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Discussion in 'Fan Sprites' started by oske, Jul 14, 2008.

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  1. oske

    oske Well-Known Member

  2. oske

    oske Well-Known Member

  3. Bonsly12

    Bonsly12 Ooh. Pretty Islands

    okay, one thing, dont resize yer sprites, the outlines get all buldgy in places, two, this is the place to put these, u put them in the Fan Sprites section. got it??

  4. Zephyr Flare

    Zephyr Flare /pose

    Thread moved, please ensure you place it in the correct location in future.

  5. jshperz

    jshperz Well-Known Member

    Some tips for you:

    1. Don't resize. NEVER resize.
    2. Save as PNG. Although, if you want a bigger size, use BMP (Why would you like that?) JPEG makes the quality worse. It's for pictures only.
    3. What happened to the first one? it's like you saved as JPEG first then resized.. Don't do that. Sprites are meant to be small..

    I suggest looking for a tutorial..
    Good luck!
  6. rekreatur

    rekreatur Well-Known Member

    Please, oh please don't resize and/or save as jpg.! Always keep the same size and png. it!

    First sprite...thing: What the heck did you do with it?

    Spinda/Minun: The head is bothering me. The place between the eyes or whatever they are isn't re-colored and the outline's...weird..well actually the whole outline's weird :/
    Oh and I just noticed that you didn't shade the head either.
    The only thing you changed is the color and ears.

    The Pinkchu/Minun fusion: The place between the ears is just a straight line, maybe make it look more round..?
    And this one too - you re-colored it and copy/pasted the ears on.

    All look reeaaaly copy/paste-ish.

    3/10 :l

    Oh and you double posted, might wanna fix that =P
    Last edited: Jul 30, 2008
  7. Cerulean-Charizard

    Cerulean-Charizard Reptile Trainer

    With the sprites, the effects kind of make them hard to judge. Never, EVER save sprites as JPG. As people before have said, always save as PNG, as JPG leaves little, what I call 'bits' around the image and distort the colours. Also, never re-size your sprites. When you work on them, zoom in to see what your doing, and keep them the original size. Sprites need to be clean and you should be able to see the original intended image exactly.

    Onto the sprites themselves. The Spinda/Minun has barely any shading at all (from what I can see), apart from the shadows on the ears and a little on the body. There's a bunch of tutorials on these forums that help in fusions and recolouring, so you should perhaps brush up on those first. The Pikachu/Minun has a weird flat head, as Pink Skitty mentioned, you need to round it off a little so that Minun's ears flow with Pikachu's body better.

    I think you should read tutorials found here, as I'm 99.9% sure you'll improve that way.

    EDIT: Bah, I just realised I've mostly repeated what people before have said, sorry about that. ._.
    Last edited: Jul 30, 2008
  8. Jaguar297

    Jaguar297 I'm back!

    I really like them 8/10 BTW you double posted.
  9. Warfare

    Warfare liverliverliverliver

    The thread's about three months old, dear.
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