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^*~*Sprite sensations*~*^


♚ get s l e a z y
I really do most spriting buiness, so most of spriting things i can d well,.
Ok could you make a shaymin sky form. Fire type and holding nothing
My drawings

Ok my scanner is at my dads, but i made some eggs on paint on my computer. I know there horrible but the otheres will be better

- Drifloon egg

- Azurell egg

Sorry there bad


♚ get s l e a z y
There not bad, they just need some touching up and to put them in png. format. Anyways, if you want to work here, you must be able to do four things, and i might not be able to hire you because i have 4 employyes already. but fix em up and show me what else u can do.
ok i am going to my dads tomarrow to scan them i have a good 9 done


♚ get s l e a z y
Heres youor fire shaymin


remove the 4
Could you make me a thunder type of LAND form shaymin? Holding nothing
Could you make me a thunder type of LAND form shaymin? Holding nothing


♚ get s l e a z y
get right on it!!!! ;)

EDIT: Heres your request!!!

remove the 4
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Inactive due school
@growlachu: here's your banner(s)
while making your banner is wasn't able on serebii so i just started to make something with the things I remembered XD
do that's why i made 2 banners one with your form and the other just from nothing
you may choose which to use XD



code's: just remove the * before use XD

Thank you it will be in my sig to. I have the eggs scaned But turned out horrible sorry.
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Thanks so much Pino. I can't choose wich one to use. They're both great. I'll put one in my sinature. Don't worry I'll give credit.
Hiya now I am making my sig all shaymin so here is another thing for pokemonmaster 21
I need a icon saying Shaymin master with both forms of it If that is ok?
And I need a fusion done 2:
Pokemon(2): Shaymin Land form, And Giratina: another form (platinum sprite)
Specifics: And Could the base be shaymin? Have Giratina's wings and look dark

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♚ get s l e a z y
Fusion accepted

icon denied: please use the correct form, give me your request with thecorrect form and i will do it.

one warning

EDIT: heres your fusion

remove the 4
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Ok I wont do the icon sorry but could you just remove the wings please?


♚ get s l e a z y
Uh you can do the icon, and yes, ill redo it.

EDIT:uh, i was bored so i did your icon, i hope you like it

remove the 4

heres the edited pokemon.
remove the 4
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