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Star Guardians - A Magical Girl RP Sign-ups


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"Once upon a time, there was a lonely light that stood against darkness."
- Janna, Star Guardian veteran
✩ ✧ Star Guardians ✧ ✩

The universe has existed for ages. Trillions upon trillions of years have passed with all manner of life passing with it. Matter changes form over millennia and stars are born and die every day. While most of the universe passes time without much importance, there are things going on behind the dark curtain of destiny.

The First Light was there in the beginning, alone in the darkness. Tired of being alone, it spread it's starlight through the universe. Everything in existence has starlight in it, everything has a bit of the First Light within it. It knew it's creation would not stay safe though. The darkness is relentless and filled with terror. It knew it needed to be protected. Thus the first Star Guardians were born.

The Guardians were imbued with great power. The First Star filled them with light and called them to protect the universe against darkness. The first Star Guardians burned brightly. They also burned quickly. They fulfilled their duty and protected all that belonged to the light, but all things come to an end. A Star Guardian will burn up their starlight over time, and it will eventually fade. Still, the First Light continued to call new Guardians to the cause, spread across all edges of the universe. Unfortunately, not all those who were called believed in their given purpose.

One Star Guardian decided she was tired of the cycle and splintered from the other Guardians. She kept the powers of starlight, but retreated to the darkness. There she found siblings of her own and treasured them. They were all they had, together alone in the dark. But they would be attacked by a great evil there. The battle was ravenous and the Star Guardian lost all her friends in the fight. She mourned and despaired, but her sorrow quickly turned to anger. It is said that she went to hunt down the evil and confront it to change her destiny, but no one knows for sure what became of her.

In the present day, Star Guardians exist across the universe, living within alien societies and blending in with their regular brothers and sisters. They burn bright with starlight, as numerous and unique as the stars themselves. Most gather together. Groups of stars shine brighter when they work together, as the First Light intended. Very few can remember how they were called by the light and simply know they were chosen to fight against darkness and protect the light. Guardians are chosen for their good virtues such as kindness, resolve, and cleverness, but above all they are chosen for their courage. A light must continue to burn bright even in the most powerful of darkness.


Here you can find a few brief details about what it means to be a Star Guardian. Your character may be a newly minted magical hero or they may be a veteran on the field. Either way, you can find all the info you’ll need here, don't be afraid to ask any questions!​

When a person is called to become a Star Guardian, they receive a small, star shaped trinket that embodies their power. Small enough to fit more than one in your palm, they sparkle and shine the healthier a Guardian is. They become dull and begin to show cracks the more darkness a Guardian embraces, and when a Corrupted Guardian defeats someone, they destroy their emblem to gain more power. A Guardian who loses their emblem is in danger

Half of becoming a Star Guardian is having magical abilities, but the other half is your spirit. Your spirit is a small, animalistic creature that is able to transform itself into your magical weapon. Some prefer to stay in animal form and assist your regular, magical abilities, while others will never come out from their weapon form. Each has their own personality, but cannot communicate verbally, only use gestures or actions. When corrupted, their colors may darken and their personality may become more bitter and filled with hate, but otherwise they don’t change.

The First Light:
The source of any and all Star Guardians powers. Not much else is known about it, except there are some Guardians that have special relationships with it. Some see visions, others can hear it speak, but most Guardians are only aware of its general presence and its task to protect the universe.

Corrupted Guardians:
When a Star Guardian is filled with darkness and despair, they may become a Corrupted Guardian. Zoe is the only person capable of turning a Guardian, but she is always looking out for new members to recruit. She kills the Guardian, then resurrects them with a heart filled with darkness instead of the light. Corrupted Guardians can be cured with enough time; if they feel remorse for their actions and have a willing Star Guardian, the Guardian can purify them, repairing their connection to the First Light. This isn’t a common occurrence so the exact process isn’t known in great detail, but experienced Guardians usually have the power to purify.

These are the mysterious creatures Star Guardians fight against to keep the universe safe. They come in many varieties, always appearing from strange, one-way portals to cause destruction and consume anything and everything in their path. They have their own power that can rival that of the First Light, which is why Guardians frequently work in teams to take them on. Most voids are weak, but large in number they can be a great challenge. Stranger, larger enemies have been known to appear


Star Guardians
Meet your Leader: Leona
(see GM sign-up)

Leona has been a Star Guardian for 8 years, so she has a lot of experience. She’s a warrior on the field, but she’s known for not being able to keep the same team for too long. Part of her worries she is too strict or cold towards her teammates, but another part of her is afraid she’s cursed and putting her teammates in danger everyday. Though she is incredibly courageous and self-sacrificing, she has her own doubts about her ability to lead and she’s concerned about the rising number of Voids attacking the city. As one of her teammates, you’ll be following her lead and helping her fight the darkness. You’ll have your everyday life to worry about as well, but do your best to answer her call when she needs your help to fight the darkness.

Corrupted Guardians
Meet your Master: Zoe

Zoe was the original Corrupted Guardian from the old stories. She still lives and spends her time hunting down not just the greater evil that destroyed her friends, but she also hunts down Star Guardians. To make a Corrupted Guardian, she kills them, then resurrects them and replaces the light in their hearts with darkness. While she prefers to find stragglers, the abandoned, or ostracized Star Guardians that are easy targets, Zoe can be bold and will use her Corrupted minions to attack full teams of Guardians from time to time. If you have been corrupted, you will receive instructions from Zoe, but are otherwise free to hunt Star Guardians on your own. Until your master calls, you’re left to your own devices, but when she calls, you will have to answer.

Your Role

Lately, the cities of Athembury and Demacia have seen an increase in odd occurrences. Earthquakes mostly, but some citizens have spotted strange bugs on nightly walks and sometimes see streaks of light across the sky. Creatures of the darkness, also called creatures of the void, have been appearing through portals around both towns. Star Guardians like you have been fighting off the attacks to protect the citizens within. Unfortunately, they are surfacing more often making it difficult to handle every situation smoothly. You either need to find new members, train more, or see what might be causing more frequent attacks.

On the other hand, you might be someone watching from the outside. You were once a Star Guardian, but something changed. Something in your past caused you to become a Corrupted Guardian. Now you stalk the planet in search of Star Guardians to defeat, destroying them and stealing their emblems. The void monsters see you as no different from a pure Guardian though so you also must deal with the dark fiends. Perhaps you will bring down some heroes or maybe they will find a way to cleanse your spirit and return you to the starlight.

Sign-up Form
Name: As exotic or plain as you'd like, last name not necessary

Age: 13-28

Gender: Male, female, or anything in between

Species: You are allowed to be a non-human species, but it will only be for aesthetics. Your species will have no additional abilities, but may have cultural and societal differences that affect their history, personality, and appearance.

Appearance: Include a few paragraphs of how your character looks on a regular basis.

Personality: Include a few paragraphs that describe how your character regularly behaves

History: You will have a life before and after being called by the First Light, but the day you were chosen is murky at best. Most Guardians don't remember details about the encounter, only that one day they were called and joined the fight against the darkness. They may have been on a Guardian team with Leona for a while, they may be completely new and unaffiliated, or they may have had an experience that led to them becoming corrupted. Include a few paragraphs on what your character has experienced in their past up to the present day.

Star Guardian Section
Codename: (optional)

Years as a Guardian: How many years has your character been a Guardian?

Specialty: This is where you can describe your powers. As a Guardian, you get one main theme to your abilities which includes 3 simple powers and 1 super one. See the GM character for an example.
- All Star Guardians also get one universal ability; starlight. This gives them the capability of flight, transformation from their normal appearance into a Star guardian, and general physical enhancement/increased healing from injuries.

Weapon: (Optional) Can be virtually anything. You spirit will transform into the weapon, but the two do not need to be directly related. Please include a short description of your weapon.

Spirit: A companion of sorts, a familiar. They augment your powers as a Star Guardian and transform into your weapon. Small in size, they usually have animal traits to their appearance. Include a short paragraph or two including a description of appearance and personality.

Appearance: How does your appearance change when transformed? Most Star Guardians are clothed in white and gold, the bright and shining colors that resemble starlight, with one or two bright, primary colors. Physical appearance remains the same.

Corrupted Guardian Section
Codename: (optional)

Years as a Guardian: How many years has your character been a Guardian?

Years of Corruption: How long has you character been corrupted?

Specialty: This is where you can describe your powers. As a Guardian, you get one main theme to your abilities which includes 3 simple powers and 1 super one. See the GM character for an example.
- All Star Guardians also get one universal ability; starlight. This gives them the capability of flight, transformation from their normal appearance into a Star guardian, and general physical enhancement/increased healing from injuries.

Weapon: (Optional) Can be virtually anything. You spirit will transform into the weapon, but the two do not need to be directly related. Please include a short description of your weapon.

Spirit: A companion of sorts, a familiar. They augment your powers as a Star Guardian and transform into your weapon. Small in size, they usually have animal traits to their appearance. Sometimes they become darker or more bitter when their Guardian becomes corrupted, but keep their core personality. Include a short paragraph or two including a description of appearance and personality.

