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Standard Default Team

Discussion in 'Older Gen RMT' started by Kujoshan, Jul 7, 2009.

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  1. Kujoshan

    Kujoshan We've arrived...

    This is my standard OU Team for Wi-Fi battles:


    Hoshi@Wise Glasses
    Ability: Natural Cure
    Nature: Modest
    HP: 44/Def: 44/SpAttk: 252/SpDef: 44/Spd: 124
    Ice Beam

    I shouldnt have to explain this one....


    Doku@Toxic Orb
    Ability: Poison Heal
    Nature: Jolly
    HP: 12/Attk: 60/Def: 36/SpDef: 196/ Spd: 204
    Focus Punch
    Seed Bomb​

    You should already know....


    Beast@Choice Scarf
    Ability: Rivalry
    Nature: Naive
    Attk: 40/Def: 100/SpAttk: 252/ Spd: 116
    Earth Power
    Ice Punch​

    This is the first nidoking i have ever made. And it PWND. Choice scarf allows it to outrun max speed luke, yanmega, electrode, even jolt. Earth Power covers ALL rock and steel types (Excluding Aerodactyl and skarm of course). Megahorn kills any alakazam or espion before they kno it. Surf obliterates ground types before they have a chance. and for the gliscor iv got ice punch which also covers sala and nite. Well against garchomp and the three birds as well...


    Ability: Technician
    Nature: Impish
    HP: 80/Attk: 24/Def: 208/SpDef: 196
    Triple Kick
    Rapid Spin
    Bullet Punch
    Sucker Punch​

    Mainly in there to absorb a hit wen none of my other pkmn can. it can withstand a draco meteor from a max spattk sala (as long as they dont get the lucky 100 or crit). Sucker punch provides a wealthy match against psychic types like gardevoir, hypno, espion (2HKO), and jynx. Bullet punch allows for a last stand against rock and ice types. Triple kick provides a worthy challenge against bliss and clefable, and 3HKO's slaking (Without slack off).


    Ikazuchi@Wide Lens
    Ability: Motor Drive
    Nature: Adamant
    Attk: 252/Def: 144/Spd: 112
    Ice Punch
    Cross Chop​

    Wide Lens allows for me to hit w/ cross chop more often. everything else you should already know...


    Hitokage@Choice Specs
    Ability: Intimidate
    Nature: Modest
    Def: 16/SpAttk: 252/SpDef: 16/Spd: 224
    Draco Meteor
    Heat Wave
    Hydro Pump
    Ominous Wind​

    Draco meteor as another last resort if all else fails type move. Heat wave takes care a scizors and skarms. Hydro Pump settles down ground types even hippowdon. Ominous wind provides coverage for gengar, drifblim, gardevoir, banette, etc.

    All images I found on Yahoo! Image Search

    This team will not be changed at all. It is already in use and pleases me very much. I will accept any ideas and ratings. Speak your mind but dont insult, diss, or p me off.

    Kujoshan :) ;) :p
  2. ExplodingMuk

    ExplodingMuk Cheese and Crackers

    If you want someone to RMT, then they are going to suggest changes. All the rates that might have been are not going to happen. BTW, what the hell is with the Evs / Movesets. they all suck. This is not an insult. It is the truth. And, well, you can't apparently handle the truth. Go to Smogon. They will kick the Bull **** out of you. Stop posting until you understand competitive play. OK?
    Last edited: Jul 7, 2009
  3. calum

    calum Banned

    10 / 10 awesome team
  4. Witch of 'Cos

    Witch of 'Cos i love the pee pees

    *agrees with above poster, as if I don't be will beat me. please, HELP*

    And I would like to know exactly WHAT these EVs accomplish.

    What does this allow you to outrun? What do the defensive EVs do?

    Does this allow for maximum HP recovery? And I'm guessing that the Def EVs allow you to survive the fearsome CB Magikarp's Bounce technique.

    So, in conclusion. These sets DO need explaining.
  5. Steelhavoc3

    Steelhavoc3 Member

    You don't just pull out EV Spreads from thin air you know. If you have no idea what EV Spread to give your pokemon check Smogon....
  6. AirHorton

    AirHorton Shall we battle?

