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Staging A Heroes Welcome (545)


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Quite enjoyed the episode today. I laughed when Dawn kept squeezing Piplup then when it shot bubblebeam in her face lol. I liked Ashs outfit I thought it suited him and i laughed at pauls "What is he doing". Wish Drew Harley and Solidad would have spoke though but it was good to see them again. I thought it was intresting that Fiennon is the "Beautifly of the Sea". And also when May said "Espically with pretty hair"
Oh yeah and I was also glad that Zoey apologised to Ash about the contests/gyn thing


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What a great show, what a great episode!

Well, where shall I begin? There were so many aspects and scenes which would be worth being mentioned, so I hope I won't forget one:

Seeing our three major female coordinators, Dawn, May and Zoey, together was a neat thing and just pleased me. (Tell me, why does the majority of you have it in for Zoey? She's nice, skilled and cares about her friends although they are competitors. Only her glowing red hair bothers me a bit, but apart from this triviality, she's just great IMO)

Dawn changing her popular saying into "BIG need to worry!" made me laugh out loudly, because it was so unexspected but suited perfectly in this situation.

May's appeal was neat. I can't see why it was that stunning and overwhelming, but it was all right. (May -Fans, please "don't smack me now"(Meowth):D, but I'm convinced that our "Princess Of Hoenn" has always been a bit overrated since her very first contest.)

I also enjoyed the few seconds which were dedicated to Drew, Harley, Max and Kenny. Seeing old fellow travelers of our heroes is a welcome look back!

Now, let's spend some time on reviewing Jessie's performance:
Frankly, I would have expected a more positive evaluation of the judges like ,for example: "Showing off the strong bond of friendship between trainer and Pokemon was amazing!" I've gotta admit I was kinda surprised. Well, on the other hand, her performation was way to short (compared to all the other competitors), Wobbuffet acted clumsily and Jessie's flying show didn't bowl you over, either. All right, the judges' decision therefore is justified.

I've now reached my (and apparently also PokemonTrainerLisa's) highlight of today's episode: Ash's appeal!
But most of all, I liked Ash's outfit for the Wallace Cup. I don't know where he got his contest outfit from, but it sure looked fantastic on him. XD Also, I really liked the part when Ash moved his hat up and said, "That's me!". Yes, the Ash fangirl in me loved that particular scene! XD
Have you all realized this sound of screeching tires when Buizel suddenly stopped underwater. It was hilarious!
And ,of course, Ash and Buizel were stunning and undoubtedly the best of all those teams we've experienced today!
Not to forget, Paul's baffled face and his "What does he think he's doing?!" were just priceless!! Everything I can say is: You've just got owned, Paul ;)

Finally, Dawn was able to overcome her tormenting self-doubts. Thanks to Piplup, everthing's just fine now again. Wasn't it funny when the little penguin Pokemon was getting more and more angry? Having almost been crushed to "death" before, it now showed its anger, as if it wanted to express: "Hello, you scatterbrained trainer, stop acting such foolishly and concentrate on your strength. You know that you can win, you've already proved it! And we, your beloved Pokemon are fighting just for YOU!" Although I prefer Turtwig and Chimchar ( I just can't abide penguins), I really liked this scene with Piplup!

Poor James and Meowth! You know what? It was crystal-clear that our two likable bandits were meant to be the ones to be poured by the masses of water. And I've always thought so far that cats detested being (soaking) wet. XD

Time to come to an end: A great and marvelous episode! Awesome entertainment which featured numerous familiar faces and ,above all, a brilliant Ash!

8 out of 10 points


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LOL i laughed at Paul's part ''what does he think he's doing?''.

Apparently Paul hates contests if he said that. It's also likely that he hates the way Ash raises his Pokemon (of course he has always mistreated Ash ever since he first saw him).

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Apparently Paul hates contests if he said that. It's also likely that he hates the way Ash raises his Pokemon (of course he has always mistreated Ash ever since he first saw him).

