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SPPF Poster of the Month Awards #4

Discussion in 'Older Gens' started by jesusfreak94, May 29, 2012.

  1. http://i41.*******.com/nzlvno.png

    Welcome, one and all, to Round Four of the Poster of the Month Awards! "Who is the Poster of the Month?" you may ask yourself. Well it could be you! That's right, anyone in the entirety of the SPPF competitive community can win this award. The prize? Well…unlike Smogon, we don’t really have a special award for you. However, you will win the respect and admiration of your fellow SPPF members. Not only is this award an attempt to boost self-esteem, but hopefully this will be a good incentive to improve post quality in the competitive section.

    So here’s how the award process will work. Each month, members will cast their vote for the poster they feel most deserving of this award. The nominations for this award should be based upon competitive knowledge, post quality, overall helpfulness, and forum activity. Once the month is over, the votes will be tallied and the winner will be announced and added to the Hall of Fame. You can then give your words of congratulations to the winner if you’d like.
    This is mainly just for fun, but there are a couple of ground rules I’d like to lay down:

    • All SPPF Rules still apply here. Pretty much don’t spam, don’t flame people, just play nicely and don’t be a jerk.
    • Only one vote per person. Pretty much self-explanatory. This might change depending on how things go.
    • No consecutive awards. The main restriction for voting is that you can't vote for someone who has already received the award. This will keep the same people from winning awards over and over again. This may change in the future, though.
    • Don’t vote for yourself. Just don’t do it. If you do vote for yourself, it will not be counted.
    • Make sure to vote for someone who actually deserves the award. Remember that this award is based upon competitive knowledge, post quality, helpfulness, and activity. Make sure that the person you are voting for is award-worthy. Activity is the one qualification that I can let slide in some situations, since you might want to nominate an older member who used to be a good competitive member but doesn’t post much anymore. Just keep in mind that you’re voting for a person to represent quality competitive community members.
    • No joke votes. Unfortunately, I’m not a mind reader, so I can’t tell if you’re vote is a joke or not. That said, all joke votes will still be counted, but just keep in mind that you might be taking away votes from someone who actually deserves it.
    • Please explain your vote. Not mandatory, but very helpful. This doesn’t have to be especially elaborate, just give a little reasoning behind your vote. If you just post the person’s username, it’ll make me wonder why that person deserves the award. A simple one line explanation will do, but give me something.
    • Don’t advertise yourself. Just like voting for yourself, this just makes you look cocky.
    • Keep discussion on a positive note. You can discuss yours and other people’s votes all you want, but try to keep it positive. Just try to avoid saying stuff like, “Why did you vote for him/her? That’s a terrible user.”
    • Put all nominations in bold. This makes it a lot easier to count votes. If I come across a nomination that isn’t bolded, I’ll still count it. Just keep in mind that if it is not bolded, I might skip over it by accident.

    I’ll add in any additional rules as needed.
    Voting will end on June 30 at 11:59 (GMT -4). Any votes submitted after that will not be counted.

    Votes as of post #19:
    John Walrein-1

    [​IMG]Hall of Fame[​IMG]
    Congratulations to all the members who have earned the SPPF Poster of the Week Award!
    ;257;jesusfreak94-March 10;257;
    ;073;Blue Harvest-March 17;073;
    ;359;Zachmac-April 31;359;
    ;340;Barbeller-July 1;340;
  2. Soperman

    Soperman The One and Only

    Mod, huh? Wow. Congrats.
    But I gotta say, John Walrein has been posting consistently, and most of what he says is intelligent. I think.
  3. C-Demo

    C-Demo Sky King

    I gotta say eliteknight cuz he always keep his threads updated and know how to make and run a well organized leauge
  4. Phoopes

    Phoopes There it is.

    As of now, I'm voting for Barbeller, but that could change. He's running the CCAT well, and I've never seen him post anything unhelpful/useless.
  5. Zachmac

    Zachmac Crystalline Guardian

    I'm going with Phoopes and voting for Barbeller as well. He knows what he's talking about, at the very least.

    Aw, I liked your old avatar better. Congrats on the mod anyway though.
  6. irock245

    irock245 She wants it


    I'll go with barbeller too, congrats on mod btw :)
  7. Eranu™

    Eranu™ Well-Known Member

    I vote for barbeller.
  8. Sietse23

    Sietse23 *Brainfarts*

    Barbeller is doing a great job (;
    (I'm voting for him too.)
  9. Blue Harvest

    Blue Harvest Banned

    I'll bandwagon and throw Barbeller under the bus.
  10. Ísjaki

    Ísjaki Flood Of Red

    go barb!!!!!
  11. Takeo

    Takeo Well-Known Member

    Barb! .
  12. Eliteknight

    Eliteknight S.L.Y.

    maybe ill get more votes next time ill vote for Barb
  13. Yellow De Viridian Grove

    Yellow De Viridian Grove Well-Known Member

    Barbeller. He runs the CCAT well and always has something constructive to say.
  14. Ðew™

    Ðew™ Definition of insanity

    I refuse to think for myself here.

    Barb has consistently criticized the ccat thread...but has stuck with it the 3 weeks or so it's been up. way to go boi.

    (otherwise, i woulda nominated zachmac or jesusfreak again.)
  15. Ninja Dewott

    Ninja Dewott Ice Cold Fire

    *Applauds Jesusfreak's MODification* *does a dance too, to top it all off*

    I too am going to vote for Barbeller for, well nothing that hasn't been mentioned already: always informative, running CCAT well, blah, blah and blah
  16. Sorry, I was on a little vacation. Anyhow, I'll throw my vote for Barbeller. Overall, he's shown to be competitively knowledgeable and an active contributor to the forums. He has also done a nice job organizing SPPF's first CCAT.

    Also, fixed a typo. This award is supposed to be for June, not May, so voting will end on June 30.
  17. Klaus™

    Klaus™ Banned

    i have to go with Barbie also. all in all, a good rater, and comments really well.
  18. Dragonicwari

    Dragonicwari Artistically angry

    I see no point in voting otherwise at this point; barbellar it is
  19. AlexandriaTheMixed

    AlexandriaTheMixed You A Stupid Hoe.

    I think we all know Barbellar is going to win June.

    You deserve it. :)
  20. Just a reminder that today is the last day for POTM votes, so if you have any last-minute nominations, now is the time.

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