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SPPF's Vending Machine, Coolest forum game ever...

Shadow Eeveelution

DracLord Dread
You get a Paper Cutter

*insert japanese coin*


Battle stations!
You get a can of soda. (Original LOL)

*inserts Boomer* (from Tippy Revolution) ;235;


Follow my lead!
you get a Porygon-Z Virus!

*insert coin* big money no whammy big money no whammy!


Battle stations!
You get a bunch of coins.

*Inserts Chowder* ;235;


The Soul of Silver
You get a ticked-off monk.
*inserts the enclosed instruction book*


Not enough vitamins
*You get a 1956 game console from Korea*

*inserts a flute*

fango pango

You're My Man Of War
Only light venasaur bans me(unless your a co-owner but im not going to risk it)
your coin shoots back out
inserts 1 coin
You get two Captain Falcon's who both use Falcon Punch on eachother, then this happens.
*inserts coin*


FC: 4855 8997 3020
you get ...a spec of dust.

inserts ninterror x


FC: 4855 8997 3020
you get the same munchax that gobbles u up quickly.

inserts sweetpiplupscyther