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Stall team. Hey. This is an OU team. I'm new to the BW metagame, and it is my first team that I am actually considering making. I don’t see any big problems with it but I want a final approval of this team. So here we go!

Accelgor @ Focus Sash
Naive Sticky Hold
252 Sp. Atk/ 252 Spe/ 4 Atk
-Yawn/Focus Blast
-Bug Buzz
-U Turn

When I’m facing someone, they won’t be expecting this guy on a stall team! This guy will out speed. I chose this guy mainly to set up Spikes, and then die. Turn one: I use Spike, they use SR. Turn two: I use Spikes, they kill me but I hang on with focus sash. Turn three: I use the last layer of Spikes, they kill me. For Whimsicott, Bug Buzz right away to DESTROY ALL SHEEP! I don’t know what to do for its last move SR is handled by ….

Ferrothorn @ Rocky Helmet
Careful Steel Thorns
252 HP/ 96 Def/ 160 Sp.Def
- Stealth Rock
- Leach Seed
- Power Whip
- Toxic
Ferrothorn is here to set up rocks, mainly. He also has unique typing. Powerful STAB just in case. Leach Seed to annoy and heal. Weakness handled by Jellicent. Not sassy because if I find one of these in battle I can wall it with this and I’ll be faster. Not much to say about this one otherwise.

Mandibuzz @ Leftovers
Relaxed Overcoat
248 HP/ 56 Def / 204 Sp.Def
- Whirlwind
- Toxic
- Roost
- Payback/Dark Pulse

This thing is here to force switches. Whirlwind helps a lot by blowing the competition away (pun intended) Toxic to poison, because this is stall. Payback in case something with low HP comes blowing out, Roost is to heal. Should I use Dark Pulse insted of Payback??? My Mandibuzz has 155 total speed.

Chansey @ Evolite
Bold Natural Cure
252 HP/ 252 Def/ 4 Sp.Def
- Protect
- Softboild
- Toxic
- Seismic Toss
Chansey is the new Blissey. This is self-explanatory. Evolite multiplies both defenses by 1.5 for NFEs. This is pretty much a Blissey, walling up special hits. The beauty in this is that if I switch this in on a Special Attacker, it forces a switch to a Physical Attacker, which is shut down by Jellicent. My Thunder weakness is now only socks sticking together! I can’t get wish because it was event only.

Jellicent @ Leftovers
Bold Cursed Body
252 HP/ 156 Def/ 100 Spe

Helps deal with opposing stall and cripples most physical attackers with WoW. 100 Spe EVs lets me outrun most Skarmory, allowing me to taunt them because the rest of my team is fairly weak to it. Recover for obvious reasons and Surf for stab.

Seismitoad @ Big Root
Careful Poison Touch
252 Hp/ ? / ?
-Drain Punch
-Poison Jab

This thing compliments my team nicely. Big Root to get 70% recovery not 50%. EQ Stab to do some damage and Poison Jab to deal with Grass types. This covers my Electric weakness while Ferrothorn handles the Grass weakness. Poison Jab and Poison Touch are good together.

So ya, that’s my team. PLZZZ HELP! It’s looking good but not perfect. Thx to everyone for their help! Sry about the size of the pics. What do you think? Plz rate! :D
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*cracks knuckles*
Contrary to popular belief, I'm not dead, just inactive.
First problem I see is Mandibuzz. Mind you, she is second only to Volcarona as my favorite Pokémon, so merely putting it on the team is a +1 to me. Problem is, Payback is really inconsistent with her Speed, 80 is faster than a lot of bulky Psychics and Ghosts like Reuniclus, Musharna, Dusknoir/Clops, Cofagrigus, Jellicent, and Claydol. The spread and set itself is fine, Payback is just inconsistent. I like a Calm one with Dark Pulse myself, not like Mandibuzz does damage anyway and the flinch rate is such a troll at times. Also keeps Flame Body, Cursed Body, Effect Spore, crap like that at bay. Taunt is also nice as she outspeeds plenty of walls. I also prefer +Sp. Def to take on things like Latios, Reuniclus, and Gengar (lacking Thunderbolt), but your Mixed spread is perfectly fine because its a shuffler. You can also try U-Turn to keep matchups endlessly favorable.
Like I said though, I completely approve of the buzzard. <3

For Accelgor, I'm not sure about suiciding it. I'd slap a Life Orb and Giga Drain on it myself. But to stick with your style, Giga Drain, a few Hidden Powers, or Recover may be ok. Yawn can also force switches.