Appearance: How does your appearance change when transformed? Most Star Guardians are clothed in white and gold, the bright and shining colors that resemble starlight, with one bright, primary color. Physical appearance remains the same. As a Corrupted Guardian, your colors will likely darken as you have taken to the darkness.

GM Sign-up
Name: Leona
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Species: Human


Leona stands tall at a few inches over six feet. She has light, but bronzed skin and a muscular physique from her years of training. She has a myriad of scars from her life on her home planet as well. Her hair is full and flowing, dark, reddish brown in color. Its length reaches just below her shoulder blades, though she can sometimes wear it up in a bun or ponytail. Her eyes are colored like muddy water and they frame a plain nose. She has a set of full lips, light in color.

She stands straight and her movements appear calculated. Years on the battlefield have given her tight control of her body so no motion is wasted. Leona will cross her arms when thinking hard about something and she has a glare that can paralyze even the meanest of foes.

Leona usually prefers to wear comfortable and casual clothes. She enjoys flowery patterns with bright colors, but paired with a more natural color to balance. At work, she needs to dress up more which she begrudgingly does, wearing lightweight blouses with simple pants. Occasionally she enjoys adding an accessory such as a necklace or bracelet, but she only owns a few and keeps talking about how she’ll expand her collection someday.

Personality: Leona is a woman full of courage. Due to her many years facing off monsters starting at a young age, she’s had to be. Though she appears courageous in a fight, she has many personal insecurities. She fears she isn’t a worthy leader of her team. She wonders if leaving her people was the right decision. Even though she has many doubts, she confidently goes forward with what she decides. She would rather make a decisive decision than waver and appear weak, even if the decision ends up being the wrong one.

In the face of dangers or tribulations, Leona is steadfast. She will not back down from a challenge and sometimes that’s not exactly the right thing to do. Stubbornness might be a better term at times for her behavior. There is a noble streak to her personality as well. She has the moral code of a knight, living to protect the weak and fight against great evils.

As she is on this new planet, Leona feels restless. Her entire childhood had been fighting monstrosities and now she was spending her time helping people shop for bouquets. It’s been a difficult transition, but she’s found joy in her daily training. She even took up a few classes in the city for martial arts to further her battle skills. Taking care of a team has also brought out her motherly instincts. Though often strict, she cares so deeply for those under her wings she would do anything for them.

History: Leona hails from the planet Targon. Her people, the Rakkor, were humans from another world. Their kind lived by Mount Targon, a mountain where horrible creatures spawned from. The Rakkor were charged with protecting the rest of the planet from the monsters and Leona was born into this responsibility. As soon as she could walk, she learned to wield the sword and shield, quickly mastering them. She fought alongside her people, each day a new trial, but one that she welcomed. She felt pride in being one of the Rakkor and was a prominent and well-known fighter.

One day she was patrolling on her own. Leona was used to this and was prepared to fight or run for help if needed, but she wasn’t prepared to find a lone boy coming down from the mountain. Now she knew that the Rakkor killed without discrimination; anything that came down from the mountain was considered dangerous and should be killed. Something about this small, weak looking boy triggered something in Leona though. She knew he was innocent and meant no harm, despite coming from the mountain. Instead of killing him, Leona approached and helped escort him back up the mountain. While she felt she had done the right thing, she feared that if someone had seen her, she would be in trouble.

Someone had seen her though. Another patrol was going to check up on her when he saw her going up the mountain with the boy. He immediately returned to the main village and told the village elders what he saw. They quickly made their way to the mountain base in time to see Leona returning. The fellow scout voiced his accusation with the elders present and Leona was struck with fear. This fear was different from when she fought the monsters and it felt far worse than any wound she’d ever received. She admitted what she’d done. In front of the elders she could not lie, so they left to decide upon her fate. It was the next morning when they arrived at her house and announced her sentence was to be banished from the village. They believed she could not be trusted to fulfill her duties so she would not be allowed to come back. Leona was deeply saddened, but agreed the outcome was fair. She started her trek to the next village to start a new life.

Before she could make it too far, Leona was called by the First Light. While she doesn’t remember the exact encounter, she knew she agreed to receive the powers of a Star Guardian and in return, she would be sent to an Earth-like planet. Though far more peaceful than her own, she knew there would be darkness and monsters to fight there. Having been cast out by her own people, she knew this opportunity would be her only chance at a lifestyle she was familiar with, something she could be proud of. Next thing she knew, Leona was on an alien planet and her spirit Zelgar was beside her.

Over the past eight years, she’s been slowly figuring out what her new life means. Without daily fights, Leona has had to workout on her own every day to keep up her strength. She found a job at a flower shop to help pay for her needs--a modest apartment, groceries, and paying for whatever needs her Star Guardian team had. While she does miss her life back home, she knows it would be impossible to return. Besides, she’s found incredible joy and purpose in being a Star Guardian. There have been many new people, human or otherwise, that she has discovered on this planet who are new to being a Guardian. She is more than happy to help guide them and offers each one a spot on her team. Unfortunately, they never stay long. Whether they disappear into the night, find a new team to join, or struggle to keep up with the duties of a Guardian and burn out, Leona can’t hold on to a team for much longer than a year. She wonders what she could be doing wrong, but hopefully this most recent team of hers will be able to stand together and burn bright.

Star Guardian Section

Codename: N/A
Years as a Guardian: 8

Specialty: Power of the Sun.
Shield stun - Leona’s shield is empowered by sunlight and glows brightly. When she charges and bashes into an enemy, they become stunned for a few seconds.
Sun strike - Leona’s sword is empowered by sunlight and glows brightly. She can either strike an enemy directly for an empowered hit that can leave scorch marks or burn the enemy, or she can project the attack as a beam of sunlight that does magical damage.
Healing rays - Leona herself begins to glow, empowered by sunlight. After a few seconds of charging, she releases her power and those nearby feel stronger and are healed if they were injured.
Solar flare - Leona raises her sword and calls down a powerful strike from the heavens. A beam of solar energy strikes the ground in a large area causing massive magical damage. Any enemies located near the center of the beam are stunned, if still alive, while enemies at the edges could be damaged by burns.

Weapon: Sword and shield. The sword is gold with a hilt decorated by reddish and white wings, a star design located right where the sword and handle meet. Her shield is slightly more intricate; round in shape, it has golden embellishments protruding in the shape of a cross. The front of the shield has a large star symbol, identical to the one on her sword, surrounded by two sets of three white wings.

Spirit: Zelgar is a small, lion shaped spirit. He has yellow-gold fur over his four-legged body. He has a short tail with a tuft of lighter, nearly white fur at the end. His little face pokes out from a large, fluffy mane. The fur is the same color as his tail and he constantly grooms himself to keep his appearance clean. Zelgar can be a bit of a snob at times, self-important and pretending to be delicate. He likes to put off helping in chores or taking naps in a multitude of secret hiding places. When it comes down to it though, he is thoroughly loyal to Leona and won’t back down from a fight, just like his Guardian.


As a Guardian, Leona is covered in multiple armor pieces. First to note though is that her hair becomes a light blonde, pulled up in a ponytail with a red ribbon and flanked by two wings clipped to her hair. A golden tiara sits in the center of her forehead and she wears a plain, golden choker necklace. She has bright white shoulder pads connected to the main armor piece. Her breastplate is white, detailed with a light maroon colored fabric and two more star symbols in the center of her chest and abdomen. The reddish fabric continues down to nearly her knees, decorated with gold lining. The outfit includes a tight, black shirt and leggings under the armor for modesty and added protection. Resting on her hips are two more plates of white armor decorated with more stars. A skirt flows down from the plates, starting white but transitioning to gold by the end of the fabric. She wears white and gold heeled boots and white and gold gauntlets to finish her Guardian uniform.

1. Follow the Serebii Forum rules and the specific RPG Forum rules. If you are found breaking the rules I may kick you from the game
2. This RPG is rated R
3. Be kind to your fellow players and GM. This includes no bunnying, god-modding, and generally showing respect to other players's decisions.
4. I will not accept any copy/pasting or plagiarism. Please put in the effort to show you are a player that carries their weight along with the rest of us.
4-1. I will however accept any canon characters to the League of Legends universe. Do not take anything word-for-word from their characters, but you can use them as a template to build your own sign-up such as I have done.
5. Have fun!

Reserved: Minteh, Schade
Accepted: Golden Houou, Monster Guy, VampirateMace, Vern, Andydemon, Sketchie
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Name: Masaru

Age: 19

Gender: Male (panromantic hetrosexual)

Species: Human (or close enough to human)


Masaru is well built and just under six feet tall, with a light tan complexion and warm auburn hair. He keeps his hair in a trendy long on one side and shave on the other style, with just a bit of bangs over his right eye. His large oval eyes are bright green with thick short lashes, and there is a hairless scar through his left eyebrow where he clearly had a piercing that got ripped out. His face is somewhat rectangular, with wide lips and slightly large nose that has clearly been broken at some point (it was actually kind of recent and he still gets occasional nosebleeds from it). He don't care for having facial hair, and keeps his face well shaved.

