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Star Fighters! [Mono #13]

Discussion in '5th Gen In-Game RMT' started by Sceptilo, Dec 5, 2012.

  1. Sceptilo

    Sceptilo Hakuna Matata!

    Yep, time for the Fighting Mono!

    I won't change the pokemon anymore, but the movesets and EVs etc. are still up to question.
    Changes in bold

    Only rule left:
    No HiddenP. And only stat boosting moves that raise 3 at least three stages(like shell smash, quiver dance, coil, cotton guard), please.

    So, enjoy:

    Breloom @ King's Rock
    Go go Technician!
    • 252atk, 252 spe
    - Mach Punch, lol
    - Spore
    - Focus Punch
    - Bullet seeed

    as sleep kinda guarantees one turm of sleeping, I guess I can safely run focus punch.
    (which will probably oneshot everything.)

    Mienshao @Life Orb
    Regenerator kills LO recoil.
    • adamant
    • 252atk, 252 spe
    - HJK
    - U-Turn
    - Rock Slide
    - Me First!

    Quite standard strategy....
    yes, I used this move for the first time in my long pokemon history in my B2Ingame team, on lucario.
    and fell in love with it.
    really, this is such a funny move, and you'll laugh when you OHKO half of Iris' team with a pseudo-STAB'd Outrage.
    And if you me-first a fighting move, things get brutal. A me-first'ed hammer arm has 225 base power, a focus blast insane 270. YAY!
    oh, and mienshao also has acceptable-to-quite-good satk, so it's no big deal if you copy a special move.

    Keldeo @ Choice Specs
    • modest
    • 252satk, 252 spe
    - Secret Sword
    - Surf
    - Hydro Pump
    - Icy Wind

    Yeah, maybe the only set it can run without CM.
    and this poké is also the reason I'll play this team in W1, cause his resolute form just looks so silly xD

    Conkeldeurp @ Leftovers
    Iron Fist
    • Brave
    • 252atk, 252HP
    - Drain Punch
    - Mach Punch
    - Payback
    - hammer Arm/ Ice punch

    Yeah, I know I'm probably crazy, but it seems kinda fitting to me to have those three moves, cause every move has a different purpose.
    DP is obviously for good damage and nice healing. But I think it's maybe too 'weak'... compared to hammer arm's huge base 120 power and no notable drawback...
    concluded: bla.
    Mach punch is even more obviously for priority and 72 base power after STAB and Iron Fist.
    not to forget that it already has perfect coverage in dark/fighting.
    Ice punch is the other option, for nice SE coverage and 90 base power.

    Lucario @ wiseglasses...?
    Inner Focus caus eit's fun to mash those Fake out liepards :D
    • <nothing -atk, -spe or -satk>
    • 252satk, 252 spe
    - Aura sphere
    - Flash cannonDragon pulse
    - Dark pulse
    - ESpeed Vacuum wave

    yeehh... not much to say?
    vacuum wave is another option for the priority, but.. espeed is a tad stronger... and priority-er...
    Dragon pulse for mashing dragons and vacuum wave now cause it has SE coverage.

    Scrafty @ expert belt
    Moxie is imo its best ability for a 'sweeping' set
    • adamant
    • 252atk, 252 HP
    - HJK
    - Drain Punch
    - Crunch
    - Ice Punch

    perfect STAB coverage, cool design, good STABs, what do you want more?

    Suggestions? Hints? Critique? Other things? 'This team is so cool!'s?

    Last edited: Dec 9, 2012
  2. Tsumiki

    Tsumiki Tsun Tsun~

    Having both Seed Bomb and Bullet Seed is redundant, replace Seed Bomb for Rock Slide / Stone Edge

    Me First ks gimmicky at best. Keep it if you must, otherwise Fake Out is the way to go

    Keldo has some pretty terrible coverage so really CM is the way to go. Otherwise, your set is the only real option. I'd run CM > Hydro Pump in all honesty, but suit yourself

    Drain Punch is plenty as it also gets Iron Fist boosted iirc and that ridiculous base 140 atk makes it a wrecking ball regardless. Honestly, Bulk Up is amazing on this thing. Use it if you feel like it, otherwise stick to Ice / Thunderpunch

    Shadow Ball > Dark Pulse for complete neutral coverage and Dragon Pulse > Flash Cannon because it lets it hit something else for SE damage. Vacuum Wave is better on a fully Special Lucario. It has the chance to actually hit something for SE damage and I'd imagine your marginally superior SpA due to full EV investment (and possibly a +SpA nature) will balance Vacuum Wave's low Power. Besides, you're only really going to be using Vacuum Wave to pick off weakened foes, so you may as well go for the one with more PP/Usability. Nothing notable ingame runs Extremespeed, so you don't need to worry about being out-prioritized

    You may want to consider Rock Slide > Ice Punch on Scrafty. Either works fine, tho. You could alternatively remove one of it's STAB Fighting moves and run both.*
  3. azeem40

    azeem40 Pokemon is fun!

