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Spring Breakin' (SpecialShipping, K+)

Pikachu Fan Number Nine

Don't Mess wit Texas
Author: Pikachu Fan Number Nine

Fandom: Pokemon

Shipping: SpecialShipping (Red (Special)/Yellow (Special)

Rating: K+

Notes: Dare from ✨Stardust✨. I'm not very familiar with these characters so I went with my gut. The Real Smash Bros. references are to a fanfic of mine on FanFiction.net that is modeled after the MTV show The Real World.

(word count: 1,002)

"Here we are, Las Vegas! Bring on spring break!" Red said.

"Not just any spring break, MTV Spring Break!" Yellow said.

Red and Yellow have been wanting to go to an MTV Spring Break for years. This year was the first year they finally could afford to do it. They particularly enjoyed MTV for the show "The Real Smash Bros.", which showed the everyday lives of the Super Smash Bros. fighters, and had a particular interest in the Pokemon fighters.

They checked into their hotel first. They went into separate rooms to change into their swimsuits and headed towards the Palms where MTV was holding Spring Break festivities.

Red said, "there's quite a lot of people here. They sure got in their money's worth."

Yellow said, "and we sure did too. No one knows Spring Break better than MTV."

A lot of people were playing with a big beach ball. Red and Yellow decided to join in on the fun.

In the process they made some new friends, even though they would most likely never see them again after Spring Break was over.

An MTV VJ, Jet Harris, spotted Red and Yellow and invited them to come up on stage.

Jet said, "hello welcome to MTV Spring Break, you must be a young couple I assume, how far did you come to be here?"

Red said, "we are not even from the United States, we came from a land very far away."

Yellow said, "a land known as Kanto, not to be confused with the area of Japan of the same name."

Jet said, "yeah, that is very far away."

Red said, "we really like the show The Real Smash Bros., one of the best TV shows ever created."

Yellow said, "the Pokemon fighters are our favorite fighters, you see."

Jet said, "yeah that is one of our top-rated shows. And we got a new Smash game coming out real soon for the Switch. The show is gonna be changing its cast real soon. Be on the lookout for departures and new additions to the cast. We already know that some Inklings from the Splatoon series are coming on to the show later this year."

Red said, "I can't wait to see who else will be joining the cast, the suspense is getting to me."

Yellow said, "I'm hoping for Dixie Kong to get on the show, she's a really cool character."

So Red and Yellow left the stage after being interviewed by the MTV VJ. They were delighted that they got to talk about their favorite show on the network with him.

They went to a concert stage where a band known as Pika Power was performing.

Red said, "they're one of my favorite bands, this is another reason why we came here. One of my favorite songs by them is 'I've Got a Secret to Tell'."

Yellow said, "I like these guys too. I have all their albums. I've been getting them since I was like 10 years old."

After the band finished performing, Red and Yellow decided to go back to their hotel room and get dressed. There was one other reason they chose Las Vegas for spring break – the casinos in the city.

Red said, "the casinos here are nothing like the ones back in our home region, they have a wider selection of games."

Yellow said, "and we both got pairs of lucky Buneary's feet too. This should be very interesting."

The two went to the MGM Grand Casino.

Red went to a blackjack table. The Buneary's feet paid off, as he won the maximum amount allowed at the table before he was sent away.

Yellow went to a slot machine. She kept getting all 7s.

Red put all his money on one number at a roulette table. The Buneary's feet did its work again, as he won again.

At the end of the day, Red and Yellow won a lot of money.

They had dinner at the MGM Grand too. The buffet was what they decided on since just about everything looked good on the menu.

Since they had a lot of money, the next day they decided to go shopping for some souvenirs.

Where better to do so than the Vegas Golden Knights Team Shop at T-Mobile Arena?

They bought numerous Golden Knights items, which were a real hot commodity given that in only their first season of existence, the Golden Knights were going to the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

Red and Yellow thought it would be a real Cinderella story if the Knights ended up winning the Cup in Year 1 – no modern-era expansion team ever won its league's title in its first year of existence. Now the Golden Knights have the chance to make that happen. There's a first time for everything.

Throughout Spring Break, Red and Yellow enjoyed Las Vegas. It was a nice 21st birthday present for Yellow.

She had decided to spend her 21st birthday in Las Vegas back when she was 15.

Not even a mass shooting back in September of 2017 could put a damper on those plans.

And there was no better person to spend it with than her boyfriend, Red.

Who knows what kind of adventures await Red and Yellow in the coming years? Will they get married? Will they have children?

All they knew was that they had the best time of their lives ever in Las Vegas.

"I sure enjoyed Las Vegas, I hope to come back again someday in the future", Yellow said as she boarded the plane back home.

"I liked it here too. There was so many things to do here. I can't believe they actually have an NHL team now. For years this city was off limits as to placing a major league sports franchise due to the gambling establishments here." Red said.

"In a few years there will be an NFL team arriving, the Raiders will be moving from Oakland" Yellow said.

"Let's see how that works out", Red said.