    Starmie is meant to outspeed threats such as Infernape, Gyarados, and Salamence. With those EVs, it won't be able to.

    I don't like that Salamence (EVs and moves)

    Try this:
    Salamence@Choice Specs
    EVs: 4 Hp/ 252 SpA/ 252 Spe
    ~Draco Meteor
    ~Hydro Pump
    ~Dragon Pulse

    Electrode can take out 13 out of the 17 pokemon types with supereffective damage. Give it an Expert Belt.

    You really need help with EV spreads, because those EV spreads ae not cutting it (this is not an insult).
    Last edited: Jul 7, 2009
  7. BlackHeart

    BlackHeart Gnarf Gnarf Gnarf

    AirHorton, SteelHavoc, gingbino , exploding muk! Stop pissing him off! Only Calum did a real rate. >.>

    "Sucker Punch provides a wealthy match against psychic types" xD. You must seriously be trollin'. Here, I'll try a proper rate, but it'll be pointless because you already made your team. What's the point in making an RMT when you already made the pokes? Sigh.....and you should have to explain Breloom and Starmie. I understand how commonplace Breloom is, but you really should explain it anyway. Your Starmie set is just stupid, all it does is act as a worse version of Latias, and if any Latias had a set like that it would be a disgrace. Your only real defense is a hitmontop who can somewhat special hits. You don't have any Stealth Rock, you don't have any synergy whatsoever, and you have some terrible EV spreads that accomplish nothing.

    Everyone who wants to play compiteive must go there.
  8. AirHorton

    AirHorton Shall we battle?

    I'm not trying to piss him off. I'm cooled off already. I was being sincere with my rate. I'm being honest here. So you don't think he should change those EVs? It would really help his team if he did. I suggested changing the EVs and moves on Salamence and the item on Electivire and you say this was't a real rate.
    Last edited: Jul 7, 2009
  9. Lucazard

    Lucazard Spoof Man™

    This is alright of a team for a newbie to competitive play but in competitive play, you must take risks, giving Def and Sp Def to every Pokemon isn't going to help. If you take the risks and put all the EV's into Atk or Sp Atk it could potentially OHKO them without you taking damage.
    Nuff Said.
  10. Kujoshan

    Kujoshan We've arrived...

    yal say my EVs suck ok?
    quick overview:

    This pokemon has swept 5 pkmn in a team. 3 in another. 4 in most. 2 in some. and ALWAYS sweeps at least 1. The EV spread give it enough speed to out run luke, scizor, hreacross, you know, the pkmn that matter....The defensive EVs allow to have a standing chance to last a BP from a scizor or earthquake from gliscor.

    THIS IS A REAL *** SAVER!!! honestly. one time this was my last pkmn and my opp. had three left at full health. I used spore and he used something idr, but it left my at 1 HP, i swept that pkmn with focus punch, restored health from being poisond. the next pkmn he sent out i spored first and then 2HKOd him with FP. restored health with poison again, now had enough for sub the next i was also faster than and i spored it and subd and 1HKO with focus punch. Three pokemon swept easily starting at 1HP. So dont diss my breloom. It has swept whole teams. Usually 3 pkmn but sometimes more. The HP,Def,SpDef EVs allow it to last through several decent hits. Though it cant survive a ice beam from practically anything i dnt plan on sacrificing him like that. He surprisingly enough can survive a few flying type moves like aerial ace from a sceptile or pikachu. His attk EV gives him enough to pwn but stil gives me enough leftover EVs to spread out. His Spd gives him 227 speed, which outruns quite a bit like, corsola, rhyperior, clefable, and some electivires and machamps.

    One time this baby was going against a gardevoir. 2HKO with sucker punch. so YEEESSSS it does provide a worthy match against psychics. 1HKO to espion.

    This pkmn has killed 4 pkmn in a single team. usually kills at least 2 before dying. The EV spread allows it to pwn while still being able to take hits, basic tank, if theres ever a chance it gets hit by an electric attack its speed is high enough to outrun luke, dugtrio, hopefully garchomp (Not sure). the def EVs allow to survive most earthquakes along with outrage. Max attk lets it sweep pretty cleanly and with ease.