    Sugestions in bold.
    Last edited: Dec 5, 2012
  4. edonub

    edonub Well-Known Member

    Extremespeed is weaker than Vacuum Wave with your EV spread. You don't need it anyway, Lucario is fast enough to outspeed almost everything ingame, especially if you EV train. I'm assuming you do, since you've posted spreads for each poke.
    Remove Seed Bomb, with Technician even a 2-hit Bullet Seed will have similar power (75 vs 80 of Seed Bomb) and from 3 hits onwards it just gets better.
    Your main options are a Rock type move and Substitute. Anyway, I'd rather go with Low Sweep over Focus Punch for a more consistent move. To be quite honest, Focus Punch Breloom wants Substitute and Poison Heal plus Toxic Orb to really shine. Mach Punch is also a very solid option because it gets boosted by Technician.
    Mienshao wants Wide Lens or something similar. Ingame, I'd rather have a 99% accurate HJK than a 90% accurate one hitting harder. Rock Slide benefits from it as well. As for Me First, that's your choice. It's a pretty fun move if you know the AI and your opponent's moveset. You mentioned Lucario, Copycat is gimmicky but it CAN work very well. Fake Out to be honest is preferrable though, it helps KOing your opponent if it's neutral to HJK or your coverage, plus Fake Out + U-Turn is basically two free turns if you choose an appropriate counter.

    Keldeo is fine, it hits like a truck especially with specs. You can probably run only Hydro Pump and Secret Sword, cause that's everything you'll ever use lol. Unless Hydro Pump is 4x resisted or absorbed, expect to OHKO anything that's not a dedicated wall

    for Scrafty, go with Dragon Dance. It's easily the best set ingame (you can breed in BW1 before the elite 4, thank god), as one DD is usually enough to outspeed everything, and Moxie keeps increasing your attack as you KO stuff. Basically send it in against something weak to fight/dark or that can't touch you, DD once, KO, win.
  5. Sceptilo

    Sceptilo Hakuna Matata!

    trololol, don't even know why I wrote seed bpmb there xD I never thought of going with seed bomb on breloom, I originally wanted mach punch in there :D

    I guess I must.

    I dislike using boosters in this already-easy game, to make it even easier. but thanks for the input.

    'kay, then Ice Punch for UglyFaceMon

    Shadow ball: The difference is really small imo, and as lucario is fast, I prefer the flinch rate over a possible sdef drop.
    Dragon Pulse: heh, kinda forgot that steel's (poor) SE coverage is completely included in fighting's. so Dragon pulse>Flash cannon (tho it's one of my favourite moves o_O)
    vacuum wave: 'kay, just ran some calcs and the outcomes are nearly the same. then vacuum wave for better SE coverage

    as they both have good coverage along fighting, I kept Ice punch.

    everything included in the above, except for work up lucario, which I don't like that much.

    Espeed and seed bomb are changed now;
    and I'm not that sure about focus punch. it has insane power (and quite reliable with spore), while bullet seed always has the chance of 'only' 75 base power... and if I'm not gonna use focusP,
    then low sweep or force palm?

    haha, maybe I'll do that x)

    nah, not gonna use DD now (but I also used one in the battle sub which was funny)

    Thanks for the suggestions everyone.
  6. Aura Sensei™

    Aura Sensei™ User Title

    Brellom could due with a Poison Heal set , since it still functions well.

    Breloom @ Toxic Orb
    • Poison Heal
    • Adamant
    • 252 Atk / 252 Spe / 4 Hp
    - Spore
    - Focus Punch
    - Swords Dance
    - Seed Bomb

    Might be outclassed by Techinician , but it hits harder. Basically , you should catch the drift. Spore + Swords Dance = reliable setup followed by Dual STABs.

    Dark + Fight is resisted by Toxicroak.

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