Masaru tends to dress in clothes that are both comfortable and practical for running around the city. Generally this means a pair of well worn blue jeans, a long-sleeve shirt, and his short-sleeve black hoodie. He accessories this with some short black work boots, and studded black fingerless gloves. On his ears are various hoops studs and chains in platinum and black. He used to have a eyebrow piercing too, but as mentioned, he doesn't anymore.

Masaru is fun loving, and kind of scrappy, but practical. He dresses appropriately to his plans for the day and the weather. He's generally ready to put up a fight, but he doesn't necessarily pick them, especially where large numbers or authority figures are involved. The less waves you make now, the less chance of trouble for your crew in the future. But growing up in a rough area, it was generally agreed you should know how to fight.

Masaru's moral compass doesn't quite point to classically good. He and the boys he runs with tend to do things that are on the boarder of legality. You might call them con artists or hustlers. But you got to make ends meet, so he doesn't really see a problem with it. Besides there are lines he'd never cross (ene if people like to say it's just a slippery slope), he doesn't hurt anyone that didn't initiate the fight, and he wouldn't break into someone's home or business.

Outside of “business” and battle, Masaru is kind of the playful joking guy that's usually down to party. He enjoys moderate drinks with good company. He's not the kind of guy that it's hard to be friends with or get close to, but there's a few things he'll only share with the closest friends.

Romantically he's down to flirt with just about anyone, regardless of gender and species. It's fun, and kind of takes the edge off for some people. But if he's serious about having a relationship, he's really only into girls.

Masaru is really not the best at respecting authority (or teachers), though he does know how to follow a partner's leads. So how he reacts to instruction depends a lot on how the person presents themselves, and how they treat him. He's trying his best as a Star Guardian, but he's still a bit reluctant to follow any pompous know-it-all's orders during a battle.

Masaru and his older brother, Naruki, grew up in Pellico City, the big city near the two cities currently afflicted by an increase in void monsters. Their family lived in an apartment in one of the poorer district, but their parents always tried to impress the value of hard work and integrity upon the brothers. Naruki however thought there was better way, and ended up joining a crew of ruffians that called themselves the Clove Street Boys.

Masaru himself was torn about the situation; he could see his parents were clearly upset, but his brother also seemed to be raking in the cash. But he also was spending more and more time away from home. And unbeknownst Masaru and their parents, he was raking in something else, enemies. With a turf war brewing, Naruki just disappeared one night, but not soon enough to keep the rival gang from showing up at his family's apartment. Thankfully they were out that night, but when they came home to a completely trashed apartment, they knew they weren't safe anymore. Unfortunately they didn't really have any money or many options on where to go. Masaru's parents left to stay with his mom's sister in another town, while Masaru moved in with a friend's family.

Life got a harder. He didn't have the meager support of his family life, or the daytime shelter of school (having dropped out a bit before then, he was never a great student). So he started doing what he needed to, to make ends meet. He and his friends don't exactly constitute a gang, but the group kind of skirts the law and gang life, in a way that stays just outside enough of both to avoid being involved in conflict. And they run if they need to. They've been in a few fights though. There was one where Masaru's face took the brunt of it, a broken nose, and a torn out eyebrow piercing. Still, there's a couple guys on the crew that talk about doing more, but Masaru for one stands his ground. He's see enough of hardcore gang life to know he want no part in it.

Less than a year ago, Masaru started to get. . . well, not exactly premonitions. Vibes? Vague feelings like there was somewhere he was supposed to be and something he was supposed to be doing. It was distracting, and mildly frustrating. And one day, on a whim, he hopped on a bus to the next town over. He might have been trying to distract himself or clear his head. But what he encountered that day would change his life forever.

Monsters, and a chunk of starlight that promised him the powers to fight them. Masaru hasn't had any vibes since joining the Star Guardians, be he strives to live up to the promise he made to fight back the dark.

Codename: . . .he's still working on that

Years as a Guardian: <1

Specialty: Fire
(As Masaru has only been a guardian less than a year, he's still working on learning and controlling some of his powers.)

Basic Starlight Powers: Flight, Transformation, Enhanced Physicality and Healing

Flaming Weapon: Specifically flames engulfing his whip. This adds a burning damage to his attacks, as well as possibility of starting a fire, if the material contacted is flammable enough.

Will-o'-wisps: Masaru can create and control up to three small glowing balls of fire. They hover in the air, lighting up the dark areas for a couple feet around them. They can also be used to attack, but disappear on contact, scorching the target and setting it on fire if possible.

Cleansing Heat: Masaru and whoever he touches are enveloped in a faint fiery aura that purifies them of poisons and diseases.

Bonfire (super): As a last resort or trump card sort of tactic when surround by enemies, Masaru has the option of engulfing himself in a massive ball of fire, causing heavy damage to everyone and everything immediately around him. While he himself remains unharmed, the fire is not discriminate between anyone or anything else around him.

Weapon: Flaming whip - This long black leathery whip is enveloped in along it's length by magical yellow and orange flames.

Spirit: Forge - A small snake-like dragon, somewhat resembling those of eastern mythology. He has a long body covered in green scales, with tiny legs, and tufts orangey-red hair (a tad more orange than Masaru's costume) covering his head/neck and the tip of his tail. He also sports a small pair of two-pronged antlers. Outside of weapon form, he usually floats in the air near Masaru's shoulder twisting into loops and infinity symbols.

Masaru isn't sure of he can talk or not, but the general lack of gestures and guidance makes him suspicious that Forge intentionally ignores him. He seems kind of aloof or disinterested. When not doing loops, the dragon may be looking at something else or picking at Masaru's hair, anything but answering his questions. Despite this, he does seem to be loyal, rarely leaving Masaru's side, and is always ready to help him fight the instant there is trouble.


As a Star Guardian, Masaru's still a bit of a punk. His magical costume consists primarily of white, with black and orangey-red details. He wears ripped white jean-like pants over black tights, and a white jacket with orangey-red details, including multiple star-shaped emblems (one of which is his actual pendent, attached to the collar of the jacket). Attached to the back of the jacket is a long flowing orangey-red cape. Under this he has long black glovelettes, and instead of a shirt, just a three strapped belt-like armor, black with gold-bronze metal. It has little snaps and straps that can be used to hold/store small items. And on his feet he wears orangey-red high-top boots with white heels and toes, and black laces. He keeps the same piercings while in this costume.
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Why not both?
Can I get a reserve as well? Not sure if corrupted or not, but she's gonna be purple.

Name: Clare Grace Walker (People call her both Clare and Grace, interchangeably)
Age: 17
Gender: Female, Asexual(?)
Species: Human


Clare is on the shorter side, standing slightly below 160cm. She’s got fairly pale skin, and her hair is a dark, vaguely bluish colour, cut into a short bob that extends down to her neck. She has bright green eyes and a sharp nose, and you’ll most likely see her mouth set into a faint smile. In ‘real life’, she tends move slowly, like she’s a little tired, and often stands or sits in a manner that makes her seem even smaller than she is.

In terms of clothing, Clare dresses fairly casually, wearing a loose white shirt under a dark navy blue hoodie. It hides her physique quite well, and most would be surprised to find that she has a body that’s surprisingly well-toned given her typically small and almost ‘delicate’ movements — after becoming a guardian, she’d started working out and making sure she’s fit for the job. She typically wears a slightly-above-knee-length skirt that matches her hoodie, black stockings, and a pair of unassuming sneakers, although she sometimes switches to jeans or other pants. In colder weather, you’ll often find her with a black beanie over her head, which has a moon-shaped pin on it. She typically wears a pair of green headphones wherever she goes.

Personality: Clare seems to be a fairly normal, unassuming person at first glance. She’s about as friendly and helpful as you’d expect a normal person to be, smiling and laughing at all the right times, going out about the usual activities with the usual amount of friends. If you asked her what her hobbies are, she’d tell you she likes music — you’ll often find her with a pair of headphones, and she’s a fairly adept guitar player. She follows the popular shows well enough to keep up in conversation, and pays enough attention to fashion and guys to have her opinions when people press her for them. Overall, she’s the kind of person who you’d know well enough, but would never really be on the forefront of your mind.

Much of all this, however, is just a practiced act. She doesn’t enjoy playing music, nor does she enjoy watching shows, and she has a hard time finding anyone attractive at all, really. It’s not like she dislikes her friends, but she doesn’t really like them either, and the shopping or movies they do or watch together never really interest her more than staying at home and doing nothing would. She's lonely, but she doesn't know it, having never experienced that sort of connection with anyone. The only thing she wants is to find something to want in the first place — she has no dreams or aspirations to strive to achieve, no ideals she values enough to take any stand for. She loves nothing, and hates nothing beyond the fact that unlike seemingly everyone else, she has no idea who she is, or where she’s going.

Since becoming a Star Guardian, Clare has found herself drawn to this new world of monsters and magic, almost to the point of obsession. Being a guardian — a chosen one — is the only thing that gives her life direction, the only thing that makes her special and makes her feel alive. Doing good or protecting others is nothing more than a side effect to her — as far as she’s concerned, all she wants is to remain in this colourful, exhilarating world, where her existence has meaning. There’s nothing she fears more than losing her powers and returning to her old empty existence, and there’s very little she won’t do to make sure that doesn’t happen — even if it means she has to turn to evil to do it.

