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Spring Friendly; a Pokemon Wi-Fi Tournament

Discussion in 'Nintendo Formats' started by jstinftw!, Apr 26, 2012.


Will you be participating?

  1. Definitely doing this!

  2. I probably will, depends.

  3. I might.

  4. I want to, but due to circumstances unavoidable, I can't.

  5. Screw these tournaments.

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  1. Trainer Frankie

    Trainer Frankie Nostalgia.

    After doing a few more battles, I think that's exactly my record thus far as well. It is great that we haven't played against disconnecters yet. ^^

    I really enjoyed this last battle so I recorded it. It's battles like this that make me feel like even though I'm just using pokemon I caught or was given and didn't worry about their ivs and nature yet I did ev train them, that they can do well. ^^

    Last edited: May 11, 2012
  2. Missingno. Master

    Missingno. Master Poison-type Trainer

    ^My latest battle. Opponent was kinda noobish, but still a pretty damn close match. I now have no regrets about putting Minun on the team.
  3. Shneak

    Shneak this is a Nessa x Sonia stan account ✨

    F this.

    I played for an hour and had every single match disconnected. Partly because my router is **** and I get 91010 errors all of the time, but also because my opponents are sore losers and also disconnected when I was winning. I'm hoping for something better today.
  4. Arande

    Arande Well-Known Member

    Am I just trying to fight at the wrong times? or are there just not as many people in this one? Taking a good while to find any opponents. 7-0 at 1601. Ah well, will still be trying all day and probably tomorrow as well. Last match came down to the wire, fun times.

    edit: 10-0 with 1636 My last match was just, oh wow. Albeit I did make a mistake, should have just sued surf/protect after the jellicent went down,but meh, thought I just used protect for some reason. 80-72624-14071

    Am a tad worried about something. When I went for an 11th match, it found an opponent, but DC'd at the cards, didn't even show 'choose your poke' message or the teams. Wonder if that affects me, or not since the match didn]t actually start o_O
    Last edited: May 12, 2012
  5. Archstaraptor

    Archstaraptor Team Builder / RMT

    What?There as well?
    Why can't there be a system like in Mario Kart,where you get penalised for rage quitting?
    They're just so arrogant...
    But hearing this,I'm sort of happy that I didn't sign up:my science examination took priority,plus there hasn't been a triples tournament yet :(
  6. Trainer Frankie

    Trainer Frankie Nostalgia.

    Last wifi tourney, rage quitters weren't posted in the ranking.
  7. Guywhoiam

    Guywhoiam Dr. Researcher Man

    What a glorious battle! Glad I had my Mystery Egg event Haxorus with his perfect attack and speed IVs!

  8. Silvershark

    Silvershark HAWLUCHA!!!

    Total battles: 47
    Rating: 1739
    W/36 L/7 Disconnections: 4

    It was like pulling teeth to make any progress today. Every win only nets me 4-6 points and everytime I would claw my way up, I'd get a loss that knocks me back down to where I started today. Oddily enough, it's the low ranked people with crazy, seemingly random teams that throw me off and give me the hardest time. I easily beat someone in the 1800's (+21 points. Whoohoo!), then a match or two later I lose to someone in the 1500's (-25 points. D'oh! The person at Gamefreak who decided to give Dragon Tail 90 accuracy needs to be shot). Things like Salamence, Legendaries, and Tyranitars are predictable, they're easy to handle. Things like Drapion, Heracross, and Sableye's: not so much, I haven't seen them much in double's before. Anyways, still managed to raise my rating a decent amount despite the difficulties. Had one battle that would have been cool to save, but my opponent didn't let me finish it. :p
  9. Plusle.

    Plusle. Plusle!

    Broke 1900 points but I have a 25% disconnect rate so I will be disqualified anyway :( . It is stupid that both players end up getting counted as disconnecting.
  10. Zachmac

    Zachmac Well-Known Member

    It's not odd, it was just internet problems on their side. Or perhaps they accidently hit the power switch.
    So it's a challenge, huh? You'll regret it.
  11. shrek

    shrek Member

    Done a bit better today, my last minute thrown together random team got 1 or 2 wins today and lasted a bit against some higher ranked people, but just had a match where i lost and wanted to save the vid but my opponent d/ced on me :( all because my sneaky machamp nearly won it. Ha ha they never expect thief on sash machamp
  12. Sinfonietta

    Sinfonietta Member

    I played a couple matches in the morning today, won two of the three, the third one some 1700'er d/c'd on me when my Mamoswine was about to faint his Terrakion. I feel like I'll never break 1600...
  13. Megh

    Megh ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    TBH I ragequit once myself in a fit of blind fury... Ehehehe... *sweatdrop*

    Either way I'm not doing to good. I've got something like 1522...
  14. jstinftw!

    jstinftw! hey trainer

    Ugh. My current standing should be 21 battles in; 3 losses and 18 wins.

