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SPPF Survivor Season 1


We're Blasting off again!
Garfield the Glameow: Hello, and welcome to SPPF Survivor! ( based on the show hosted by Jeff Probst )

How this works:

- Each Day, ( is two or three in real life ) there will be a competition.
-The one contestant who wins this challenge will get Tribal Immunity. When Tribal Council begins, they are safe for this elimination.
- There will be two tribes in the beginning, each with 10 players.
- Once there are ten players left, the tribes will merge together.

Tips: Build alliances, sometimes lie to win, and maybe @Dragalge can help me with tips.

I might start the game before 20 people sign up if it seems like no one else is joining.

The rules:

1. Stay active. Notify me in advance if you're going to miss a competition. If you miss two consecutive comps without notifying me in advance that you won't be able to participate, you will automatically be evicted

2. Try not to take nominations, blindsides or evictions personally. The Big Brother house is a moral vacuum, and the point of the game is to ensure your own safety every week and win. People have to lose for that to happen!

3. While not exactly a rule, also avoid being bitter jurors. The jury's task is to assess who the better player in the Final 2 is in the end

4. You can evolve your character but let me know by visitor message that you want to do that

5. Roleplaying is fine, but try not to go overboard. Also note that this iteration of sppf big brother will be set in a world where humans have long become extinct and pokémon govern themselves. This society has all the modern advancements that ours does. Furthermore while role playing, try not to say anything that would outright contradict anything another pokémon has said before.

6. Do not control other people's characters.

7. No godmodding. Your character can have a personality but they still have to behave like someone with reasonable power limits would behave in a reality tv game show. No firing off legendary/uber level attacks at the other characters and trying to kill them for example.


Use this format while sighing up please.

Pokémon’s Age:
Pokémon Species:
Short Description of Personality:

There will be 20 slots, so sign up fast.

Note: each contestant will get an Conversation/room for voting eliminations and putting comp answers in.
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A single misplaced step
Nickname: Dentatsu
Pokémon’s Age: 24
Pokémon Species: Ampharos
Short Description of Personality: Kind-hearted but anxious at times. Wants to make everyone happy.


We're Blasting off again!
Garfield: Welp, I don't think anyone else is gonna join this one. Let's still wait and see. If no one else enters, Dentatsu automatically wins