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SPPF's Vending Machine, Coolest forum game ever...

Lucario Wish123

Mechanics Lover
You get another vending machine!!!
*inserts coin in new vending machine*


Get your snacks
you get a bag full of dinosaurs

*inserts word a day calender*


My Little Ponyta
You get a pile of steaming dog poo. EWWW.

*backs away and shoots a coin perfectly into the slot*


Grand Arbiter II
You get a Pile of Pikacurin! (electricity conducting protein)

*Inserts Poke Dollar*

Derald Snyder

Well-Known Member
you get Judgement inflicted upon you.

*inserts a Roman coin*

"...repay to Caesar what belongs to Caesar and to God what belongs to God." -Jesus


Grand Arbiter II
You get a Pokemon: Purple Version!

* Inserts a


Grand Arbiter II
You get a Pokemon Capitalist Version!

*Inserts cardboard box


Get your snacks
You get a sticker with a chikorita on it

*inserts coin*


Grand Arbiter II
You get a Wooden Stick!

*inserts a Rotom to CORRUPT THE SOUL OF THE NEXT USER! 0_0