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Standard sets and creative ones

Metal Force

In the competive community, the most common sets, are the ones that are standard, for example there's SpecsMence, ScarfCross...etc, those are all great and work fine in teams, but it's not wrong adding a twist, making a set that's only good for your team, and not others, making a set that is unpredictable, to be creative isn't bad, if you think well, and if it works well with your team, why not?

In Smogon, I've seen alot of creative sets, I'm not talking about random "trying" to be good sets, but really creative ones, that works well with their team.

What I'm saying, is that there are some people who are overshadowded by standard sets, and doens't think outside the box, but actually there's no harm from a change, if it's good.

The point of this thread is to discuss creative sets, and how some people just prefer to go with standard.