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Stand and Fight RPG (sign-up)

Discussion in 'Sign Up' started by Anton, Jan 3, 2006.

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  1. Anton

    Anton Red Cheat Master

    In this rpg you wil take the role of a member of a group heading to a castle they were called to named Caslte remora where many noble kings and just as many evil ones have ruled.It is currently Ruled by King Kraken the 47th.the castle is situated in the far western lands. Nodody knows why the king would call a buch of men and women to journey all the way to the west. The along the way well meet chalanges, monsters and a whole bunch of NPC's. This RPG will be level up style meaning we all start off at level 1 and progress. Max level is 100. I decide when youve gained efficent amout of exp to level by ho much Exp the monsters were fought and killed and the amout of Exp you need At level 1 well all need 100 but at level 2 wil al need difrent amounts heres the order in which will have the least to greatest amout of EXp needed Human < Elf < Dwarf.

    Sign up Form
    Birth Place:
    A bit about your character:

    * You must pick from one of the following classes: Mage, Knight, Ranger, Beast Tamer or Gambler.
    **: Avaliable races: Human, Elf or Dwarf each one has effectes your stats as you level and grow.\It aso efrects youre age every human year is 4 elf years and 10 dwarf years so post in human years.
    According to yuoure race and class I want you to pick a wepon you deem apropriate. so no halbegs for a elf mage give him a dagger and some spell knoeledge
    then according to your class and discrition of your caracter i will give you points into the following areas wch will level as you level

    Health (your health)
    Speed (how fast you are)
    Strenght (how strong you are)
    Dexterity (how accurate you are)
    Intellect (how smart with spells, etc. you are)
    Endurance (your defencive power)
    Luck (how lucky you are)
    Charisma (how good at taiming you are)

    My sign up form and stats
    Name: Anton
    Age: 13
    Birth Place: Horo Town (wherethe adventure starts)
    Class*: Mage
    Race**: Elf
    Weapon: Advanced Spell knolege
    A bit about your character: No one has every really seen him because of his big black billowing clock.Some say he is blind other say his face is so scared you cant tell the mouth from the nose. One thing you can tell is hes short only about 5''6 hes the tipe who only talk when needed and is mercilous in battle.
    My stats:
    Health 15
    Speed 10
    Strenght 3
    Dexterity 5
    Intellect 20
    Endurance 5
    Luck 3
    Charisma 1
    Last edited: Jan 3, 2006
  2. Yami Ryu

    Yami Ryu Well-Known Member

    Wow you must really love to break the rules, as your character sheet and plot show you haven't read the rules, or if you did, you don't think they apply to you. Firstly; with how you described your character he might as well be a butt nekkid thirteen year old rabbit boy. How can he wear a clock too? What, is he obsessed over time?

    What is the damn point of the RP? Why would they want to go to this castle? And I suppose you mean meet challenges. Why would they want to do that too? I mean they're risking their lives, what's the payment in the end for it? Where's the reason in the plot for them to do such a thing if they're not in it for the money.

    I suggest you read the rules and then the sign up sticky Ookami made.

    Maybe you'll be lucky enough to edit in something good before a mod closes this.
  3. Guitar dude bill

    Guitar dude bill It's here, it's near

    This looks fun but what Renegade mentioned you need to change. The form is terrble, where is description and personality? If we wanted we could submit flat characters. And the plot isn't detailed enough. It sounds fun. But it ain't got a good form or a good plot really. Just improve it and I'll sign up.
  4. RaZoR LeAf

    RaZoR LeAf Night Terror

    In future wait until you actually HAVE an RPG before you post discussions and starting threads. Otherwise they are just spam.

    Now then. A member of what group, heading to what castle and why? Meat Challenges sound exciting, but what if one is vegetarian? Spelling mistakes can be dealt with, but when you misspell a word to something with a different meaning you are in difficult territory.

    A Level up style, how does that work? Do you judge when someone has done enough to warrant levelling up, or do you let people do it on their own? What if someone levels up to lv80 within 5 posts?

    What are the places of birth? Can you make them up, or have you got a list of set places that exist? What world is his taking place in? Is there a war going on, maybe this is the reason why a group is heading to a castle. No Gender, Personality or description either? What about weapons, can I have an assault rifle?

    What do those classes do? What makes an Elf different from a human or a dwarf?

    No limits? So I could put 50000 for each one?

    How does a 13 year old become a mage, allowed to go on a journey and to already have an advanced spell something which you failed to elaborate on?
  5. Anton

    Anton Red Cheat Master

    1. the whole point of the story is to find out why were heading to the castle. Ok so I mispelled that word its saposed to be meet chalanges.

    2. Its just like pokemon style but i decide when youve got a suficent amount of exp to level up and no you cant become level 80 in 5 posts.

    3.you are sapposed to make up the place of birth. I really disint think about the world part. and about the persinality thingy thats why it says a bit about your character.

    4.the classes dicide what weapons are availabe to you how your stats are affected when you start and how they grow like a human is more durable then an elf but not a dwarf. An elf is faster then both a human and a dwarf. and yes their will be a war. many wars.No tou can not have an assult rifle this takes place when metal was still only used for swords and shilds.

