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SPPF Christian Alliance

Discussion in 'Clubs' started by Pikawho?, Nov 21, 2008.

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  1. crobatman

    crobatman Well-Known Member

    I am older than you :p Why am I still playing Pokemon?!?

    This is why my church did not have Vacation Bible School this summer... If there is one thing I hope my fellow Christian learn in this thread it is that helping out in Church is a good thing! Be dedicated to your Family! Now, I have seen a revived spirit at my Church even though the funds may be small, we still have people willing to volunteer to pass out Bibles and do other things.

    Now, I usually do not ask for advice on here because I try my best to give answers based on my studies. I have a young friend that is still in high school. I only communicate with him through facebook. He used to go to church with my family, but had to move away due to being in a military family. He recently told us that he has become a Deist. I sent him a message, and said if he is willing I would send him a book to study that shows how God is interactive in our life, and the claims Jesus made are true! He told me he is willing to keep an open mind.

    I have Lee Strobel's "A Case for Christ." Do yall think that would be a good and effective book to send him? What else would be a good thing to send?
  2. skybattler262

    skybattler262 Well-Known Member

    How about Dug Down Deep by Joshua Harris? It's one of the books that really spoke out to me. It made me stop striving to achieve salvation but rather trust in Jesus' Saving Grace and let it overflow in your life!
    Speaking of Joshua Harris... I've just read an old book he has written, the famous (or rather infamous) I Kissed Dating Goodbye.
    Yeah, I've got to admit it, I'm a bit of a hopeless romantic (and I'm a male!), and it really helped me a lot in my struggles in waiting for the right person...
    But that doesn't stop me from shipping anime characters in Pokemon...
  3. crobatman

    crobatman Well-Known Member

    I will check that Dug Down Deep book later! I remember seeing I Kissed Dating Goodbye. I did not read it, but it led me to research more Biblical ways of handling relationships.

    I sent my friend the Student Version of Case For Christ. I thought with less detail, it would be more readable for a teen.

    What are some Christian books you have enjoyed reading?

    I read Radical by Steve Platt, and I even got him to sign a copy of it! I also enjoy fictional works by Frank Peretti and Ted Dekker. There are many more books I can list too.
  4. Dread Advocate

    Dread Advocate †Stay Metal†

    What are some Christian books you have enjoyed reading?

    Most anything Ted Dekker.* And C.S. Lewis.

    * Green was a severe disappointment to me. It was deeply flawed theologically, drastically darker and more graphic (especially when it came to Janae and Billy), and really resulted in The Circle becoming an endless cycle of anguish. I know Dekker wrote the books in such a way so that you could pick up any one of them and still have [most] everything explained by the time you've read all four, and as good as it sounds on paper, it wasn't executed well. I'd like to get my hands on the edition that comes with an alternate ending that brings closure rather than being cyclical.
  5. Steampunk

    Steampunk One Truth Prevails

    What are some Christian books you have enjoyed reading?


    All Scripture Inspired of God and Beneficial
    Imitate Their Faith
    The Greatest Man Who Ever Lived
    Insight on the Scriptures (Volume 1 and 2)
    Keep Yourselves in Gods Love

    Just off the top of my head.
  6. crobatman

    crobatman Well-Known Member

    I think that is some valid criticism there... I really did enjoy reading that series, but Green did disappoint me a little bit. Ted Dekker still is a great author though! I love how he kind of has two fictional universes that relate to each other.

    I got another theological/philosophical question. I go to Liberty Online right now for my Master's degree, and in our class introductions, I notice some of the students are not Christians. One guy even said he believes everyone should have and is entitled to their own personal truth. I think that can lead to some dangerous thinking...

    What do you say to someone who believes truth is relative?
    Last edited: Oct 25, 2013
  7. Steampunk

    Steampunk One Truth Prevails

    What do you say to someone who believes truth is relative?
    Not sure if I'd say this straight to their face or not but...
    Am I the only one who remembers this quote from Jurassic Park? "There are no variations of the truth"-Ian Malcolm
    Either something is true, or its not. If you say that what is true is false, does that change the fact that what is true, really is true? Idk, I might be looking a little too deep into this.
  8. Dread Advocate

    Dread Advocate †Stay Metal†

    I gotta agree with ansem on this. While I can't think of any clever examples without extensive research (I just woke about about 15 minutes ago), there is absolute truth, and everything that isn't that absolute truth is false.
  9. Pikawho?