Two probs immediately screaming at me are:
1. Stall team with Jellicent and no spinner. Mandibuzz also has trouble walling with it around.
2. Terrakion will do... nasty things if Jellicent gets KO'd or too low on health.
3. Conkeldurr with Payback eats Jellicent for breakfast and runs circles around everyone else.

Seismitoad is... well, bluntly speaking, I could name a lot of Electric immunities that slap it around. A few you might like are:

-Donphan: It spins, it can set rocks if desired, walls Terrakion to Hell and back, and offers plenty of usability with Roar, decent damage output, and an Electric immunity. An offensive set is fine too, and a good Seed Bomb on the switch is hilarious with Rotom-W and Politoed everywhere. Sturdy also makes a decent lead.
-Nidoqueen: Toxic Spikes and Dragon Tail, Terrakion has this amusing look on its face, but its really not all that bulky and can't heal.
-Hippowdon: Alternate source of Stealth Rock, has Slack Off, also laughs at Terrakion. If you aren't using Donphan to spin, use Hippowdon.
-Hitmontop is a versatile thing, and has Rapid Spin as well. Technician lets it priority everything, picking off the foes that are chipped to KO range by hazards. Intimidate helps soften blows if you want a bulkier set. It also adds Terrakion insurance, but just flops infront of Conkeldurr and does not resist Electric. Unlike Donphan however, its perfectly happy to come in on other Ferrothorn and keep them from spamming Spikes.
-Forretress: Sets up Toxic Spikes, spins, mauls Terrakion, can Dual Screen, has Volt Switch, but makes sure Drought haunts you to no end. Its also rather redundant paired with Ferrothorn. Overall, not recommended but notable.
-Swampert: Seismitoad v2.
-Reuniclus: RIP Conkeldurr.
-Claydol spins, has cool typing, laughs at Terrakion that don't have X-Scissor, and can do Screens if ya want.

Hope some of it helps! :3
Mandi also gets Knock off, which you could consider to take away something like Leftovers on an opposing wall or Life Orb on a sweeper to stop them from sweeping.
You could also go with Brave Bird for just a heavier attack, though it lacks some coverage.
I am thinking of addding encore or yawn on to accelgor to possibly cause a switch if I live that long. Is one better than the other?
I agree that payback might not be th best for Mandibuzz, Faint Attack has more PP No Miss Guarentee and has more base power than Payback unles Payback gos second. Would that be a good swich?
I'm considering switching Sisemitoad for Donphant. Is that better?
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Come on, Any suggestions are appriciaited and what do you think of my new ideas?


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You should gie Accelagor Focus Blast in the last move slot so steels don't wall it.

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Seismitoad, Madibuzz, and accelgor are out of place. Try tentacruel, politoed, and something else over them. Or something else idk


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Right right right, 1st off, in stall, why would you want a pokemon to die after 3 layers of spikes when you could choose a mon that could lay 3 layers of spikes, heal up, and then wall oppositions? E.g. Skarm, Deoxys-D. Accelgor out imo.

Also, it looks like you could have terrakion problems. A dedicate pokemon I often use to stop terrakion (as much as it's possible to) is Slowbro. Also, this guy has 230s special attack, amazing coverage and one of the best abilities in the game (regenerator). Maybe switch out seismitoad for the bro that is slow.

I suppose the rest could work. The main thing with stall is to basically click the list the top 50 used pokemon in ou (can be found on the po server's banner) and create a team that can deal with all of these threats.

I also had something else to say but I forgot, if I remember I'll edit this post :d
No longer using Seismitoad, Im using Donphan.
Is Dark Pulse a better idea than Payback on Mandibuzz even with the nature?