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SPPF Exquisite Corpses 2019


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Last EC event, led by Psychic.

Welcome to the Exquisite Corpse - or four of them!

What is exquisite about these corpses?

An Exquisite Corpse (EC) is a chain story, written between multiple people. The first person writes a certain number of words to begin with, and send the last line to the next person. That's all they have to go on - that last line. They must continue the story, and then provide the next person with their last line, and so on and so forth. You get an absolute mess of a story, but that's what makes it, well, exquisite!

How many words must I write?

We're going with a minimum of 300 words per section (so roughly one page in e.g. Word). That's per EC as well - because we're running four of them, and if you're keen, you can sign up for all of them too!

What are the themes?

  • Galar Trainer fic - a traditional trainer fic set in Galar! Have fun deciding how the Sword and Shield games may look like now. To make it a touch easier, on top of the last sentence you will know what the protagonist's current team is too.
  • Pokemon Mystery Dungeon - a fic based on the games where you play as a Pokemon (or a human-turned-Pokemon)! How many times will Kecleon have its wares stolen...?
  • Pokemon POV - the only rule is that your part must be written from the point-of-view of a Pokemon! Only the last sentence can be passed onto the next writer.
  • Free-form - no theme, just write!

I will be the go-to person for each EC, and so will be deciding the order of writers, passing on the last line to the next writer, and so forth. That means you will have to sign up first!

The Rules:

  1. Each member chooses the EC's that interest them and sign up using the form below. The first deadline will be the 10th of August at 11:59pm EST.
  2. If you plan to do multiple (or all four), please be confident in your ability to keep to time limits (see below). If you slip up on a theme, you may be removed from others.
  3. Members willing to be the first writers for any given EC will state so on their sign-up, and first writers will be drawn at random.
  4. Each writer will be given one week to write their portion of an EC. Your portion must be at least 300 words long, and above that you can write as much as you want within reason. Just remember that at the end of your week, the next person will only get to see your last sentence (unless it is the Trainer fic)!
  5. When you’ve finished writing your section, send the whole thing to myself in forum PM.
  6. Participants are more than welcome to publically say when it’s their turn and to talk about the experience – but you’re not allowed to post what you’ve written, not even your last sentence!

The Sign-Up Form:

If you’d like to participate in this project, fill in the following form and post it here.

Which Exquisite Corpses you’re participating in:
Do you want to be a first writer?: (Yes/No)
Preferred weeks:(Are there any weeks where you won’t be able to participate? Keep in mind that depending on the number of participants for each EC, some of them could go until September or later! For members participating in more than one EC, I will try to make sure you’re not writing more than one EC in any given week)
Late sign-ups:

If you would like to sign up for an EC, even once the writing phase has begun, that’s totally doable! You can also choose to only sign up for one or two EC’s after the 10th of August, and sign up for additional EC’s after the deadline.

If you would like to enter as a writer past the deadline, just fill out the form and post it here! Please do note that it will mean you will likely be writing a bit more down the line, as those who signed up early will have precedence.

The Schedule!



Once a participant's week begins, I will PM them with a link to a Google Doc, which they will write their section in, and which will also contain the last sentence from the previous writer's section. Participants will be given a deadline for completing their section, at which time their Google Doc will be closed.

Have fun!
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I’ve been meaning to participate in this but I wasn’t able to last time. I’m in this time.

Username: xEryChan
Which Exquisite Corpses you’re participating in: Galar Trainer Fic, Pokemon POV, Free-form
Do you want to be a first writer?: I’d rather not but if you need me to, I will
Preferred weeks: It doesn’t really matter to me. I have nothing holding me back from participating now.

Kutie Pie

"It is my destiny."
It's back :'D.

Username: Kutie Pie
Which Exquisite Corpses you’re participating in: All of them (Galar Trainer Fic, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, Pokemon POV, Free-form)
Do you want to be a first writer?: Sure, I can be a first writer.
Preferred weeks: Far as I'm aware of, I'm fully available well into the rest of the year.


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Woot. This sounds fun.

