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Spring Fever! (190)


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Spring Fever!

Hot on the trail of Articuno, Ash & Co. come across a few Swinub who seem to dig holes to find some Hot Springs in the area. However Team Rocket appear and have their own plans for the Swinub. Can Ash & Co. get them back?

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Team Awesome
It took me a while to figure out why the swinub would be the ones to locate the hot springs, but I guess it's just because they'd be more sensitive to heat as ice pokemon. The little girl in this episode was really annoying, but otherwise the episode was pretty interesting. I liked the part where the twerps and their friends were chasing Team Rocket in the boxes, the part where Wobbuffet appears out of nowhere and James and Meowth get scared, Jessie and Meowth taking a while to get excited about striking oil, Jessie pointing out where she was in the modeling poster, and Team Rocket forgetting that they're right in the middle of a battle. :)


So hot he's on fire.

Boxracing! It's like buttracing only with boxes :x

Boring ep, but hey. I got prettyboy eyecandy in the form of Todd! :D


I own the 5th gen
is it just me, or were U, Ri, and Mu (the nicknames for the three Urimuu in the Japanese version) a parody of Ko, Bu, and Ta from Tonde Buurin? Yeah, I know very little about this anime, but I recall stumbling upon this info a long time ago, and thought I'd bring it up now because I just saw this episode in Japanese.

BTW, another interesting tidbit about the Japanese version is that this episode switched the order for the Ookido Lecture and the next episode preview. Now, the lecture comes after the preview (also, this episode marks the beginning of "TO BE CONTINUED..." appearing on screen without the picture panning out into a black background, but that was probably noticeable on the dub).


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A very good debut for the Swinub, I liked how they were able to sniff out hot springs, plus they were so cute.


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This was better than I thought it would be, I'll give it that. A few good moments, like Jessie's modelling career and the box racing. But it was still pretty dull, the idea was a bit... iffy. The swinub were really cute though 8D


Piplup Master
I think ive seen that ep on TV (a while ago) i liked the Articuno best! Swinubs are cool to.


Grass Pokemon Expert
I thought the Swinub were adorable. I like how they were eventually able to sniff out a hot spring. I liked the part where they are sledding down the mountain in the boxes. It is too bad that Todd missed his shot of Articuno though. I thought it was funny when TEam Rocket couldn't steal Graveler. I also laughed at the part where Jessie shows where she is in her modeling poster.
Seriously a lot of people like this episode I wasn't really interested in this episode The Swinubs were cute and there name were funny but the rest was quite boring so I'll rate this episode 5/10


Let's go to the beach, each.
Interesting to see hot springs in the anime.

I really liked that Swinub appeared in this episode. They are honestly some of the cutest Pokemon around.

It was a particularly pleasent episode. 6/10


This was great to see Swinub, it was cute..
And it was funny to see Ash and co chasing after TR.


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This episode was ok... It was cool seeing Swinub and its special use for the 1st time in this episode. It was also cool to see a Graveler again. The 3 names for the Swinub were really cute. The sledding down the mountain in boxes was very cool.