History: Growing up in the metropolitan city of Demacia, Clare was a (mostly) unremarkable child who lived an unremarkable life. She had a father who’s work took up most of his time, but not so much that it caused any problems, and a stay at home mother who was about as normal a mother as you could hope for. During her early years, her parents noticed that she didn’t quite seem the same as some other children — Clare rarely expressed interest in anything, and was almost worryingly quiet, rarely crying or laughing. She didn’t play with toys and seemed ambivalent to other kids, often content to sit and look down at the floor for hours.

Her mother and father worried, but soon their worries faded. As Clare matured, she became ‘normal’ — she learnt how to act around ‘friends’, how people were supposed to have hobbies and laugh and cry and get angry. But even as she entered primary school and became a fairly popular girl with some fairly good friends, she held a certain emptiness inside her. She didn’t understand at first, and often asked her parents why other children would break down or become giddy with excitement at things she felt nothing about — but when her parents responded with concern, suddenly reminded of their fears from back when she was an infant, she hid that apathy of hers away and vowed never to show it again. She didn't want to worry them. It took her long enough — but only when she began secondary school, did she finally come to the realisation that there was something… wrong with her. That there was a crucial bit of humanity she didn't have.

She wasn’t too worried, though. She’d learnt how she was supposed to act. All she had to do was keep that act up until she became normal, or if not that, forever. The fact that she was ‘missing out’ didn’t concern her — after all, she had no desire for the things she supposedly didn’t have.

It was around when she entered secondary school that strange incidents began occurring in Demacia. The rumours intrigued her, but she didn’t bother pursuing them — until one day, while she was walking home after band practice at school, she came face to face with a creature of the void.

The details from then on are hazy. But when she woke the next day, she was unharmed, there was a white snake besides her on her bed — and she knew that she’d been chosen to defend the world against darkness. She didn’t know why, but she didn’t care — because, for the first time, she’d felt something. She wanted something — and that was to find that feeling of exhilaration again, to hold on to this newfound purpose in her life. She finally understood what it was that she was missing, what that emptiness inside her really meant.

Her daily life grew to seem even more hollow and grey than before, and she began to dedicate everything to this new role she was given. Her grades slipped, some of her friendships deteriorated and disappeared, she stopped practicing guitar as much — instead, she obtained a sudden interest in athletics, picking up gymnastics and parkour, and became very, very into darts. Her sudden change worried her parents, but they were glad she suddenly seemed to have found something she had a passion for. And Clare was glad, too — she was no longer empty.


Codename: N/A
Years as a Guardian: ~3

Specialty: Purple Magic (generic magic stuff, but purple).

Violet Needles: Clare can summon thin purple bolts of magical energy that are launched as projectiles. They travel fast and can pierce through most normal materials with ease — but unless they hit a critical spot, they don't deal much damage, forcing Clare to slowly whittle down her opponents with well aimed bursts.

Shadow Boost: Clare infuses her body with violet energy, significantly increasing her speed for a short time (about fifteen seconds). During that time, her body is surrounded by a faint purple glow. Her jump height/distance, reaction speed, and her senses are also enhanced during this time. Overusing this ability places great strain on her body, and leaves her shaky and in pain for a good while until she has time to recover.

Night Ward: Clare can crate a protective bubble around herself that blocks attacks, both physical and magical. It needs time to regenerate after taking attacks, and can shatter if exposed to too much damage. She can choose to only manifest a small part of it at a time to conserve energy.

Despair Burst (Super): If mentally pushed too far, Clare’s powers will go haywire, causing her to expend almost all her energy in an uncontrolled burst of power, launching storm of glowing orbs (more black than purple like usual) in a devastating barrage at the cause of her distress. It lasts for quite a while and leaves her physically and mentally drained afterwards, but will probably obliterate her enemy, and anything in their general vicinity. She is actually not aware that she has this ability (it has yet to be used), and she has no control over when it's activated, or what happens while it's occurring.

Starlight: Like all guardians, Clare can fly, and has enhanced physical traits and an increased healing factor. She can also transform her appearance between guardian and ‘normal’ at will. Compared to other guardians, she gets a larger speed boost and a smaller strength boost.

Weapon: Clawed gauntlet (right hand). The gauntlet is coloured a dark purple, and has sharp 'claws' at the end of each finger, along with three larger spikes that protrude from the back of Clare's hand, about where the knuckles are. It looks almost crude and needlessly violent, with hard edges that taper off into long spikes, like something a gladiator would use. Imbued with the same magical energy that powers her spells, it glows and gives off a flame-like light. It's quite heavy, and while it packs a serious punch, Clare is unable to use it consistently over long periods of time.

Clare avoids using it when possible, disliking close combat, but will occasionally call upon Lu Chien to transform when she needs something more forceful than her normal death-by-a-thousand-cuts strategy, which it definitely provides. It also serves as a fairly sturdy shield in a pinch.

Spirit: Lu Chien (pronounced like Lucian with an ‘sh’ instead of a ‘c’) is a snake-like spirit. He’s white in colour and has golden patterns running down his sides, and a ring of golden feather-like frills just below his head. His eyes are a bright red colour, and he also has a red orb at the end of his tail. He's quite small, about the length of Clare's forearm. He can fly, and will typically spend his time hovering close to Clare's shoulder, or curled up asleep somewhere.

Lu Chien is playful and mischievous, getting a kick out of taunting and deliberately annoying both his friends and enemies. Outside of battle, he doesn’t listen to Clare at all, often choosing to laze around and do nothing (unless there’s a suitable target to amuse himself with), and she’s given up on giving him instructions. In a fight, however, he’s all business, his laziness and rebelliousness going straight out the window (at least until he thinks they’ve won).


When transformed, Claire’s hair and eyes turn into a dark purple colour, with the latter giving off a somewhat sinister glow. A white hood with a golden rim (not shown) casts a shadow over her face, and she wears a short, sleeveless white dress with golden highlights on the upper body and purple highlights on the lower half. It hugs her form quite tightly, and reaches up to her neck. The lower end of the dress is adorned with a purple star. She wears a pair of dark purple stockings, a purple elbow-length glove on her right side and a golden one on her left, but leaves her feet bare. Over her shoulders, she wears a translucent violet shawl that trails into a tattered end resembling golden flames. Her outfit is topped off by a pair of trailing purple ribbons.
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Steel-Clad Wonder
Asking for a reserve, please. I'm thinking a ninja-esque character with a Pink color scheme.
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Monster Guy

Fairy type Trainer
Name: Conner Waters

Age: 18

Gender: Male (Homosexual)

Species: Human


Appearance: Conner is tall and lean, standing at exactly six feet tall. He has slender well defined swimmers body that he is very happy to show off. He spends plenty of time out in the sun, and thus has a lightly tanned skin complexion. He has a boyish heart shaped face, with big brown eyes, and a small nose. He keeps his brunette hair spiked up in the front, a style he thinks is cool. He can most often be seen with a grin on his face.

As for clothing, even though Conner comes from a wealthy family, he doesn’t dress the part. He wears simple T-shirts and jeans all the time. He also likes to wear tight fitting tank tops to show off his physique at times. When it’s cold out, he’ll wear a light blue hoodie. Footwear consists of a reliable pair of blue and white sneakers, or sandals. He dresses for comfort more than for fashion. He does like the color blue, and incorporates that into his wardrobe.

Personality: Conner is a spontaneous and outgoing young man. He likes to have fun. His favorite activities are surfing, swimming, playing video games, and reading comic books. He enjoys socializing with others and being the center of attention. He is an handshaking, touching kind of guy. He openly expresses affection through hugs, holding hands, as well as stroking and grabbing shoulders. He particularly likes flirting with attractive guys. He makes friends easily, and will happily chat up strangers if they interest him somehow. He enjoys social situations, and believes that everyone else would too. He's likely to convince people who he perceives as being lonely to come along with things like 'come on, you'll enjoy it!' or 'you don't know what you're missing!' While he does need to spend time alone once in a while, he gets bored if he does it too long. He values all his relationships, and will happily stick with anyone he considers a friend.

He can often be found with a smile on his face, even during stressful situations. He often makes jokes, when the situation is tense to lift people's spirits. He may tease others in a 'playful' way, and expect them not to 'take it so seriously.' He does feel bad if somebody does actually get their feelings hurt by what he says. Sometimes his attempts at humor are read as him not taking the situation seriously. While he does joke around a lot, he is capable of getting things done. He just doesn't feel the need to be so dour about it. He often suggests that others not be so serious.

Conner enjoys showing off his skills for others in order to get praise. He is prone to bragging about the things he is good at. He does it in a 'look at this awesome thing I can do!' way, rather than an 'I'm better than you.' way. Becoming a Star Guardian has given him plenty of chances to do that. He will often be the first one to jump into battle with a monster just to show off the cool stuff he can do with water.

He likes to live in the moment rather than dwelling on the past. This means Conner is not the best when it comes to organization, or planning. Due to his lack of planning ahead, it makes him impulsive, and he tends to jump into things without a second thought. He gets bored when he is not sufficiently stimulated, and will complain about being bored. He is also not the most tidy person. He does clean up his mess after the fact if it's pointed out to him, but he has trouble avoiding making a mess in the first place.

