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Spyro the Dragon Fans!

Mr. L 500

You know that you can play ds games on any version of the ds besides the 3DS, right? ;)

I don't really have anything "on topic" to contribute, but I'd like to point out that it is possible to play "regular" DS games on the 3DS. You can't play them in 3D, but you can still play the original game on a 3DS. Just wanted to point that out ;)


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Spyro 3: Year of the Dragon was probably the first PS1 game I remember owning and playing (I had played Croc and Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee as well, but my uncle let me borrow those, Spyro 3 I actually OWNED). I have really fond memories of the game, especially the skateboarding minigame (that one ate up so much of my time!) and I especially loved using the codes that turned Spyro flat or made him weird colors. I would also goof around in Sgt. Byrd's levels by flying all over the level and not actually doing the mission or saving the eggs. Oh man, those were the days. I beat the game but I never managed to 100% complete it or get the "true" ending. I would try now that I'm older but the disc is scratched and tends to freeze on certain parts (also, the dialogue doesn't like to play for some reason).

I did play Spyro the Dragon and Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage later, and I found that the further I went back, the less I liked them. Spyro 2 was good but not up to par with Spyro 3 in my opinion, and I really didn't enjoy Spyro the Dragon (mainly because Spyro's old voice actor was so annoying and that he'd always be all "GNASTY GNORC, LET ME AT 'EM" like a purple Scrappy-Doo). The only other Spyro games I played were Spyro: Season of Ice for GBA (which I found watered-down and uninteresting), and Spyro Orange: The Cortex Conspiracy also for GBA (also fairly watered down, plus I had never played any Crash game before). Once or twice I have considered getting Skylanders but I don't know how much that counts as a Spyro game.

But yeah. Year of the Dragon is my childhood. :)


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Ohh, the Spyro series! When I was a child, we didn't have any game console but one of my friends did and me and my sister used to play at her home. We usually played together and made up all kind of stories about Spyro's adventures while playing :D Eventually, we got our own PS2 console and one of the first games I bought were Year of the Dragon and Gateway to Glimmer. Those two are still among my favourite games ever and I still sometimes play those. I also have games made for PS2 but to me they're not as good as the old school PS1 Spyro games.

Enter the Dragonfly is probably the worst Spyro game I've ever played but I liked Hero's Tail a lot! Unfortunately, that and Gateway to Glimmer have broken somehow and I can't finish the games :/ Hero's Tail keeps deleting saved files and Spyro 2's files will corrupt if you defeat Ripto or go to the Metro Speedway. The Legend of Spyro series were better but different Spyro games. I've only finished the first part of the trilogy because in the Eternal Night I just can't win one boss on the quite beginning of the game. If I someday beat it, then I will play the third part.

I love Insomniac style humor and it's too bad that newer Spyro games don't have that feature. Spyro series are good games for children but Year of the Dragon and Gateway to Glimmer include so many jokes and puns only adults can completely understand and that's one reason why I'm still playing the old games. Like in that quest you have to climb the tower to reach Rapunzel, pink teddy bear, she says that she has restraining order against the bear who sent you there. And Moneybags! When we where children we found him annoying since he took our precious diamonds away all the time. Now he's probably the best character in the game because almost everything he says is so funny :D Gotta love him

Spyro games I own:
Spyro 2 Gateway to Glimmer (PS1)
Year of the Dragon (PS1)
Enter the Dragonfly (PS2)
A Hero's Tail (PS2)
A New Beginning (PS2)
Eternal Night (PS2)
Dawn of the Dragon (PS2)


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Spyro was like the first game I ever played!!!! I always use to play Year of the Dragon and was so happy the complete it!
Its on PSN now too and Im playing the original games all over again :D


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@Mr. L 500 - Thanks for pointing that out! I forgot to mention that... ;)

@ AllHailThrall - I agree with literally the WHOLE first paragraph of your post. ;)

@ SpoinkyPearl - I agree with almost everything you said as well. ;)

