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Sprite thread and request

Discussion in 'Fan Art Shops' started by Bonslyzim, Nov 24, 2005.

  1. Bonslyzim

    Bonslyzim Guest

    I take requests for all pokemon (that are resonable) Please no stupid things like recolors or stuff like, put so and so's wings on so and so's back, etc. I do not accept map requests expect sprites to ake a while because i don't come on often sprites can take up to a week. i will only work on 3 requests at a time. Eevee95 will help with my forum and take requests, here are some examples of my work.
  2. Eevee95

    Eevee95 Eevee's for Ever

    HI!!!... wow im suprised at this, your an excellent spriter and no request!!!
  3. Eevee95

    Eevee95 Eevee's for Ever

    ....Poor You..... your probally one of the best spriter around *points to penguin* and still no reply....Poor you
  4. Bonslyzim

    Bonslyzim Guest

    Thanx Michelle, I started an actual sprite thread come on by!
  5. Eevee95

    Eevee95 Eevee's for Ever

    where is it Jake??? post a link while i look for it
  6. KirbyXD

    KirbyXD Good Night!

    wow those are good! but the colors are a little pale, other than that they'er perfect.
  7. Bonslyzim

    Bonslyzim Guest

    .... Any request??? Please im bored to death
  8. Starter530

    Starter530 Yes I use MS paint

    excuse me.........
    some of the best are
    Dawnstar, castiboy, coronis, Tempusdominus, Poochyena, Princess Politoed, Upsy Daisy, Absol Attacker, Waterlover315, Electabuzz
    and a couple others

    First off the sprites are JPEG images JPEG should only be used for photographs, not sprites.
    when you save an image right under where it says "untitled" and you can type whatever you want it to be called, is a drop down menu, scroll down and select .PNG
  9. Eevee95

    Eevee95 Eevee's for Ever

    Like at least his look origanal
  10. Starter530

    Starter530 Yes I use MS paint

    I'm not saying they're not original.
    But i'm saying the mixes are very badly done

    And if you're saying that any of the people that i mentioned don't have original sprites you've got alot to learn

    the two best are the Penguin and the Persian Ninetales mix
    but open bothe of those up again go to save as and save it as .PNG
    JPEG ruins your sprites
  11. Eevee95

    Eevee95 Eevee's for Ever

    ok... i was at his house when he made the as you call persain ninetails mix, and it has no persain in it what so ever! oh and i looked at electabuzz'es sprite thread and *cough* theese were better, he had a little but to much roundness in them,i'm not saying thats bad,its just my opinion that i think 1 of them was a little to round, but thats just MY opinion i think theese are A-W-S-O-M-E, like the first one, it looks completly origenal. Oh and i'm not going to spam anymore because this is a request thread not a chat thread

    EDIT: OOOPS that wasnt electabuzz
    Last edited: Nov 25, 2005
  12. Polursine

    Polursine Leave my posts alone

    You don't think you could make a sprite of Polursine in my sig?
  13. Nevermore

    Nevermore mostly lurking

    it does have persian in it, the ears are persian, the whiskers are, and the gemstones are. your work seems to be good, but like someone else says, always save as png or it screws up the colours.

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