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SPPF's Vending Machine, Coolest forum game ever...


You get a Zoroark plush toy!
*inserts coin*


Grand Arbiter II
You get a bite from a Zubat which gives you rabies!

*Inserts Rare Candy.

Derald Snyder

Well-Known Member
You get sucked into Palkia's dimension and get Spacial Rend'd.

*inserts Griseous Orb*


I Feel Fine♪♫♪♫
You get sucked into the shadow realm and Giritina eats your face, yumz :3

*inserts myself*


Snivy & Mudkips Rule
You get a Pokémon that was just discovered!

*inserts Professor Oak*
*sees it didn't work*
*inserts a silver dollar*


I Feel Fine♪♫♪♫
You gets a pokemon platinum version game for the.....ps3????

*Inserts my Blue Moon and my Pokemon XD: Gales of Darkness game*


<-- Ain't it cute?
you get the (hopefully being made) sequel to gale of darkness on the wii.

*inserts my pants*

wait, i need those.

*pushes coin return and gets pants back*

*inserts quarter*
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I Feel Fine♪♫♪♫
You get a teenage super star (Blah :p)

*Inserts my annoyingly horrible English teacher into machine*

Derald Snyder

Well-Known Member
you get four years of English homework.

*inserts a Winner's Path Bronzor into the vending machine*


Speedrun Champion
You get 5 more coins to insert

*Inserts Some Random Coin I Found On The Ground Last Week*