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SPPF Pokemon MD Bulletin Board

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Beans backing up...
Hey, since Chunsoft and The Pokemon Company decided against Wi-Fi, this is for rescuing your team when they are in deep...uh, doo-doo. Just some rules.

1. Follow format.
2. Give us a reason why you need to be saved. We're not saving you on the 3rd floor of Tiny Woods.
3. If you join the SPPF Rescue Team, please CHECK this thread from time to time.
4. For Thank You mail, PM your rescuer the code, don't post it here.

Format for Rescue

Team Name
Location (Dungeon and Floor)
Reason For Rescue
Prize (what the Thank You Mail will have besides Rescue Points)
SOS Mail Code

Format for Joining Team SPPF (please update from time to time)

SPPF Screenname
Team Name
What Dungeon You're Up To
Highest LVed Pokemon
Times Usually Playing


Team Shocksters
Stormy Sea
Hypno (LV 35)
Avaliable most of the time

~Pikachu Post Office


Closed and Moved to the Mysterious Dungeon forum since there's a thread for this already there.
Not open for further replies.