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SPPF Christian Alliance

Discussion in 'Clubs' started by Pikawho?, Nov 21, 2008.

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  1. Steelrush

    Steelrush Banned

    I wish the best for her, and will pray for her when I can.
    Last edited: Mar 25, 2014
  2. Dread Advocate

    Dread Advocate †Stay Metal†

    Another update on my grandmother: She's not doing very well. I haven't heard of her having any episodes because my mom hasn't been able to get into contact with her. She doesn't know how to operate a phone anymore. Things are getting hard for my mom, so keep my family in your prayers please.

    EDIT: My mom is flying to Orlando on May 1st, where she will go with her brother and his wife to visit my grandmother, and then she will return home the following day in my grandmother's old car. She wants to see her at least one time before she forgets her own daughter.
    Last edited: Mar 29, 2014
  3. Roseheart95

    Roseheart95 El Psy Congroo

    ^Praying for you, Dread.
  4. Hello! Can I join the alliance?
    I'm a Catholic, and have been pretty much all my life. I get my faith from my grandma, who is Irish and very religious, and I am too. I've been reading this thread, and I will pray for you, Dread Advocate.
  5. Dread Advocate

    Dread Advocate †Stay Metal†

    Happy Easter, everyone. He is risen, He is risen indeed!
  6. Roseheart95

    Roseheart95 El Psy Congroo

    Happy Easter :) How's your grandmother doing, Dread?
  7. Avenger Angel

    Avenger Angel Warrior of Heaven

    Hello, I would also like to join the SPPF Christian Alliance. I was raised and confirmed Roman Catholic and I'd have to say, on multiple occasions, prayer and faith has gotten me through the hardest periods of my life and has given me the spiritual strength to carry on.

    Also, hope everyone had a nice and enjoyable Easter Sunday.
  8. Steampunk

    Steampunk One Truth Prevails

    Heyo Avenger , nice to see you here, welcome to the Club ^_^
  9. Dread Advocate

    Dread Advocate †Stay Metal†

    I haven't heard anything since my mom booked a flight to Orlando. But I'll know after next weekend. I'll keep everyone updated.

    However, my friend (the same friend who was having some issues last month) just told me that her mother might have breast cancer. I ask that you all keep the McGees in your thoughts and payers as they await confirmation on this.
  10. Roseheart95

    Roseheart95 El Psy Congroo

    ^Praying for them
  11. NimhShambler

    NimhShambler Fighting Type Prof.

    Hello. I am sorry for my absence, but I have a prayer request for you all, if you don't mind. First, I feel I must give a bit of background so you can understand where I'm coming from.

    Growing up, I had little stability. Let's just say, I am 25 and I've seen more eviction notices than birthday cards. On my 19th birthday, we moved into the house we currently live in. We have lived here over three times longer than we have lived anywhere else, and while (even when I was little), all the other houses seemed temporary (most of the time, I'd just unpack the essentials, so it would be easier to pack up and move again), this house felt like it would be my "forever home", if you will.

    On to the problem. My landlords have gotten greedy. Despite the fact that we have been perfect renters, paying our rent 6 months in advance without the slightest complaint about us and kept the house looking beautiful and well-tended, they are planning to sell our house to the funeral home behind our house so that the funeral home can bulldoze my house and make it into a parking lot (when they are using the church's parking lot that is about as big as an American football field and a half for free). Destroying our home would only give them about six to ten spaces when they have countless spaces open to them for free. I feel like this is unfair to my family and I. Furthermore, that funeral home doesn't even do that many funerals, as most people use the other one, on the corner (as it is a lot better).

    My request is that you ask the Lord to open our Landlords' hearts and see their greed and what it would cost my family and back out of the deal. I really don't want to be homeless again. I know it might sound like a greedy prayer request, but it has been worrying me for a long time, and I know that through the Lord, all things are possible.

    In a much less depressing message--I'm all healed up from my surgery now! I nearly died during my surgery (which was really scary), but I'm all better now and even feel better.
    Last edited: May 6, 2014
  12. Dread Advocate

    Dread Advocate †Stay Metal†

    Sure thing, Nemmeh. Glad you're doing okay after your surgery.

    UPDATE ON MY GRANDMOTHER: My mother returned from Florida on Saturday. She says my grandmother is doing moderately well, but she's clearly fading. We have no idea how much time she has left with us.
  13. TheFightingPikachu

    TheFightingPikachu Smashing!

    Nemmeh, I think I can reassure you that your request is not a greedy one.

    For a little perspective, the street on which my family lives has been proposed for widening several times (and it hasn't gone through any of the times yet). The plans are lame, and involve taking more of our yard than seems reasonable, but we could still live here. It would only be a bit of an inconvenience since the traffic sounds would be closer to the house.

    Your request is much more serious and much more necessary. I would be glad to pray for that!

    And it is great that you came through surgery alright!
  14. Chimungus

    Chimungus Well-Known Member

    Who else is freakishly excited about the Hoenn remakes? As someone whose first Pokemon game was Ruby, and who hasn't played a gen 3 game in many years, this is just the greatest thing that could happen in Pokemon for me!
  15. Roseheart95

    Roseheart95 El Psy Congroo

    Praying for you, Nemmeh, and thank you for the update, Dread. I hope her final time on Earth will be peaceful and happy before God welcomes her into Heaven.

    I'm definitely excited for the remakes! I haven't even nearly finished Y, yet, though, so I need to get a move on with that :)
  16. Miltank+ Dragonite=evil

    Miltank+ Dragonite=evil You'll never know!

    hello, I'm a baptist. Is there anyone that could talk to me? I've recently suffered depression about my beliefs, how do I get back up? Thanks :)
  17. Roseheart95

    Roseheart95 El Psy Congroo

    ^The primary thing you'll want to do is pray, definitely, as much as you can. I'll pray for you, too. If there's anything more specific you want to talk about, you can post it here, or send me a PM if you'd rather
  18. NimhShambler

    NimhShambler Fighting Type Prof.

    A bit of an update, but I don't know all the details, yet:

    My Landlord has sold our house to the Funeral Home, but the Funeral Home director is going to have us sign a lease once it "goes through". I'm not sure, but it looks like the Funeral Home is just going to be our new land-lord instead of them bulldozing our house. I really hope that's it.
  19. Roseheart95

    Roseheart95 El Psy Congroo

    ^I hope so, too. Still praying for you.
  20. Chimungus

    Chimungus Well-Known Member

    As fellow Christians, what are your thoughts and feelings about Arceus being "the creator of the universe" and "godlike" in the series?
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