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SPPF Member Face-Off

Discussion in 'Face-Offs' started by Lunala, Sep 12, 2016.

  1. Wolfaotic

    Wolfaotic they / them

    Navin: 1/13
    Alatar VGC: 3/13 +
  2. keepitsimple

    keepitsimple ‍:D

    Navin: 1/13
    Alatar VGC: 4/13 +

    I was going to leave but every time I do, the face off section dies lol. I don't want to see that =p
  3. Ascended Dialga

    Ascended Dialga Nothing special

    Navin: 1/13
    Alatar VGC: 5/13 +
  4. NPT

    NPT Just a member

    Navin: 1/13
    Alatar VCG: 6/13 +
  5. -Nator-

    -Nator- Psyperiority

    Navin: 1/13
    Alatar VCG: 7/13 +
  6. keepitsimple

    keepitsimple ‍:D

    Okay so I'm cancelling this since there's obviously not enough activity to finish this game.

    We're done here. Don't try to continue this round because I'm no longer hosting.

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