    5. No you dont get to decide youre stats I do.

    6. Well this brings us to our races ill do a demonstation. Elf:Human 4:1 (so every four elf years id one human year) Dwarf:Human 10:1 (every 10 dwarf years is one human year. using this my character is 52 not so young now is he.
    Last edited: Jan 3, 2006
  6. Guitar dude bill

    Guitar dude bill It's here, it's near

    You can't deny ANYTHING razor leaf said was incorrect. So don't whine about it, fix it. He wouldn't have asked if it was more detailed!
  7. Anton

    Anton Red Cheat Master

    II changed it and added stuff check it out.
    Last edited: Jan 3, 2006
  8. RaZoR LeAf

    RaZoR LeAf Night Terror

    Is it set in a medieval time period? Is there an evil king? Is there a war going on? What's the weather like? Is there a shortage of food? Is everyone an adventurer? Do people get on well? Does this world have any history or was it created on the same day a group of people journeyed to the castle?

    Pokemon Style is in a programmed game. How do you decide if people have levelled up? Quality of posts? use of grammmar and language? Originality or interest?

    In YOUR 'A bit about your character' you said he carries a clock. You didn't say how he's react if a dwarf broke his nose, or what he thinks of cheese pies.

    Then why didn't you say any of that?

    You didn't tell me that

    Age: 13 (52 in Elf Years)

    Is that SO hard?

    Who were they called by? What's the name of the country the castle is in? Who rules the country? What's the name of the castle? What's the history of the castle? Just because they don't know why they are called there doesn't mean they must be ignorant of any detail surrounding the castle. Would you walk into a castle you've never heard of? Challenges, Monsters and NPC's like what? Bush Tucker Trails?

    Why can't an Elf have a 'halbeg' (I assume you mean either Halberd or Handbag)? Also do you have any word processing programs with a spell checker in it? Running it once would make things SO much easier on everyone who reads it.
  9. Anton

    Anton Red Cheat Master

    I only have one thing to answer in youre last post:
    An elf cant have a halberg because they are not strong enough of upper body to wield one. A human would have a bit of trouble but a dwarf would have none, just like a human would be fine with a sword an elf would have a bit of trouble and a dwarf would ahve problems. For magic Elf ids the best then human and finally dwarf. Im basing this off of what i find fair to each one and my (quite basic) knowledge of Races.
  10. Yami Ryu

    Yami Ryu Well-Known Member

    What the **** is a Halberg? I mean really, if it's a handbag like Dan said/suggested, that's one ****ing weak Elf. And how is an Elf weaker than a human? I thought Elves were superior to human beings.

    Maybe you should save this RP untill you can spell correctly and have more than a sparse knowledge about the three races you have in the RP.

    And you still really didn't expand in all the things Dan pointed out, such as the sign up you did, your character is coming off as a bad Gary Stu. How could a CLOAK keep people from seeing his features, and why would there be rumors that he's blind? I mean how could he become a mage if there's, I'm betting, no such thing as brail right now.

    There's still errors and seriously messed up typos in your sign up and the plot, and the sparse information you gave.
  11. Anton

    Anton Red Cheat Master

    A halberg is a very big and heavy Axe. and im preatty sure i can make the classes anyway i deem alright.
  12. Yami Ryu

    Yami Ryu Well-Known Member

    No, that's not a Halberg. A Halberg is apparently, the name of several yachts, pictures and people.

    WHAT Dan said; HALBERD is correct. And you missread what I said about your sign up. You barely have the basic knowledge about anything, and you're typoing one of the weapons so badly, people are going to be thinking there's a human walking around bashing the **** out of stuff with a yacht. AKA a type of boat.

    Then there's the fact that you seem to typo every other sentence or so, so yeah o_O you really just improved on the bare minimum for the plot, and I use bare minimum sparingly, while leaving everything else in a pit of dispare and un editedness. I mean you didn't even give your character a personality, a description, anything to make him seem like a worthwhile interaction in an RP.

    Edit: And about the Elves being unable to wield a Halberd: There is a thing called training you know, an Elf somewhere could have spent the time and effort to build his stamina and muscles up to wield an Axe, like a Human or Drawf would most likely have to do to wield an Axe, and given the fact an Elf lives longer than a human; saying that all elfs are too weak to wield a weapon like that is stupid, when you say humans and dwarfs can use the weapon, when Humans would have to train to wield an axe supposedly that large/heavy.
    Last edited: Jan 3, 2006
  13. Uchiha Obito

    Uchiha Obito Guest

    halberd is a kind of spear with a rectangular metal piece at the edge of the wooden stick, unlike a spear wich has a triangular edge.
  14. RaZoR LeAf

    RaZoR LeAf Night Terror

    Well that's not good enough I'm afraid. When a mod questions your RPG, you have to realise that everyting nees to be answered. It's not for my benefit, it's for yours and the people who might join. Use the cafe to get help, it's what it's there for.

    But now, this is getting closed.
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