@ SmellYaLater - That's awesome! :D

I love reading everyone's Spyro stories... I am so glad that I am not the only one who loves them on here! :D


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Great thread. I was a Playstation kid so I have very fond memories of the first three games. I have earned 100% in all of them multiple times and replay them now and then when I'm feeling like a trip down memory lane. I played Spyro 2 again on my PS3 recently and was very surprised how much it's charm holds up today in the world of HD gaming. The levels are not half a vast as they felt as a child, but are still a joy to charge, jump and glide around. What became of Spyro after Insomniac Games moved onto Ratchet & Clank makes me sad :[ Spyro: Year of The Dragon is one of the most finely crafted 3D platformers ever and a true testament the Playstation.

Spyro Games I own:
Spyro the Dragon [PSN]
Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage [PSN]
Spyro: Year of the Dragon [PSN]
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Woah, sorry I missed so much in this thread! :eek: But yeah, I totally agree with both of you! And yes, the Treetops level was CRAZY... took me FOREVER to figure out how to beat it 100/100! :eek:


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Just watched the entire cutscene that plays before you fight Malefor in Dawn of the Dragon.... My thoughts at the point when he starts laughing very cruelly and manaically at Spyro getting beat up by a possessed Cynder: "All right, that's it! Dovahkin, ATTACK!!!"


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Haha, yeah... Malefor's voice drives me crazy though! I can't even hardly understand unless I have subtitles on! Seriously! :eek:

tailsxcream fan

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I love the first 3 Spyro games too! the music in the first game is stunning and its my favourite in the series. I played some of the newer games too but I don't enjoy them as much.


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Awesome! I totally agree with you that three first three games are amazing... although I love the newer ones as well! :D

Titanium Tyranitar

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I have still got the original trilogy my favourite would have to Spyro 2 gateway to glimmer since it was the Spyro game I got and I loved beating Ripto, Crush and Gulp but I love the other two Spyro games just as much especially since in Spyro 3 year of the dragon I got to play firework factory which is my favourite level out of all 3 as you get to kick ninjas butts with radical music playing in the background with the super cool castle, that level is awesome :)


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Spyro was my all time favorite game back in the PS1 days! I have the original 3 for PlayStation and they are the best in my opinion. Each one got better and although there are other good Spyro games, they can't compete with the first trilogy.


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Wow, sorry for the late replies but that is awesome everyone! I totally agree with you pokemasta92. :)


Can't believe I've only just found this thread! Me and my friend both got the first game way back in Christmas 1998 and loved it to bits. I remember him getting stuck on Tree Tops for ages, while I just couldn't find the last dragon in Haunted Towers, it was such a great feeling when I figured it out :)

The original trilogy are by far the best in the series. The GBA games were pretty good in their own right, providing you didn't try to compare them to the console games. I really tried to enjoy Enter the Dragonfly, but it was a broken mess and had a lot less to offer then the previous games, despite being on a more powerful console.

Currently replaying Year of the Dragon, just rescued Sgt. Byrd. Love the Spyro 3 speedway music :-D

Oh, and when I first got Pokemon Red I nicknamed my Charmander SPYRO!

...bit of a trip down memory lane there, sorry!


