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Hello, and welcome to the Double Elimination STABmons tournament! This tier was more or less made up yesterday by some guy on smogon, and when Contrail found it, we had to make a tournament for this tier. So without further ado, let me explain the tier.

STABmons is more or less the same as normal tiers, except every pokemon has access to every move of it's type, along with any other move it normally has. Tiers remain the same, though. Here are the bans and clauses.

1. Standard OU banlist
2. Sleep Clause
3. Species clause
4. Evasion Clause
5. Moody Clause
6. OHKO clause
7. Sketch is banned outside of Smeargle

8. Pokemon can now learn stab moves of previous evos. Example: Azumarill gets normal type attacks as well as water.

Please note: When you challenge, select custom game. Sleep clause isn't default on here, so please remember we're using it.

Here's a link to the original thread on smogon, identifying these rules and some examples of pokes you can use

You'll notice in that thread that OHKO clause isn't used, but Contrail and I don't want No Guard Fissure Golurk running around.

If you have any questions, please just ask in CC xat. A lot of us already know, understand, and play the tier.

Here are the rules for the tournament:

1. All matches will be Bo3.
2. This tournament is PS! only, due to the fact that PO does not let you select moves that a pokemon cannot learn.
3. 6v6 Standard Smogon OU, as mentioned before, standard banlists apply.
4. This tournament is Double Elimination.

Round 1 will end June 4th.


-The Mysterious Stranger
-Deadly Nightshade™
-Yellow de Viridian Grove
-Shiny Magmortar
-The King of Legend

Credits to Extroph for the banner, and user The_Eevee_General of Smogon forums for the tier.​
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