Growing up a member of a rich family that has high standards, and a seemingly perfect older sister has given him a number of insecurites. He’s always worried about not being good enough, and that he doesn’t belong anywhere. He feels like he has something to prove. He wants to have a purpose in life, and while being a Star Guardian has given him that to a degree, he still has fears. He tries to hide his worries behind a mask of cheerfulness, but they’re always there.

History: Conner grew up in an upscale area of Pelico City. Comner was the youngest son of the wealthy and prominent Waters family. His parents were quite strict, and they had high standards for their kids. Conner had an older sister named Arianna, and she was the the apple of the family’s eye, at least it appeared that way to Conner. She was beautiful, talented, intelligent, and it felt like she could do no wrong. To him, it always seemed like anything he could do she could do better.

In his teenage years, Conner gave up trying to live up to the high standards set by his sister. He only did just well enough in school to get by, and spent a lot of time slacking off. He would often act up in class, and get himself into trouble. There were days where he would cut class to go to the beach and surf. Surfing was one of his favorite activities. It was definitely something Arianna wouldn’t do. He enjoyed the thrill and adrenaline high of catching a big wave. That, and he also flirting with the hot guys in swimsuits on the beach.

He continued coasting through life trying to have as much fun as possible. Even though his grades weren’t the best, he was rather popular with other students, and had a few close friends. His parents wished he would put more effort into his studies, and better represent his family name, but Conner didn’t really care to try. His sister was obviously the shining star of the family, so why did they need him for?

Everything changed when he was called by the First Light and was chosen to be a Star Guardian. More importantly, his sister was not chosen. Finally, there was something he had over his perfect sister to make him special. He doesn’t know exactly how or why he was chosen, but he was happy to have been chosen at all. It is the best thing in the world in his opinion. Now he gets to be a superhero like the ones in the comics and video games.

Conner hasn’t been a Guardian for very long, but he loves every second of it. Every day was something new and exciting. There were new monsters to fight and a new opportunity to save the day and actually make a difference in the world. He feels like he actually has a purpose now. Currently, he is a senior in high school, and for once Conner is actually excited to see what the future brings.

Star Guardian Section

Codename: Riptide

Years as a Guardian: 1

Specialty: Water

Water Jet: Conner fires a powerful stream of water from the tip of his trident. It can be used to knock enemies back, or hurt enemies directly if he’s focused enough.

Water Wall: He can conjure up a wall of water to block an enemy’s attack, or at least reduce the damage.

Water Healing: Conner conjures up magical glowing water that can be used to heal injured allies

Tsunami: Conner raises his trident, and summons a giant tidal wave to come crashing down onto the battlefield. It washes away all the enemies on the field, and any survivors are left soaking wet and vulnerable to other attacks. When the wave appears, Conner himself surfs on top of it.

Starlight: Gives him the ability to fly, change in and out of costume, enhanced physical traits, and a healing factor. He can also breathe under water, because logically a guardian who’s specialty is water should be able to do this...

Weapon: His weapon is a long blue trident. The weapon is ornately decorated with a lot of mysterious symbols carved into it, and a blue clamshell in the center. The handle of the trident is designed to look like it has an octopus tentacle wrapped around it. He can use his weapon to channel his magic attacks, or just hit enemies with it as a physical weapon.

Spirit: Chesi takes the form of a small bottlenose dolphin. She has blue skin, with a white underbelly. She floats in air next to her human partner instead of swimming. Like most familiar spirits, she can’t talk, however she can squeak and make dolphin noises to communicate her feelings. Personality wise, she mirrors Conners personality. She is happy cheerful, and likes to play. She does her best to keep her human from being reckless, and keep him safe.


Appearance: The first thing you’ll notice about Conner’s guardian form, is that his hair and eyes turn blue. Two blue jewels with wings attached to them sit on either side of his head. A headband of blue stars sit in the middle of his forehead. He has white pauldrons with blue symbols carved into it. He has a blue chestplate, with a blue star brooch in the middle. He has a blue tunic under it that falls to his knees. Covering his legs are a pare of white tights, as well as blue armor plates around his hips. He has a blue belt with a white star around his waist. He wears white and blue boots as his footwear, and blue gauntlets to around his hands and arms. The look is completed with a long flowing blue cape.
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: Miu Meizhu

Age: 13

Gender: Female

Species: Human


At a little under five feet, Miu is around average height for her age and ethnicity, though some of her more intricate hairdos can make her come across as a little taller. Puberty has been slow for her, and many of her features remain childlike; she has round facial features, large eyes and pale skin that rarely sees blemishes. Unfortunately for her, she has also been left looking petite and frail, with many mistaking her for someone a few years younger. She never fails to correct such irritating misconceptions. Not that you'd necessarily notice; her voice is quiet and soft, almost a whisper, and she doesn't like to repeat herself. And once she's done speaking, her lack of proper expressions leaves her thoughts a mystery. Smiles, frowns, grimaces; they're all equally uncommon sights.

Though Miu's eyes are large, they're not very expressive either. On most days they come across as lifeless and dull, with a sleepy, distant look to them. When talking to people, Miu seems to look right through them - instead of at them. Due to this, it's difficult to tell whether she's really paying attention when others are speaking. The colour of her eyes is red; an oddity on Fennel perhaps, but not where she hails from. The purple colour of her hair is natural as well, though many simply assume she's dyed it. Miu's voluminous hair is her pride and joy, and she's very fussy about it. She can spend ages putting it up in various hairstyles - or letting others do it, if they're qualified enough. She likes small decorations as well; hairpins, clips, buns, the works. Considering that her hair reaches her shins when left untied, she's had to familiarize herself with all the ways to keep it up and out of the way.

When it comes to clothes, Miu can be found in surprisingly dark ones. That is to say, she rarely wears anything but black, despite her love for colourful things. If asked, she will simply say she's in mourning - and leave it at that. Such has been the case for three years now, and is unlikely to stop anytime soon. As for her style, when she isn't wearing her school uniform, she can be found in most anything cute and frilly. Dresses, skirts, and things with puffy sleeves or collars, especially ones with lace or flower patterns, are her favourites. But if you tell her to dress professionally, she has no problem slipping into a business suit - that's clearly too large for her, but please don't point it out. She likes ballerina shoes when she can get away with them. Miu doesn't wear jewelry or earrings, but her bag is plastered with pins of all kinds.

Personality: Miu is, above everything else, a reclusive girl. She has a mysterious aura about her, owing to the fact that it's very difficult to tell what she's thinking or feeling at any given moment. She isn't expressive and prefers to keep to herself whenever she can - which manifests as quietness and tendency to stand far away from the center of whatever discussion is going on. She doesn't understand the point of small talk, or how some people can talk so much without anything important to say. Honestly, she finds it both curious and irritating - and will tell you as much if asked. Because whenever she does speak, she does so with brutal honesty, and in as few words as possible. If you want to see her talking more, simply bring up the topic of combat; she will offer sound tactical advice without missing a beat. Despite her young age, she has experience in the field and is always doing her best to learn more about it. That's the only way to get better, after all; learning.

But though she's bad at holding a conversation and isn't terribly interested in the business of others, Miu is by no means unsympathetic. She is, in fact, quite caring and kind when things come down to it - she's just unsure how else to show it than through actions or the occasional compliment or a word of encouragement when such a thing is due. She has a strong sense of justice, and despite her young age and diminutive stature, she's ready to throw herself in the fray to rescue even a stranger. It's... gotten her in trouble a few times. She doesn't understand why. Wasn't it good that she tried to stop that car by jumping in front of it? ... This world's humans are weird. Or maybe it's just humans in general.

Due to her secluded upbringing and her unfamiliarity with some of Fennel's customs even after three years, Miu can sometimes make big social blunders without batting an eye - simply because she does not know better. Such occasions have gotten less and less common over the years, but she's still very much trying to find herself and her place in the world. Right now, she sometimes feels like a machine - hyper focused on one thing and thing only, as if she was programmed to fight. It doesn't really bother her, she supposes, but sometimes her friends worry...

History: Miu hails from a distant planet just beyond the Milkyway. Though her planet is small, so much so that it's easy to miss when traversing through the vast emptiness of space, it is quite advances as far as technology goes. What the humans of Fennel would consider a futuristic, dystopian cityscape is a thing of yesteryear. People and machines are intertwined in every day life. Large corporations clash for control over small, dome-covered cities - and in some parts of the world, war is a constant companion. War against corrupt corporate executives, war against rogue viruses brought to life by human mishaps - and the hackers that seek to exploit them.

Miu was born in the eastern hemisphere, and compared to her peers, led quite a privileged life. Her parents held high positions in the city's corporate hierarchy, and that meant their house was granted powerful firewalls to fend off threats that many poorer families could not hope to fight against. She attended a private school, was taught by the most advanced AI, and come her birthday or other such special occasion, she enjoyed a luxury not granted to most; candy. Everything was good - at least, for the first eight years of her life.