So I was getting pretty bored at the weekend and I thought I'd go get the Playstation and the old 80s TV out of the loft. I wouldn't have long to play so I picked the best game in the box - Spyro the Dragon. I was thinking about doing a speedrun around Easter but I didn't have and still don't have a way to record it so that plan was put on ice, but I digress... Started off pretty classic in the Artisan homeworld and had no trouble on any of the home levels, not even missing out on any treasure while running around the walls of Stone Hill and not disintegrating any of the dogs before they gave treasure in Toasty. Moved on to Peace Keepers, and it was going okay until I missed out on little bits of treasure in Cliff Town and Ice Cavern which I had to run around searching for... Doctor Shemp, (best music on the game,) wasn't difficult as he failed to "watch his back..." Magic Crafters, no trouble with the druids raising those walls in Alpine Ridge, but spent more time than needed in High Caves when I couldn't seem to find one of the caves, even though it was seemingly obvious. Bashed the wizards, confronted Blowhard and moved on to the Beast Makers. No trouble with Terrace Village, and despite those awful attack frogs Misty Bog went fine too. Treetops was it's usual self, I came close to completing it without losing a life, but lost two trying to reach the far away platform with the Green Thief and the dragon Jed. Metalhead was no trouble, especially when you see the gap in the portcullis... Dream Weavers is probably the most interesting world and though I had a little trouble with the cannon I got through it and blitzed Dark Passage and Lofty Castle, then did the Super Charge early in Haunted Towers to have permanent Super Flame for the rest of the level. It was going fine until the Gnorc-adier took the red gem off the ledge with him and I had to re-enter and re-complete the level to get it... Lost one life on Jacques, over-estimating the distance I could glide after having no trouble with the fools and their platforms. The flight levels which used to be the bane of my existence were much easier and I had little trouble with them, completing Sunny Flight, Night Flight and Wild Flight first time, and Crystal Flight and Icy Flight on the second attempt. Gnorc Cove was simple and I dealt with the Gnorc Commandoes in Twilight Harbour but had to backtrack to find some red gems I missed. Gnasty himself is, as billed, "No threat", (and ugly too,) though I do enjoy the two hairpin bends in the chase. The difficult part is racing across the shrinking platforms but if you charge out of glides rather than letting them end it's no trouble. Toast the Gnorc and you're done*. The credits roll, then Magnus needs rescuing again and Gnasty's Loot opens. A rather simple final level but the ending is sublime. It was 14000 treasure and how. Your own fireworks display, and you're done. (The dragons playing basketball in the background of the following cut-scene, are quite amusing.) Credits roll and again and that was Spyro the Dragon. 120%.


Nice post dude, reminded me of levels I'd long forgotten about. I really want to play the first game again now but it's somewhere in my parents' house and I can't find it :(

Personally, my favourite song from the game has to be Toasty, the gradual build-up to the main theme is totally worth it :)

Platinum fan.

Spyro the Dragon! My sister and I loved this back in the late 90's. It was my first Playstation 1 game. Oh what memories. I loved the original Spyro trilogy. They went all out to make those games fun for you. My favorite would have to be...Spyro 1 actually. It's so simple, yet highly fun. And the music. To this day I listen to all kinds of music from the original Spyro trilogy. Spyro 2 and Spyro 3 were also faves of mine. Once I got older I started going for the 100% part of the game. I was disappointed with Spyro 2's end reward. What's the point of super flame when the games over? But I still loved it. I still have the original trilogy. Though with Spyro 3 I don't have the version where you actually get new music when you enter Midnight Mountain's world, but it was still fun. I love the Spyro PS1 trilogy.

Beyond them I have only played Enter the Dragonfly for PS2, and that alone killed any desire to further play Spyro games not on PS1. Enter the Dragonfly wasn't horrible, I think it could have been decent if we had some actual boss battles, new homeworlds, the story and acting wasn't so lame, and of course no glitches. Enter the Dragonfly has more glitches then any other game I've played. But it's not all bad. There were some things I liked about it. Good music, like the original, the worlds despite being a glitchfest were very beautiful and well designed but the glitches will ruin enjoyment you can have for this game. It was to rushed to get out. I heard they rushed the crap out of this game to get it out as soon as possible.

I have not played Hero's Tail, Legend of Spyro's, or Skylanders, so I cannot judge any of them. But I do love the original PS1 games. I wish games like these were made more often. I might consider getting new systems besides my PS1 and PS2 if they did.

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The recent trilogy was really underrated. I thought a new beginning, eternal night, and dawn of the dragon were the best.

Skylanders is a money sucking abomination not worthy of the spyro name.