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SPPF's Vending Machine, Coolest forum game ever...


♥ ♥ Brain Bleach ♥ ♥
You get a rabid Armaldo. Run!!!
Insert mon.

Mawi :3

I ♥ M-O!!!
You get a cha-speaking Mudkip.
*Inserts a Corsala.*


Confidence Is Power
you get my chao bubbles!
inserts a LAZAAR!
1.Knuckles' Autograph 2.Donkey Kong's Bongos 3.Slap from King DeDeDe
4.Three Silver Bullets 5.Shotgun 6.Ghost of a Roselia
7.Got OWNED by a Chao 8.MJ singing "Sonic Heroes" 9.a Sonic heads/tails tails coin (o_O)
10.blown up brain (EWwww.) 11.a squished banana from Tropius 12.a Sonic plushie
13.the star rod note saying 14."This machine only takes COINS!!!!!!!" 15.Rocket Launcher
16.Glass Ball 17.a Licklicky 18.a live pig
19.Patrick 20.base, cello, violin, and viola 21.Beethoven
22.post Ninja named CloverTheKirlia 23.sushi and videio games! And sumos sitting on my face...24.fire red bracelet
25.a Chatot singing rick roll 26.I got slightly bloody. 27.an Opisthocoelicaudia skarzynskii


Fail on a Stick
You get a Max Repel. Inserts coin...

Shadow Eeveelution

DracLord Dread
You get a 1000 Doom Seed inyour mouth... *Insert Joy Seed*


♥ ♥ Brain Bleach ♥ ♥
You get a Febas. -_-
(Inserts Coin)


Is on the case!
you get magikarp

inserts coin.
You get the Falcon Helmet as found in Kirby Superstar.

*inserts 50 eurocents*


Not funny, guys
You get a river of blood.
*inserts coin*


♥ ♥ Brain Bleach ♥ ♥
You get a splinter.
(inserts coin)


Fail on a Stick
You get a 100% legit level 1 shiny Wonder Guard Arceus that was caught in a Cherish Ball in the Flower Paradise, has 999 in every stat, and knows Sacred Fire, Aeroblast, Seed Flare and Spore.
Inserts coin...