Inevitably, those wronged by the current corporate regime rose up, and the whole city exploded into riots and hostile attempts at a takeover. Such a thing was nothing new, and though Miu was unaware of it, similar things had been happening on a smaller scale her entire life. Only now, the renegades had made a breakthrough, managing to take over one of the central sever rooms belonging to the corporation. With that alone, everything was thrust into chaos - and suddenly, Miu's classes started to involve subjects related to the conflict. It was normal protocol, considering the frequency of such issues. Sometimes, wars lasted for a lifetime.

This one seemed to escalate quickly however, and two years later it had forced the corporation on its last legs. To protect her, Miu's parents sent her to live with a distant relative on the other side of the planet. He was hardly as privileged as her parents had been, running a simple mechanics shop. No longer protected by firewalls, Miu witnessed the way all those less unfortunate than her lived - and it was quite shocking. She didn't understand why some could barely scrape by, when she'd never had to worry about food before. Something had to change.

Change came, though not to the common people - but to her. Miu can't recall exactly when or how it happened, but in her dreams she remembers a bright light, and a plea for help. She was called to defend a distant planet called Fennel in exchange for magical powers. Hoping that perhaps, if she could defend and save this backwater planet first, maybe she could one day bring hope to her own, she accepted the offer.

When she first arrived, Fennel was... shocking. It lacked most everything Miu had known back home, including an instantaneous transportation method. It was weird. The good thing, though, was they had candy readily available! And cheap, only costing a few units of Fennel's weird, tangible currency. Though lost at first, Miu soon met other guardians who helped her grow accustomed to the local customs - and even helped her enter a school with feigned papers. As far as the school is aware, she lives with both of her parents.

Her parents... she should hurry up and get this Fennel place saved so she can see them again!

Star Guardian Section

: Candy Witch

Years as a Guardian: 3

Specialty: Miu's ability theme are her beloved candies - magical ones that not only explode with flavour, but actual physical blasts as well. Her main form of fighting is getting up and personal with her lollipop hammer, but some of her attacks also allow her to fight from a medium range.

Rainbow Rain ; Glowing, colourful candies appear all around her, and can then be fired at the enemy. They're hard and explode upon impact.

Jawbreaker ; Not quite like its namesake, this is the name for a particularly empowered swing of her weapon. Her lollipop grows in size to three times its original form and gets heavier accordingly - though Miu can still swing it without a problem. She can use her supercharged swing to break through most barriers, or simply send an enemy flying far away.

Sweet & Bitter ; Miu jumps onto her lollipop and gains a temporary speed boost, being able to glide through the air at an accelerated speed while leaving behind her a sugary trail. She's unable to swing her weapon during this, as the effects stops once she hops off of it. The trail is sticky, slowing anyone who moves across it. After a while, it solidifies and traps anyone still in it. If blasted with one of her explosive candies, the whole trail explodes.

Trick or Treat ; Miu conjures a gigantic magic bomb in the shape of a carved candy pumpkin. With a swing of her weapon, she then launches it towards her enemies, causing significant AoE damage to all those caught in the impact.

Weapon: Miu's weapon is a huge, four feet tall lollipop that practically functions as a hammer. Though it's almost as tall as her, she can swing it with ease - and with surprising power. Its swirls come in pink and turquoise, with a white, lightly pink-tinted grip.

Spirit: Maru is what a cross between a panda and a hamster would likely look like. Around the size of her palm, Maru is a round ball of colourful fluff, sharing Miu's colour theme and her love for candies. Though, in his case, he seems to love any food imaginable... perhaps that's why he's so round? His paws are small and walking slow, so he tends to either roll from place to place, or use the tiny wings on his back to fly. How on earth they actually support his weight, no one knows. He's lazy and irresponsible, but helps Miu out in exchange for treats. He can store said treats in his black cheek pouches. It's kind of adorable, actually... but don't tell him she said that!


Upon transformation, Miu's gloomy getup gets replaced by a bright splash of pink and turquoise, with white and gold mixed in. She gets a frilly skirt, white stockings, and a pink shirt with long, puffy sleeves. Bows and ribbons decorate her getup here and there, and her long hair gets tied into two extremely long braided pigtails with floral decorations. A giant witch hat sits atop her head in bright pink, seemingly never falling off despite the many aerial maneuvers she performs. Finally, her hair forms two wing-like extensions above her head. These flap whenever she's nervous or irritated.
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Nanomachines, Son!
Name: Lamb and Wolf

Age: Appears to be 13

Gender: Female

Species: Spirits

Appearance: Lamb is a ghostly looking pale girl of roughly four feet tall and appears human at first glance. She has long silver hair that flows outward like a mane, with two large, long lopped ears, which are black at the tip and have glowing blue markings covering them. She wears a black choker around her neck that looks like a collar, and what appear to be bandages covering her left arm. She wears a long white sleeveless gown that covers her down to her feet, which are actually hooves at the end of double jointed legs. Her body is also covered in white fur from the waist down.

She is always seen wearing a black mask that completely covers her face, this mask has the appearance of a long nosed mammal with pointy ears and a white mark on the forehead that looks like a question mark without the dot. Underneath the mask are her large light blue eyes, which appear to glow even when covered by her mask, she always gives the impression that she's looking into your soul, especially when she's staring at you. She also appears to have a short white tail coming out from behind her gown.

At Lamb's side is her companion, Wolf. A large black wolf that wears a white mask that covers half his face. He never takes the mask off, and appears to see through it just fine.

Personality: Lamb is quiet for the most part, she rarely approaches others unless she has too, and she's not one to start a conversation. That being said, when one initiates conversation with her her interest becomes peeked a bit. She'll want to learn more about the person she's talking to and ask questions accordingly, but once the conversation becomes about her she loses interest. While she tries to stay out of sight from normal people, it's relatively easy to take her out to places and get her to do things you describe as fun, like shopping, eating, or going to an amusement park. As she's participating in these activities with you she is prone to asking what it is about those activities you enjoy so much. She only takes off her mask when eating or drinking, but only enough to expose her mouth and just one eye and will immediately fight back should one try to take it off completely.

Lamb has a seemingly instinctual attraction to death, to the point where even talking about it is second nature to her. She's drawn to situations and locations associated with death, if she senses or hears of a place where a large number of people have died, she'll be drawn to it, as well as frequenting hospitals and observing funerals from a distance. When alone in a graveyard she'll stand near graves seemingly in an attempt to communicate with those who recently passed, asking them if they would go peacefully or try to flee their fate had they been given the choice. She regards her companion, Wolf, as her only friend. She tends to converse with him out in the open, which can often lead bystanders to believe she's talking to herself. She also seems to enjoy reciting poetry, often dealing with philosophical themes or ones pertaining to all living things having predetermined fates.

Wolf never leaves Lamb's side, and any attempts to make him do so are met with extreme aggression, as is attempting to threaten or harm Lamb. He doesn't appear to eat normal food at all, but in truth he often expresses his excitement in chasing potential prey. When Lamb identifies something as an enemy, he'll ruthlessly hunt and chase it down, and proceed to rip anyone or anything he gets his teeth on to shreds.

History: The story of Lamb and Wolf is one that has persisted since the beginning of time, a ghostly pale young girl being trailed by a large black wolf. Many believe her to be just a myth, as they do any other ghost story. There are others however that believe they exist, and actively seek them out. Little do they all know, the stories of The Kindred spirits are true, and they do exist, but only those at the cusp of death are able to see them in earnest. They are the reapers, the ones that ferry the souls of the dying to the other side, whether they be escorted peacefully by the Lamb, or violently dragged by the Wolf is entirely up to the one they visit.

For all their legendary status, however, The Kindred was unable to fully interact with the living world. Their existence only ever being vaguely known through means common among paranormal investigators, or written off as a mere illusion seen by those facing a near death experience. Merely the light at the end of the tunnel. This was a lonely existence, as they could not hope to fully interact with the living. Try as they might, they could do little more than exist as shadows on the wall or an orb or mist on film or in a photo.

They had long since resigned themselves to this reclusive other life, a ghost meant only to observe the living, but never reach out. That was until they heard the call of a higher power, The First Star, this power offered them what they had coveted for so long, a chance to walk among the living, albeit still unable to become one of them. This came with a price, however, as they must now protect the living from those that would do them harm, a contradiction in their case, but one they accepted. Who were these hostile and unnatural forces to decide that a life should end well before their time? They would be nothing more than alternative prey for The Kindred to hunt so the living could die their intended deaths.

And so The Kindred took on this dual existence, one where dark beings were faced with a violent death in the jaws of the Wolf, so the innocent could live and die peacefully in Lamb's soothing presence. Everywhere Lamb went, Wolf was sure to follow. Never one, without the other.

Codename: The Kindred

Years as a Guardian: 1

Specialty: Life and Death

Mark of the Kindred - Lamb marks her target for death. After this any arrow she fires will home in on whoever has this mark. She could fire three arrows at once in different directions and they will always find their mark without fail.

Wolf's Frenzy - Wolf scours Lamb's surroundings and will attack anyone that attempts to harm her, or will go after anyone she personally identifies as a threat or an enemy.

Phantom Dancer - Lamb and Wolf have the ability to walk through walls, as well as turn invisible and fly around, making her appear to teleport. It is still possible to see her as an orb or a white mist when looking through cameras, and she still casts a shadow on walls.

