampunk

    Steampunk One Truth Prevails

    I don't celebrate Halloween so that's just another ordinary day for me. But me and a friend of mine had this idea to climb one of my trees with some of our cheezy homemade slingshots and fire them at those stupid kids who TP my house every year.

    In other news, I have been in a debate in the debate section pertaining to Christianity, just wondering if anyone here had any opinions on that.
  7. Cometstarlight

    Cometstarlight What do I do now?

    I've been watching some of that. You stay calm and collected given the other side is losing their minds.
  8. PlatinumTrainer92

    PlatinumTrainer92 Veteran Trainer

    Apologies for being off topic, but I was talking to pikawho and he said that I can join the Christian Alliance. I was originally part of the group a few years back. When I came back to the forums I didn't know what happened to the original group. It's great to be back!
  9. skybattler262

    skybattler262 Well-Known Member

    Wow, how many are here in this group before anyway?
    I have to admit it. I just came here to discuss about the anime (especially to the childhood friend thing) and I found this group and joined in!
    Alright, what made many of us return/ go here anyway?
  10. PlatinumTrainer92

    PlatinumTrainer92 Veteran Trainer

    When I had first joined the forums, one of the clubs I had joined was a Christian alliance club. I didn't really go on the forums for a while and I'm guessing during time away, It wasn't there(it might have been still there but I didn't keep track). Anyway, to answer your question, I had joined this club because I thought it would be nice to join a club that had a similar religion/faith like mine. Growing up, I've learned that religion is one of those topics that isn't brought up a whole lot in most conversations for many different reasons(easy to understand why). Meeting other Christians here on the forum seemed like a pretty good idea.
  11. skybattler262

    skybattler262 Well-Known Member

    Oh... thanks for that!
    I'm just a little bit of curious because other forums have members coming back thanks to the X and Y hype on all other departments (anime has Ash interact with a childhood friend, while th game features revolutionizing concepts of Pokemon interactions+mixing it with a great storyline, many features, etc. as if the game is programmed even before BW was released)
  12. skybattler262

    skybattler262 Well-Known Member

    Oh... thanks for that!
    I'm just a little bit of curious because other forums have members coming back thanks to the X and Y hype on all other departments (anime has Ash interact with a childhood friend, while th game features revolutionizing concepts of Pokemon interactions+mixing it with a great storyline, many features, etc. as if the game is programmed even before BW was released)
  13. PlatinumTrainer92

    PlatinumTrainer92 Veteran Trainer

    yeah, the new games look really great. I'm gonna try to get the game when I get the chance. Also, getting the event torchic for the game before January isn't a bad idea either lol
  14. Dread Advocate

    Dread Advocate †Stay Metal†

    What made many of us return/ go here anyway?

    For the SPPf in general, it was the only Pokemon forum I knew of when I first joined. I was thirteen, didn't spend a whole lot of time on the internet, and literally had no one I could talk Pokemon to (it was part of the reason I was bullied in middle school). Now, seven years later, I don't spend a whole lot of my time here talking about Pokemon. In all honesty and in my experience, the Pokemon board up top here is full of either stupidity, hate, or both. And I don't like both.

    Speaking of hatred, I joined the Christian Alliance because I couldn't stand the amount of hatred across the forum. I'd found a place full of loving people who won't chastise me for having different beliefs or playing different games or not watching anime. I may not post a whole lot because I spend a lot of time elsewhere on and off the internet, but I can guarantee you that this club is the only reason I keep coming back to the SPPf.
  15. skybattler262

    skybattler262 Well-Known Member

    Wow, a profound story indeed...
    You've found the right place then :) . Love is something that we, Christians, should be able to know and express to others, the true sign of a believer is someone who really knows how to love someone, no matter how hell deserving that person is (in fact, we are ALL hell deserving in the first place, our difference is that Jesus paid that price for us to be spared).
    That said, you really are in the right place!
  16. Matoro