    That being said, my actual standing is 10 battles in, 9 wins and 1 loss. My current score is 1588, and I've been able to break 1602. All these rage quitters...

    But it's still pretty fun; I've managed to pull of some exciting wins! I won quite a few matches that I was sure I would have lost, and sometimes, Trick Room wasn't even up! :) It's a bit refreshing battling all these original, oddball teams as opposed to the stuffy teams that seem to dominate most VGC event type tournaments. I'm really liking this Gallade+Drapion lead at the moment, and I've seen quite a few Togekiss+Gyarados leads as well. My Scrafty, Cpt.Undrpnts, survived an entire battle burned against a team as well, and Trick Room didn't even go up! hahah

    Unfortunately, most of those teams were accompanied by the rage quitting. I guess that's why they were in the 1600s-1700s. I feel like there are more DCers this time around, although it might just be because I'm coming on normal times now as opposed to crazy late/last minute. :) Also, most of my matches are taking place in the Latin Americas. XP

    I did recognize this guy though! I battle him in the Autumn Friendly! I think his name was Azazael; yeah. He's pretty dedicated. RQer though.
  15. Megh

    Megh ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    I battled this one guy twice in a row.
    And lost both times.
    I guess competitive battling isn't my strong suit... *'nother sweatdrop*

    Also, what's this about disconnect rates??? Disqualification?! Have I put myself and another in grave danger?!?!
    Please clarify.
  16. Arande

    Arande Well-Known Member

    Were they you DCing? or your opponents? AFAIK they only count when you do. You can tell it was your opponent since you will still be connected to the competition. Otherwise I wouldn't have had a rating from the international due to the 7 RQ's against me.

    Which brings me back to my earlier question about what does it count DC's at the trainer cards, before you see eachothers team? Had it happen to me again just now, making that 2. Don't want to be disqualified for something beyond my control. Hopefully they just dismiss it as bad connection between the two players.

    Asking because I'm 15-0 with 1667, still has to count the points from a match I just had with an 1800+, close game. I know I wanted to do more matches than I did the previous tournaments, but tempted to stop when I break 1700. Dont wanna say go till I lose cause then I'll lose my next one :p

    Feek kinda bad cause it paired me up against a 1380 from Germany. Ah well, had to defend my points.
  17. old man

    old man On Guard!!!

    Ive broke 1715 before running into a Latias that I COULD
    NOT POISON WITH TOXIC and it had levitate too. I've had a few rage quiters and run into a lot of trick room teams. I've locked in a poor team but this is about fun and so far it it fun with 22 battles in.
    Edit: so far today I've had 4 battles and 4 rage quiters. I hope they do pentalize them.
    Last edited: May 12, 2012
  18. zozo

    zozo SLIMED!

    So far, I've only had one RQ, but I sympathized with that guy. It was one of those situations where we were rematched again immediately after having a battle with each other. The first time, I cleaned his clock. The second time, I led with the same pokemon again while he tried to maximize his chances of winning by leading with the perfect pokemon and he STILL started getting beaten badly, so he quit. In that kind of a case, I really don't blame him a bit. I'd have felt the same. x) Though for the record, I probably would have disconnected during the team preview, or forfeited during the match. :p

    Right now I'm holding at 6 wins, 6 losses, 1 DC, and I'm around 1500. I think I'm getting a better handle on how to work with this team.

    I know I'm probably not half as good in competitions as most of the people here, but I've got to post this video. I'm so proud of my Sigilyph!


    And I was quite glad to have a respectful opponent for this (i.e., an opponent who didn't RQ). It must have been a frustrating bout for him. Pretty much everything that could go wrong for him did go wrong.
  19. Soperman

    Soperman The One and Only

    lol most likely
    ... I should probably get started on the team now :I
  20. Arande

    Arande Well-Known Member

    Oh wow, these past few matches have just been, wow. Call me weird, but i'm one of those that would rather have a close 1-0 match over a 4-0 sweep. Beat my goal of 1700, but will probably do at least 2 more to be sure those DC's at the trainer cards dont affect me, jeez thats bugging me.

    I have been noticing a ton of metagross's using zen hadbutt, odd since that was almost unused in 4th gen. Wonder if all the fighting types in 5th gen led to that. Anyways, 50-16768-15748
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