    I chose this moveset for more coverage against the pkmn that i dnt already have covered. Like for instance, Ominous wind takes out gengars, gardevoirs, gallades, alakazams, dusknoirs, and others. Hydro pump is a strong move that also takes out pkmn like hippowdon, aerodactyl, golem, and rampardos. Heat wave is stronger than flamethrower and has better accuracy than fire blast. Takes care of pesky scizor walls and skarms. The EV setup provides it with enough speed to outrun any wall or tank. Not faster than most other salas but faster than ttars. Though it cant really go head-to-head with other dragon types it can go against any others (Except weavile, mamo, or other sturdy or fast ice types). Its defensive EVs provide it with enough durability to withstand most attacks that arent x4 super effective. Its a pretty solid sala that has killed the last 5 pkmn of a team before. usually kills at least 1. sometimes 2.

    and btw. this is a RMT forum as in: RATE my team. it doesnt matter if uv already made i posted it so i could hear what ppl thought about it. Don't try to change anything just tell me what u think...
  11. Kujoshan

    Kujoshan We've arrived...

    yea about that I ALREADY HAVE!

    kick their ***es.
  12. Witch of 'Cos

    Witch of 'Cos i love the pee pees

    Ahh. Now this is the problem. People post teams here to get rates, and tips on how to IMPROVE and CHANGE their team.

    If you want a /10 mark, go back to GameFAQs.
  13. lkelder0511

    lkelder0511 To smogon (Y)

    Great ev arguement really convincing I mean all those pokemon are just so good and have great evs this is the best team I have ever seen in the world and you make the best ev spreads in the world who needs smogon right ya I give it a 20/10..ya its that good
  14. shiny bagon

    shiny bagon <- OH **** YEA!!!!!

    To the rules....

    Arrogance is punishable and will not be tolerated.
    Understand the basic competitive rules / terms before posting

    Two rules you dont follow you think your team is PERFECT cause you probally beat some noobs over Wi-Fi so you dont take any advice even thou it will help, you obviously have no idea about Ev's or competitive battling so I think you should check out smogon or if you dont want to for some reason listen to the advice you are given. Also did you say you outrun dugtrio with electivire cause you are wrong.
  15. ExplodingMuk

    ExplodingMuk Cheese and Crackers

    Wow, you play noobs who don't use OU and don't EV. Try this team on Shoddy, you will lose. Go to Smogon.
  16. BlackHeart

    BlackHeart Gnarf Gnarf Gnarf

    Let me guess. You are playing against 8 years old who haven't even gotten past the 7th gym yet, if you can pull a five man sweep with that Starmie. That's impossible. And I think you know what we think of your team IT SUCKS. There is no way you can pull sweeps with such a crappy set. And if you are playing people who uses Pikachu with Aerial Ace (I think that's hacked, but idk) then they have no idea about EV"s/IV's. And none of those defense/special defense EV"s help. You are OHKO/2HKO/3HKO by the same things that would OHKO/2HKO/3HKO if you ran no defensive ev's. Heat Wave does less than Flamethrower and has lower accuracy, btw. Your team is awful. Whoever you play is awful. And even you said this is a RMT, not Compliment My Team and If You Don't I Will Not Listen to You and Tell you About my Victories Over My 5 Year Old Baby Cousin. If you every have a shoddy account, please tell me your account name. I can get any random 10 people (including me) and destroy your team. Go to Smogon, please, it's for your good.
  17. Kujoshan

    Kujoshan We've arrived...

    I have been there thats where half of those stories came from you jack***
  18. shiny bagon

    shiny bagon <- OH **** YEA!!!!!

    i HIGHLY doubt that you beat anyone with that team that knows any knowledge on competitive battling
    Last edited: Jul 7, 2009
  19. ExplodingMuk

    ExplodingMuk Cheese and Crackers

    I want to, too! Seriously Kujoshan, stop flooding the forums with worthless crap.
  20. MajorGambit

    MajorGambit Well-Known Member

    This team does not deserve a rate. Period.
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