    Pikawho? (five15)

    What are some Christian books you have enjoyed reading?

    I don't read a whole lot in general but I'm trying to change that. lol I haven't started it yet but I do own Dug Down Deep. Definitely looking forward to starting that one. Currently going through a book called "Gospel Identity" with my Bible Study group. Not sure who wrote it but it's pretty helpful. Although at times it can be a bit legalistic.

    What do you say to someone who says that truth is relative?

    Not really sure if I can add anything to what has been said. It just seems silly that "everything is right!". Just seems like a way to justify immorality.
  10. Those are actually some of the most fun conversations I've ever had. For example:

    "There is no such thing as truth."
    "Is that true?"

    "There is no right or wrong."
    "Is that right?"

    "There are no absolutes."
    "Are you absolutely sure about that?"

    "Everything is meaningless."
    "Does that statement have any meaning?"

    The problem with postmodern relativism is that it's self-defeating. Ironically, if you accept relativism as true, then you are immediately undermining the very notion that nothing is really true. One easy way to begin a conversation is to explain this self-defeating nature of relativism. Don't be rude about it of course, but try to demonstrate to the person you are talking to that relativism cannot be rationally justified because doing so would involve making absolute claims, which would fly in the face of relativism. Then you'd want to make it clear why you believe in truth yourself. The Bible makes it clear that all wisdom and truth stems from Christ (Colossians 2:3) and he cannot deny himself (2 Timothy 2:13). Because of this, truth cannot deny itself either, and this forms the biblical basis behind the Law of Non-Contradiction. If at all possible, always try to present the Gospel in these sorts of conversations as well, as that is ultimately the most important thing you can tell someone.
  11. skybattler262

    skybattler262 Well-Known Member

    What do you say to someone who believes truth is relative?
    It's the most contradictory and silly idea that mankind has ever thought off!
    Seriously, it's like saying that everything is an illusion (Then you're thoughts are an illusion eh?) or the occasional Something should be verifiable by logic or validated by scientific facts to be true (as if the statement is verifiable by logic or validated by scientific facts.)
    I understand that post-modernism is a reply to modernism that causes wars (and they addressed the solution in a very flawed way, instead of recognizing the caused of all errors is human nature, that what mankind thinks is what benefits self, rather than all).
    I really think that the best way to deal with them is simply showing the Christian Life is distinctly different than the other 'truths' around. It is very hard to do, mind you, but God will help us do so!
    BTW, applying post-modernism to church doctrines is a very bad idea (P.S. What's the relevance now of Christ being the Center of the church if that is applied?) because it will destroy the church as a whole.
  12. NimhShambler

    NimhShambler Fighting Type Prof.

    What part of the scripture has influenced you the most?

    I will start by telling a little story. Many years ago, when I was a little girl, my dad was working for my uncle's masonry company building a really big, fancy church. When they had finished, one of the workers asked the pastor if he could attend the church once everything was ready. The pastor told him that they had to "vote him in", that he "may not be the kind of person for their community" (he was a poor man who had made some mistakes in his life, but he was still a nice guy). My dad over heard this and said to him: "What if Jesus walked up to you right now, would you tell him he had to be voted in? That he wasn't "the right kind of person" for the church?". The pastor responded: "Of course not!", to which my dad said to him: "Well, essentially you just did. Remember, Jesus said: "What you do unto the least of my brothers, you do unto me.". Ever since then, I have held that close to my heart. Even if someone seems like they are "low" or "dirty" or any other unsavory adjective, I always try to treat them with kindness--I always try to remember Matthew 25:40.

    So, which verse (or other part of the scriptures) has influenced you the most?

    Aside from the topic

    I do not like to ask much of anyone, but lately my dad and I have been trying to quit smoking. As one would imagine, it is very difficult. You do not have to if you do not want to, but I would greatly appreciate it if you would remember my dad and I in your prayers; to ask God to give us the strength to quit smoking.

