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Stantler's Little Helpers (004)


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Stantler's Little Helpers!

Late at night, Pikachu and friends hear something awry. They find out that Santa Claus' steed Stantler is ill. Santa asks them a favour, to goaround and search for a certain berry which would heal Stantler. Can the gang find them, or will Christmas be ruined

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I saw those pics of that short and let me tell you something: THEY ARE SOOOOO ADORABLE!!!!! Hey, it would be fun to celebrate Christmas with Ash and co. :D


This short is my favorite one out of all of them. It got me into the Christmas mood and I also liked the fact that they used Stantler as a Reindeer [Rudolph]. My fav.Part was when they went in search of the berry and Psyduck rolled down the hill in a gigantic snowball and hit the gang!XD

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Pfft pikachu lazy sod.Can't feel bothered looking for berries, so it takes the lazy way out, putting a star on his head.It didn't help at all.Either way it was an okay short


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how DARE you dis pikachu. he's one of the most favourite pokemon(and most famous). Either way i like this short.


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I saw this earlier today cos it's Christmas eve, must've been the 10000000000000th time I seen it this december!!!! 10/10 It seems to be set in Goldenrod city!!!!


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this my favourite i got into the christmas mood and i suddenly wanted to smell a christmas tree
i love that smell

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I always like the xmas episodes, even though when they introduced Stantler they had to change it a little, because Santa never had a Stantler before Johto.


I loved how the pokemon had to cooperate to collect the berries on that cliff. Episodes in snow are always amazing.


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aw poor little stantler it got sick
but pikachu and all the others helped
my fave is when pikachu uses its electric powers to find the berrys


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It was cute when Chicorita and Pikachu worked together because, as far as I know, Chicorita was jealous of Pikachu.


Great episode.

Stantler was poor, i loved to see how Pikachu and the other pokemon helped it to be healthy.


It was cute when Chicorita and Pikachu worked together because, as far as I know, Chicorita was jealous of Pikachu.

I know right? But I have a theory. Since this wasn't really part of the main anime, the writers didn't give Chikorita a big rivalry with Pikachu. Although you could say it's one-sided anyway :p

The special itself was too dull for my tastes though. Stantler made a great addition to Santa's team however. It was much better than seeing Ponyta or Rapidash being the Pokemon that pulled Santa's sled.
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this episode was cool. It was cool that Stantler was being used as part of Santa's sled pulling team, made a lot of sense. It was funny to see Psyduck roll down the hill as a snowball and run right into the other Pokemon. It was sad to see the Stantler very sick. Pikachu looked cute with that lit star on his head.

I remember having this on VHS along with 'The Cabin', 'Kanga Games' & 'Winter Games'.

I liked this story, and it was nice to actually see a Reindeer Pokemon pulling Santas Sleigh, as opposed to just Ponyta.

Though, I don't get why they don't show the human faces. It kind of reminded me of the old 'Tom & Jerry' cartoons when they did that.

One Pokemon I wish they had included here was Delibird. I know that they included him later in 'The Pokemon Chronicles' episode: 'Delibirds Present'. But it'd would've been nice to see him here, too.


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This episode does pretty well as a Christmas short. It was funny how Psyduck got stuck in that huge ball of snow! It was also nice to see the Pokémon save Christmas and get presents at the end. 8/10