Lamb's Respite - Lamb blesses her immediate surroundings. Anyone standing in the blessed area cannot die no matter how severe their injuries become. After a four second period, the blessing disperses and anyone still standing on it has their injuries healed.

Weapon: Spectral Bow. An elegantly designed white bow from which Lamb can fire arrows made seemingly out of thin air.

Spirit: Unknown, and as far as the two are concerned they neither have, nor need one, or it could be that the bow Lamb wields is her spirit, waiting quietly for its time to end the lives of others.

Appearance: In her Guardian form, Lamb's mask fuses directly to her face and cannot be removed, she sheds away her clothes and the white fur covering her legs grows to cover her entire body. A white breastplate with light blue rims forms around her upper body, with a light blue emblem appearing on her chest.

Wolf's entire body up to his head disappears into a transparent mist like tail and he grows in size to the point of being the same size, if not larger, than Lamb. His mouth becomes an array of jagged teeth with the inside being replaced with some kind of light blue void.
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it's about the CUBES
WIP since I spent all morning researching instead of writing.

Name: Andrea MacKellen
Age: 22
Gender: Female (She/Her)
Species: Human
Theme Songs: Burning Bright . Edouard 'Ed the Conqueror' Brenneisen / Pocketfull of Poetry . Mindy Gledhill / Cookies . Ninja Sex Party
Voice Claim: Base Jinx Lines . Star Guardian Jinx Lines (all done by Sarah Williams)


Appearance:Andrea is a sight to behold, and she knows it. It's on purpose. It's art, beyotch. Standing at 6'1, she has a very thin and lithe stature, with prominent bony features. She's got a diamond shaped head, with sharp cheekbones and a defined slope in her jaw ending in a pointed chin. She's got big amber eyes shining bright with the thought of mayhem. Her nose is slim and small, complimenting expressive eyebrows. Her lips are thin, but almost always drawn up anywhere from a smirk to a grin. Her hair is a bright, pure red, with highlights of firetruck and lowlights of burgundy. She has messy choppy bangs framing her face, while the rest of her wild long hair is pulled up into two high ponytails. Both of her ears have lobe piercings with gold balls through them, while her left ear has a cartilage piercing with a golden cuff. Despite her frame, she is actually very athletic, as a skilled gymnast and a hobbyist runner.

Andrea's choices in fashion are... interesting. On purpose, but interesting. On her own, she is a big fan of loungewear, and her home wardrobe is full of silky soft t-shirts and pajama pants of varying colors and designs. (Her top favorite--don't tell anyone--is the blue ones with rubber duckies on them.) When she's out and about and not at work, all bets are off. She loves bright and wild colors, especially pinks and blues, and shows as much skin as legally allowed whenever possible. Bikini tops are absolutely real tops if you aren't a coward. She loves denim short-shorts and is a skilled modifier of jeans. At work, she does tone it down, pulls her double ponytails into a single braid, and wears a simple black t-shirt and jeans under a black apron.

Personality: Andrea is one hellova loose cannon. The more she has you scratching your head, the better. She is eccentric and wild, and strives to live life to the very fullest. Maybe even too full. A huge fan of pure bright colors, she hates anything dim or drab or neat. She's messy, but its her organized chaos. Still chaos, she just knows where everything is. Mostly. Being anything other than exciting is boring, and she loves to bring the party with her wherever she goes. She grew up as the local troublemaker, and the title never quite left her. Explosions and sprinkles and kitty cats and death metal, it's all a part of her sugary-sweet destructive personality.

She is a huge fan of her guns, and has a wide variety. If there was more of a need for gun-based jobs, she would absolutely be out there as her sharp-shooting self. (She'll settle for being a Star Guardian, though.) As mentioned earlier, she's a fan of explosions, and anything shiny. After moving with her mom to Demacia, she picked up drawing, and actually really enjoyed it. She enjoys what she does for a living, as a tattoo artist and a hairdresser, and really feels like she's doing something worthwhile. As eccentric in her fashion choices as she is, she does really care about how she looks, and so even though it's bright and out there, one has to admit she does always look good. Andrea has a huge soft spot for anything cute and fuzzy, and will dote over everything from a kitten to a duckling to her little spirit boys.

While it can seem like Andrea is solely impulsive and rash, behind the mask she is always thinking. Thinking of the end goal in mind, which while usually is simply having fun, can be something much deeper and important. Thinking about escape plans if necessary. Thinking about how to avoid unnecessary damage. On the outside, she can come off as selfish and uncaring. Not cold, but a warm aloof, as though she's above everything. However, this hides a lot of insecurity and attachment issues. She is afraid of getting too close to people, because she's afraid of how much it's going to hurt when they inevitably leave. She doesn't know how to handle being sad, but she can have fun on her own, so she distracts herself from her loneliness. She'd love to work with other Star Guardians, but she's afraid they'll only see her as the guardian she was in high school, reckless and irresponsible. She feels she has to be a Star Guardian in secret, because she would be shot down otherwise. Inactivity and boredom frustrate her, and that frustration turns to anger real quickly. When something needs to be done, and isn't being done, it boils her blood -- just do something already! Why are we waiting!

Despite her fears, deep down, Andrea is a warm and loving person. Sometimes, this warmth leaks out, and she can be a very understanding and kind friend. She loves giving gifts, and prides herself on being fairly good at it. She wants to help, and she wants to bring smiles to everyone's faces. Her dream is to be a fully respected Star Guardian, and to use her starlight to truly defend. It's her destiny. After all, the First Light saw something in her, so that means it has to be there. She wants the sisterhood and camradere that comes with her powers. She wants friendship, she wants someone to share her fun with. Andrea MacKellen is as warm and bright as the explosions she holds so close to her heart, and she can't wait to make everyone as excited as she as.

History: Mary and Jack Richie had been married for three years so far. They had one child, Violet, after barely one year of marriage. In what felt like nothing to Mary, she found herself pregnant again. It was not a happy marriage. She had been dragged out to Zaun, into the dark and grimey pits of who knows where, and all the sudden, all of her support had vanished. No messages from her family or friends back home from Demacia. What makes things worse was that her deadbeat husband was gone almost all of the time, doing who-knows-what, who-knows-where. This isn't what Mary thought marriage would be. This isn't who she thought Jack was, at least, he wasn't like this for the two years they were dating. Nevertheless, nine months later, Andrea Richie was brought into the world.

Andrea was largely ignored as a baby. Her basic needs were taken care of, but with Jack's incomes declining and Mary leaving the house to pick up slack, Violet and Andrea were often left alone for hours. Mary felt awful about it--while there was no Zaun laws against it, Mary knew in her heart that leaving a four year old and a one year old alone, barely coming home every few hours to get them fed, was not the way to raise a child. Andrea learned to make her own fun, alone, as Violet wasn't much interested in playing with her either. (Kids these young just aren't. Kids don't play together until they're about five anyway, so it's not a personal offence.) She learned that she was the only one out there for her, and that's fine. So be it.

School was hard. Of course it's hard, when you live in the slums. There's barely a school to be at. Andrea didn't learn much in the way of academics, but she DID learn in the way of mayhem. She became fast friends with the troublemakers, the no-good-doers, the play-with-fire crowd. Not really ever having anyone in her life, she was excited to finally have someone to call her friend. She actually enjoyed being at school, because she finally wasn't alone. She found out how fun life could be, and even though maybe a lot of it was dusky and boring, it was only one firework away from being colorful and bright again. Unfortunately, all this was about to change dramatically. In the middle of second grade, her baby friendships were torn up as she was ripped from Zaun and put on a train to Demacia.

Mary had found out why she had been all alone for almost eleven years. Jack, skilled with technology, had installed hidden scripts on the phone he gave her to block numbers he didn't approve. When her family turned to writing letters, he took them and hid them, taking them away and shredding them. As cunning as Jack was, Mary was smarter, sharper. The scripts weren't hidden enough, and when she found them and stripped them away, a flood of worry filled her phone to the brim. After months of planning in secret, Mary took Violet and Andrea and fled to her family back in Demacia. They resettled with her parents as she got the divorce rolling, and she changed hers and her daughter's surnames to her parents', MacKellen.

The transition was difficult. All the sudden, everyone was loving and doting all over Andrea, and it was overwhelming. She didn't know what to do. Her once absent mother was now home all the time. What? Why was everyone smothering her now? It didn't make sense, and she found herself hating all sorts of physical contact from her family. Also, suddenly, there was a "proper" way for her to act and behave, and "proper" didn't include fireworks or bright colors or pulling pranks. What!? What was the point! Where was the fun? The excitement? She missed her friends, and these new people at school weren't nearly as fun as her old friends. She was jealous that Violet seemed to be doing just fine. Thus began her rebellious streak--if no one wanted to be her friend, then she would make her own fun.

