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SPPF's Vending Machine, Coolest forum game ever...

Light Venusaur

Konoha's FMA Ninja
Thought I'd introduce you guys to this game... *warning* it may be addictive.

Basically you post and put a coin into the vending machine, then the next person will tell you what you receive. It can be and item, character, body part... or even an emotion. But it has to be from an anime, game or manga. Since this is from the Risembool Rangers forum, limit it to the various things that's anything (you might want to specify in case it is one they don't know).

Poster 1: You receive Ed's Automail! (Fullmetal Alchemist)

*Inserts coin*

Poster 2: You receive Jirachi Plushie! (PKMN)

*Inserts coin*

Okay then, I'll start.

*Inserts Coin*

P.S. You might want to keep an inventory list, and post it when you are on this thread, so you don't get duplicates)
P.S.S: Sometimes I feel nice & give more then 1 item. (*Only I can do this)
If there's any Risembool Rangers out there....they know how this works!
Plz keep it to one coin only!
My Inventory List:
A Hockey Stick
Life Time supply of Noodles (mmmm Ramen)
A Giant Brick
A Mystery Egg (Hatches: AHHH! It's a Shadow Pokemon)
A Boing (Aeroplane)
A shiny ;133; (Eevee) Plushie
A Talking Bidoof
A Cowboy Hat (Sticks a Risembool Rangers badge on it)
A Leafia ;470; action figure
Movie 10: The Darkrai Movie on DVD (Do I also get the ;491; with it?)
Edward Elric (Glomps DarkLegend, thank you so much. I lobve it!)
Shiny Perfectly EV/IV/DV trained Celebi/Mew/Jirachi with the best natures
A Danceing Regigigas.
A Winry Plushie
An Edward Elric Plusie
An Action Repla...well we all know what it'll be
A Pieice of Wood
An Aguav Berry (gives it to my shiny Eevee plushie to hold)
My Mum's........bra (& gives it back to her)
A Shiny of my choice....mmm...make that: ;493;
A 2nd Ed plushie-FMA
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what? did the old game die?

You get the old vending machine!

*inserts a nickel*

Sushi Bunny

ハチミツをたべてる フっフっフっ
You recieved a tree!

*Inserts 100 coins* That took a while...

Sushi Bunny

ハチミツをたべてる フっフっフっ
Aww... It's so cute! * snuggles Eevee doll*

You recieved a life time supple of instant noodles!

*inserts coin*

Sushi Bunny

ハチミツをたべてる フっフっフっ
Oooh! Ultra ball go! * Hits someone in the head * oops...

You recieved an anvil!

*inserts coin*