Username: WishIHadAManafi5
Which Exquisite Corpses you’re participating in: Free-Form
Do you want to be a first writer?: Doesn't matter.
Preferred weeks: Same here. (Without a computer for now as I have to take it in for a fan cleaning. If need be, will try to do things via library computer for now.)
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The Ghost Lord
Oh I am sure as hell participating this time

Username: Umbramatic
Which Exquisite Corpses you’re participating in: All of them!
Do you want to be a first writer?: Don't care either way
Preferred weeks: I'm going to be going to NYCC with some friends first week of October, but I should be pretty free otherwise.


sometimes i get a deadache, yeah
let'ssss do this

Which Exquisite Corpses you’re participating in: PMD and Pokémon POV
Do you want to be a first writer?: not specifically but I don't mind doing it if necessary
Preferred weeks: all should be fine from what I currently know!


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Hey! This sounds fun! I've had awful writers block lately so maybe this will pull me out.

Username: Hydrangea
Which Exquisite Corpses you’re participating in: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon
Do you want to be a first writer?: If you need me to be I totally can.
Preferred weeks: Uh, not really? I'm going on holidays in the tail end of August but I'll still have a computer so that shouldn't be a huge issue.


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Hmm... This seems like a fun idea, and I suppose I could use a challenge. I'll give this a try! Plus, depending on what I have to work with, I might be able to use this to test-run some character concepts I've had in mind, but that I have yet to think up a story to actually put them in.

Username: DarkerShining
Which Exquisite Corpses you’re participating in: Pokémon Mystery Dungeon, Free-form
Do you want to be a first writer?: I don't think so.
Preferred weeks: Any is fine, I guess.
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Mighty Morphin’ Midnight Ranger
Ooh, this sounds fun! This will be the first thing I do here too, haha. I’ve seen a similar challenge somewhere else, but this will be the first time I actually participate in it. Who knows? This might even help me with my own story.

Username: MidnightMorpher

Which Exquisite Corpses you’re participating in: Everything except free-form

Do you want to be a first writer?: Nope

Preferred weeks: I’m free for any week, so that’s no problem :)


SM Ash = New Ash
I used to play this sort of game… more than a decade ago. :p I’m gonna join in, because it sounds fun!

Username: Cresselia92

Which Exquisite Corpses you’re participating in: I don’t have preferences, so you can sign me for all.

Do you want to be a first writer?: Preferably no, but I’m fine either way.

Preferred weeks: I’m virtually free all August, but from the middle of September onwards I’ll be busier.


Sloooowly writing...
A little late on this, but not too late I hope. I always have fun with these, so you bet I'm here for whatever the heck ends up going down this year. Plus it might get me to stop playing Three Houses put me back into a writing mood, which is always good.

Username: JFought
Which Exquisite Corpses you’re participating in: Galar Trainer Fic and Pokémon Mystery Dungeon.
Do you want to be a first writer?: Yes
Preferred weeks: The last week of August probably won't be good for me, otherwise it should be fine.


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l ALSO note I cannot make all of your requests true because if you'd rather not be first author, one week will have to be middle September - hope that's managable.
PING! Please check the draft schedule! https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/10hwcMxZHaR2hbjD5vAkS9HchhkqglaFifbs83m_8Eos/edit?usp=sharing Let me know ASAP if there is an issue. If there is no issue, you can just like this post rather than post; up to you.


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First PMs sent out given the lack of objection to the schedule! As the OP states (which I'll update later with dates and etc), you can discuss things in general here - just leave out any details of your section, for obvious reasons.

If you have any questions ask away, here or in PM. And again, you can still sign up - you'll just be put at the end of the schedule.

The Teller

King of Half-Truths
First draft done. Oh no...none of this is Safe for Sanity! I had to choose between two excellent ending phrases, and it feels like I personally pulled the trigger on the one that didn't make it. Feels bad, man. The hardest part is The Wait.


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Next week is the last for the Galar fic, unless someone wants to do a last minute sign-up. Others end not far afterwards too!


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Whew, finally finished and sent in the second of the two I signed up for. I have to admit, I was a little nervous at first, but I managed to do it. Looking forward to seeing the finished stories when they've all been pieced together!