Heh, wonder how people would react if we saw Paul in a contest?:p


another spin-off show i thing might make a come back in which two of its characters made a brief cameo in the begining, the show was/is CardCaptorsand the Caracters were Sakura Avalon, and Madison

Cardcaptors Picture

Picture from Pokemon DP Battle Dimensions 545

P.S. can a mod help me get the pictures to show
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This was a great episode. I loved when May was like Crogunk is doing Max's Job because that was what I thought of Crogunk so I started to laugh out loud

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I was kinda hoping to hear the voices of Max, Harley, Drew, and Solidad.


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Eh, that was b4 she had any good skillz lol. She got them l8r on kinda xD


May has grown much more stronger and the fact that her pokemon have evolved (at least some of them), means that she will be able to getting more wins easily.


I'd like to see more glimpses of different snacks across Sinnoh.


If he's still a Gym Leader, yet a Master Champion, who does Wallace ever give a badge to?
I'm guessing it's only to tease his other Master friends who wish to relive their days.

Those turtles and their silly accents. WORTURTUL WORTURTUL

Drew and Harley in the same room?

WORTURTUL puts that big sexy tail to use.

What the HECK Jessie, Water Types ONLY. Go steal a barboach and then comeback.

Hey that Wobbuffet Slam looks pretty useful to me.
All those years of TR blasting off have revealed that they learned to land on their feet!

A fish pokemon doing something useful. Good work Zoey

Ash that outfit looks a little..adventuristic.
Ketchum, Ash Ketchum Jr.
No one can stop him but TR always tries,
young Ketchum cuts through each wardrobe of lies,
he learned the game from his uncle James,
now hes heir to the name,
Ash Ketchum (Ketchum, Ash Ketchum Jr.)

I'm sure Paul was thinking something along those lines.

My naked eyes can see Double Hit just fine.

The contestant on the lower right. Fabio is that you?

8/10 For just being Wallace and a bunch of appeals, it sure went nice.


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i loved the voice actor they used for wallace - really suits him don't you think?


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Squirtle evolving into Wartortle's pretty cool. I liked how it did Rapid spin on the water. Like throwing rocks in the lakes. :)


Yeah, ok!
It was probably based on a belly dancer outfit from the middle east.

I am glad she didn't wear a normal dress, that would have been too plain and too similar to Dawn.


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Or a suit like our most hated lesbian coordinator. IMO, May's dress was just amazing, even better then Dawn's various dresses seen in the endings and her fantasies.


Yeah, ok!
Or a suit like our most hated lesbian coordinator. IMO, May's dress was just amazing, even better then Dawn's various dresses seen in the endings and her fantasies.

Sadly, I wish Dawn would wear some of those dresses in the real show.

Dawn's current pink dress was ok in her first few contests but now its gotten boring. Sadly since its based off the one from the games, she's probably going to continue wearing it for the rest of her contest.

I'd much rather Dawn battle in her normal clothes during contests than to see that pink dress constantly reused, but there's nothing that can be done about it I guess.


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Too bad that Jessie didn't make it past the first round this time around, but I did love her reaction to finding out she didn't advance. LOL

It's been really great seeing May again, and at least we've seen some changes in her pokemon lineup, with Wartortle and Venusaur. And I loved seeing Skitty again! :D I really wish we would have seen some Johto pokemon, though. After all the time May's been there, she should have gotten some Johto pokemon by now. Ah well, we can hope for future return appearances. At least I enjoyed seeing Max, Drew, and even Harley again. And May and Ash had great contest outfits. :)

Dawn was pretty funny in this episode. At least she made it into the second round again finally. The part where Piplup bubblebeamed in her face was hilarious.

Overall, good episode.


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Late for this, but I knew the dub episode was not going to be as great as the original. The lack of the various theme songs that was presented in the original version made the dub version look...unlively.

Still, I enjoyed the episode. Still my favorite arc.