    Matoro Toa of Ice

    If you don't mind me commenting on this, SPPf is beyond tame. One infraction, you get hit with the almighty banhammer pretty quick. I honestly don't see how you can say this place has any significant amount of hatred in it, but you do have a point since I've found ironically people are usually more willing to logically discuss faith and beliefs in deeper parts of the internet than they are in well-regulated places like this.
  17. skybattler262

    skybattler262 Well-Known Member

    Um, could anyone give an example on how harsh the banhammer works? That way the new members would be eerily careful on how to avoid it?
    There has been an influx of newcomers (including myself) lately, and the rules are not as clear as it could be, wth missing a letter or not could mean the end of your account
  18. crobatman

    crobatman Well-Known Member

    That sounds cool to me. Calm and collected is the right way to go. I like reading what people post on the debates sometimes just to see different perspectives.

    Welcome back! I have been gone a while too, but I have a lot of time on my hands right now, and the X/Y hype brought me interest to discuss pokemon things. I enjoy the Christian Alliance (and the Games Forum) because I actually made some good friends that way. I never really met anyone here, but Pikawho? is a cool dude that I have gotten to know through the forums. The Christian Alliance is just a cool place to discuss anything with our Biblical perspective in mind too.

    This club is my motivation for posting here too. I like to keep the conversation going, and I am glad it has continued even when I have been inactive. I will probably be inactive again in November though...Starting a job!

    I have only gotten one infraction since 2006, because I forgot to give credit in some art on my signature. Basically, give credit where credit is due, do not bump really old threads, Stay on topic of the thread post, Do not spam, Do not double post unless it is ok like in the games forums. I love the games forums. Last Post Wins was my favorite SPAM game ever!

    We really should make a 10 Commandments for Serebii Forums. I think Joe would laugh at that.
    Last edited: Oct 17, 2013
  19. Dread Advocate

    Dread Advocate †Stay Metal†

    I mean if you say anything doesn't agree with the views of those who dominate the various subforums, it'll result in borderline cyber-bullying. I see it all the time in OVGD and Entertainment.
  20. Pikawho?

    Pikawho? (five15)

    THAT'S RACIST!! >(

    What are you or your church doing this year for the Fall?

    My church used to have a "halloween alternative" party which consisted of carnival style games and, of course, dressing up. However, this will be the second year that we aren't having it. I'm not 100% sure but I think it's due to lack of volunteers to help out, since it's a big event. Kinda disappointing, though, since it's always a ton of fun. =/

    Side note: A church I pass on the way to work has "Jesus is the reason for the season" up on the board near the road. Can't tell if celebrating Christmas early or if they're implying something about Halloween. lol Thoughts and feelings? (the last part isn't really serious)

    What made many of us return/ go here anyway?

    Well I joined Serebii on a whim. A friend of mine introduced me to the website back when Diamond and Pearl stuff was being leaked. I decided to join the forums since my sister was a member of various forums and I wanted to be cool too. lol I stumbled across the CA and was really excited to find a Christian community on the site. It's been a great experience, to say the least. I've learned a lot from the discussions and people who have come and gone from here. While the dynamic of the club has changed a lot, I still enjoy being a part of it.

    Like DA and Crobatman, this club is one of my only motivations for keeping up with the forums. I'll venture into the trade/battle/games forums occasionally, but this club is the only thing I make an effort to keep up with, even though I don't post as often as I could. Definitely glad to have made good bonds with various members. It's been pretty cool to make connections with people on a Pokemon forum of all places. lol

    Anywho: I'll also voice my opinion that things can get pretty hostile on this site. I remember going into the debate forum many many years ago (I'm so old...) and getting attacked for things not even on topic. It was a pretty frustrating experience and I've avoided the debate forum since. I don't go back because I've seen the same debates get recycled over and over and I think it's pointless to spend that kind of energy when neither side will change their mind. That's just my two cents.

    Although there are a few members who I've been able to talk rationally with and have good conversations, despite disagreeing on certain subjects. I just wish more people here could have level heads and not be so stuck up. lol
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