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Sprite Face-off

Discussion in 'Face-Offs' started by Illegible, Jul 5, 2006.

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  1. Adrexus

    Adrexus Do it the bird way!

    my vote goes to yellow scyther
  2. HotSkittyOnWailordAction

    HotSkittyOnWailordAction Well-Known Member

    R/S.Green Strike looks dopey.
  3. Definitely the R/S one! xD The other looks sorta demented...
  4. Darth_paul

    Darth_paul Well-Known Member

    I'm gonna go for Green one. It looks like a better pose.
  5. 8/4, I think the final score was, so R/S Scyther advances!

    Since there are seven sprites I am choosing from atm, I am going to remove the yellow Scyther for now.

    Stage 1-Round 3
    Red/Blue Scyther vs. Gold Scyther
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    I myself really did not want these Scythers together, becasue I think these are the best, so I say the original R/B Scyther.


    Vote away!
  6. HotSkittyOnWailordAction

    HotSkittyOnWailordAction Well-Known Member

    I vote Gold Strike.
  7. Staryu

    Staryu I know, I know..

    Red/Blue Scy
  8. Red/Blue Scyther
  9. ellie

    ellie Δ Staff Member Admin

    Gold Scyther
  10. ~Flareon~

    ~Flareon~ Coal Trainer

    I vote for Gold Scyther.
  11. matrix_Logic

    matrix_Logic Nothing of interest.

    R/B, I usually like the old sprites.
  12. pikadon92

    pikadon92 Raiden Maximus

    Gold scyther for me.
  13. Munchy

    Munchy =)

    R/B Scy for me.
  14. i dont know 2 A.K.A. quilava lover

    i dont know 2 A.K.A. quilava lover PLEASE JUST A DONUT!

    R/B because I don't like the color of gold's
  15. Pure

    Pure back.

    Red/Blue Scyther.
  16. WaterDragon trainer

    WaterDragon trainer Freak Like Me

    GOLD ;123; ftw as the R/B ;123; looks freaky.
  17. Blaze Dragon

    Blaze Dragon T3h Blazing Ranger!

    Red/Blue Scyther
  18. r/b for overkill, it was just designed so meh
  19. 9/5 makes R/B Scyther the winner!

    Stage 2
    FR/LG Scyther vs. R/S Scyther vs. R/B Scyther

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    It is not very surprising that these three advanced, as they are probably the most-seen ones out there. Ten votes puts one as face-off winner. My vote sticks to the original, the R/B Scyther. Everything was good about Scyther before Scizor came...including its sprite...


    Vote away!
  20. Chancellor Hivemind.

    Chancellor Hivemind. Volcano Ninja

    R/B Scyther.

    ~~Join the Hivemind~~
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