    ~Nemmeh ;107;
    crobatman likes this.
  13. Roseheart95

    Roseheart95 El Psy Congroo

    Praying for you and your dad.
  14. Chimungus

    Chimungus Well-Known Member

    Here's a fun question that I'm interested in knowing your answers to:
    Who's Your Favorite:
    Gym Leader-
    Elite 4 Member-

    for me currently it's
    gym leader- Fantina/Korrina
    Elite 4- Wiktstrom/Drasna
    Last edited: Oct 26, 2013
  15. crobatman

    crobatman Well-Known Member

    What part of the scripture has influenced you the most?
    This is almost like asking me my favorite scripture. For me, growing up and having the stresses of life about me, I continue to remember these two verses that my grandmother has taught me since I was young. "Trust in the Lord with all thine heart, lean not on your own understandings. In all thy ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct thy paths." ~ Proverbs 3:5-6
    I believe these wise words are good to hear during many situations as reminders to whom we should put our trust in.

    Nemmeh, I did just pray for your request. About smoking, one thing that bugs me with smoking is when people smoke outside a church building. I do not want to tell people it is wrong or anything. It is their choice. I just feel that smoking around kids in a public place is wrong. Anyway, I am studying Public Health, and smoking is a difficult thing to break for those addicted. However, it is possible! You can do it Nemmeh if you work hard at it! Keep us updated here if you want to.

    Who's Your Favorite:
    Gym Leader- Brock, the first one I ever fought...
    Elite 4 Member- Any that I had a tough time getting through a battle with. Emerald had the most challenging Elite 4 to me.
    Champion- Cynthia because of her diverse team
  16. ArceusAlpha493

    ArceusAlpha493 Benevolent Creator

    I have a new topic to discuss and since its nearing Halloween, has anyone ever been on those ghost tours or know of famous haunted places where ghosts(demons in disquise or guardian angels), and any scary stories to share. If we sat at a campfire with people in biblical times, what favorite scary stories would you share?
  17. Steampunk

    Steampunk One Truth Prevails

    Whelp, the other person hasn't replied to my debate on the reliability of the bible in the Debate section for a week now. I'll count that as won.

    No, I don't usually go to places that have "Ghosts". Not my shtick.(Wow, can't believe my spellckecker is ok with that. XD)
  18. skybattler262

    skybattler262 Well-Known Member

    You've asked something...
    Actually, despite the simplicity of my country, the country harbors several folklore, from half-bodied flying human, eating flesh, liver and hearts, called mannanangal, aborted fetuses turned flesh-eating monsters called Tianak, and a lot more.
    Despite not having encountered one of them (and in case of encountering, God is with me!) there are several stories associated to them.
    Perhaps this story would weird you out, and I got this in a Christian television show here.
    One day, a certain new believer wanted to be set free from a family secret, and admitted to the pastor that he is a mananananggal. Of course, the pastor shrugged it as a joke, since it is obviously out of the scope of the mind. This new believer wanted to be free and be delivered, and the pastor accepted.
    On the day of deliverance, the pastor does the usual rebuking practice done in several cases of demon possessions, and the unthinkable happened. the man began to change form several times during the activity, and the pastor literally hold on to God during the entire session. After those things happened, the man barfed out a dead, black chick from his mouth. According to folklore, a black chick is a demon that when swallowed, allows a person to be an aswang, a collective terms for the said monsters.
    As the story goes, the man is free and decides to move away from his family who is still inclined to the said practice, while the Pastor shares that experience to let everyone be free from the said practice
    Last edited: Nov 1, 2013
  19. Matoro

    Matoro Toa of Ice

    That brings up and interesting point. Canonically, most major Christian religions will still preach things like demonic possession and witchcraft. However most people, even those who attend church regularly, pass these things off as superstitions of a bygone era. I don't know if any of you have seen The Exorcist or The Possession, but theoretically that stuff could happen according to Christian religion. Does this reflect badly on Christianity? A lot of people I know say it makes us sound like cavemen scared of the dark.
  20. skybattler262

    skybattler262 Well-Known Member

    Well, I really think it is more on the context on the region in the owrld where you leave :)
    For example, many Christians in Africa (the areas that are still unreached) believes in such things, and are the things you mention are frequent occurence.
    Here in my country, well, it is quite frequent (let's say the doctors somehow explains something unexplaineable as unexplainable, even by certain neurological standards) to believe in such things, although it is somehow on the balance where many people are considering it more of a sickness while considering the posibility of the supernatural.
    Meanwhile, western societies have an entirely different concept, caring to believe things that can be explained in natural ways.
    In other words, how frequent this occurs is cultural-based. So, the answer varies.
    As for me, I can't dismiss that something may be supernatural. However, it could have a natural explanation, if that is explainable by science.
    P.S. Reminds me of those debates we have in the country regarding the matter... still no one winning
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