Throughout late elementary school and middle school, she did eventually find her crowd, as the other rebels eventually found her wings. It was a relief, maybe she could still make friends. But, things were different here. Having fun the way she wanted was frowned upon, and so her small band of friends was ever changing, when they couldn't handle the backlash any further. It was fine, she could handle things on her own. She missed them, and she still longed for true friendship, but she was having fun, so, like, who cares? She's fine. She wished also that she could be closer to her sister, Vi, who had developed her own flavor of rebellion and closed doors, but there seemed to be a wall that Andrea couldn't climb over. Violet wanted to be the best, and Andrea just wanted to have a little fun. She guessed those things just... couldn't go together.

It was through late middle school and early high school when she started finding her other passions. Art, hair, and fashion became hot topics to Andrea, and so did GUNS. She had seen them all over the place in Zaun, but Demacia guns were a sight to behold. These weren't shoddily shoved together for thievery and murder, but beautifully crafted for funsies and excitement--all Andrea wanted. Now a part of the upper-class as a MacKellen, she would visit the shooting ranges and learned as much as she could. She became an incredibly talented sharp shooter, even if she maybe was a little overenthusiastic. Around this time, she began to sort of kind of warm up to her family. The smothering wasn't as overwhelming anymore, and it was kind of nice to have family at her back... but she still hated physical touch, and while Andrea got closer, Violet seemed to get farther.

It was midway through Andrea's freshman year of high school when it happened. It was cold, dark, and late, and Andrea found herself walking home alone. Suddenly, in front of her, there was a bright light--! And that's... about all she can remember. The does remember waking up the next morning with a new sense of purpose, the feeling of fireworks in her heart, and two bloopy dudes sitting on the edge of her seat. She was a Star Guardian now, and those two bloopy dudes (named Kuro and Shiro) turned into HEAVY GUNS. Not just any heavy guns, but super-cool starlight-fueled save-the-world kind of guns! This was THE. MOST. EXCITING. THING. EVER!!!! She wished she could share it with her family, especially her sister, but... she had a feeling this wasn't the type of thing you put your name on.

Shortly after her turning, she was out goofing off and playing with her newfound powers when she was confronted by three other ladies dressed starlight, all much older and seemingly wiser than her. They took her under her wing to teach her the true way of the Star Guardian. They taught her their history, and tried to temper her impulsive recklessness. Unfortunately, while the former went incredibly well, the latter did not. Andrea's guns blazing tactic was not well received by this team, and tensions gradually rose between the original three on how to handle and teach Andrea. This went on for a year until it came to a head--a huge fight between three once close friends, ending in everyone going their separate ways. They never saw each other again. Andrea was crushed. She was convinced it was all her fault, and she clearly just wasn't cut out for this teamwork thing. She decided from then on that she would never be a part of a Star Guardian team, that she could handle it on her own. She was the only thing she needed.

High school went on, and she eventually scraped by enough good grades to graduate. Armed with her passion to help, to make art, and to do hair, she enrolled in a cosmetics school to learn how to properly cut hair. Here, she excelled. She was doing what she loved and she found she was a natural at it. Unlike high school, she passed with flying colors, and went on to find a part tattoo parlor, part hair salon with the perfect vibe for what she was looking for. Violet had moved out years ago, so at 19 Andrea moved out on her own. In her off moments at the salon, she loved watching the artists, and found a love for the art of tattoo. One day, her manager found some of Andrea's art lying around. Liking her style, he offered her an apprenticeship with the artists, which she happily accepted.

Now, she works as a tattoo artist and a hair stylist, and she couldn't be happier. Since her turning, she has been Star Guardian-ing in her free time, even occasionally going back to the depths of Zaun and doing what she can there. It's an odd sight to see, a sparkling gal in the midst of scum and villainy, but that was once her home too, and if she can do anything to help someone out, she'll take it. Her impulsivity is still present, although a bit mellowed. She lives alone in a small apartment in Demacia with her two little spirit blobs, and often goes home to visit with her mom and grandparents. While she is aware of the other Star Guardians in town, and she knows they're aware of her, she does her best to avoid them. Her best doesn't always work, but she always slips away. The new disturbances in town are definitely worrisome, though, and she's got a sinking feeling that she might actually need help on this one...

Codename: Jinx

Years as a Guardian: 7

-- Switcheroo!: Kuro and Shiro act as two different heavy guns, but only one can be active at one time. Shiro transforms into a white minigun with her Star Emblem on the top, and shoots quick star blasts in groups of three. (Pew pew pew!) Kuro transforms into a rocket launcher type gun, which lobs a chunk of super-heated meteorite at the target that explodes on contact. (Blam!) Shiro recharges faster, while Kuro does more damage.
-- Zap!: Andrea charges up a laser beam and blasts it from her fingertips (like a finger gun!). This stuns the enemy for a moment when it hits.
-- Chompers!: Andrea throws out three little chomping landmines that have a remarkable resemblance to Kuro. When stepped on or near, the chompers clamp onto the offender, slowing them down. They eventually explode in a little PLOWFF!
-- Super Mega Death Rocket!!: Kuro and Shiro combine into an ultimate rocket, being shot together towards a target and explode in starlight! Two wings emerge from Andrea's back, one white and one black. (These are purely aesthetic, because she can already fly.) While it has a high range and high damage capability, it is fairly draining on the three of them, so as much as the trio loves the fireworks they try not to use it too often.

(The cool thing about sapping a premade character is that if you want to see these in action, they're right here!)

Weapon: Minigun or Rocket Launcher--as mentioned in "Switcheroo!".


Spirit: Kuro and Shiro -- Jinx's cute little instruments of mayhem are two little blobby boys named Shiro and Kuro. Kuro is a little black blob with red eyes, two little horns, black wings, a little fluffy tail, and four little black nubbin feet. His mouth, that has two pointy fangs pointing up, opens to a glowing well of red light. He is a little ball of mischief and mania, full of silly antics and trouble. He loves the lights, the drama, the sparkles, the big boom at the end! Shiro looks a lot like Kuro in terms of his shape, but he is all white with more hot pink eyes and a frowny face where Kuro's grin is. Shiro is somewhat quiet and reserved, blank... unless he is truly causing mayhem. Then his sparking personality starts to shine through. Jinx spoils them to high heaven.

Appearance: Jinx's Star Guardian get-up is as just as spunky as she is. Her ruby red hair ombres into a violet red, and her ponytails are decorated at the top with decorative white diamonds with gold metal accents. She wears gold four-point stars in her ears. Her base top is a deep violet sleeveless halter top that goes down to just below her chest. Sitting on top of her chest she has a red ribbon tied with her Star Emblem in the middle, which is on top of a gold band stretching around her ribcage. A white cape-like piece of fabric flows from the band, shorter in the front and long to her hips in the back, and parted in the front to show off her midriff. On her left hand, she wears a set of violet fingerless gloves that stretch up to the top of her upper arm, which has a red cuff with gold trim. On her right arm she wears a white cuff from her wrist to her elbow, adorned with gold trim and a zig-zag cut at the top. She has a pair of maroon short-shorts with a violet belt and a gold buckle with a star on it. Her violet socks come up to her mid thigh, with the gold accents at the top, and a pair of white high-tops at the bottom. The high-tops have gold star adornments on the top, with red ribbons coming out from underneath the stars. Her soles are gold, and comes up to form gold tips over the toes.

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it's about the CUBES
owo what's this?? a late wip contendewr?

Name: Violet MacKellen
Age: 24
Gender: Female (She/Her)
Species: Human
Theme Song: Light and Shadow . Hiroyuki Sawano feat. Gemie / Black Sheep . Metric / idfc . blackbear / ECHO . Crusher-P
Voice Claim: Emily Blunt as Tempest Shadow


Appearance: Violet stands at 5'7", standing strong with broad shoulders, narrow hips, and a thin waist. Being the type of person she is, she has well toned muscles decorating her entire physique, and is theoretically ready to throw down at any given moment. Her skin is fair and fairly unblemished besides the occasional bruise. Her face is ridged and prominent, a diamond face shape and sharp jaw sloping into a sharp pointed chin. Her brilliant amber eyes are usually narrowed into a glare, and her lips are usually curled into a sneer. Her hair is a dark magenta color, parted and pushed all to the right to where it covers her face and drapes over her shoulders, and shaved from the part down on the left side. She has both ears pierced, with two lobe piercings and a helix in both ears.

Her clothes are pretty standard for a rocker who lives in the underground. Everything is in a shade of black, grey, or dark--color is not something she can see herself in. She's fond of tank tops and crop tops, especially ones clipped from hoodies. All of her jeans are torn to various extents, her sneakers scuffed up and distressed. Her favorite jacket is made of black canvas on the outside, pink stripes down the sleeves and decorated with pins, and a soft fleece on the inside. It's a bit too big on her, but she considers it fashionable... and it's one of the only comfort things she allows herself to have.

Personality: Violet is stone cold wall after stone cold wall. She is detached from everyone, and she likes it that way. However, despite her armored defenses, you will always be able to tell how she's feeling. Bitter and hotheaded, she's prone to explosive outbursts, and is not afraid to pull punches if the situation escalates. Her tongue is as sharper than a blade and cuts even deeper. She is stubborn, angry, and will not take shit from anyone. Her humor is dry and sarcastic, and she uses it frequently. She has no love or care for authority, and will only do what is she's told as long as it benefits her. She is highly intelligent, and her quick wits often get her out of the situations her fists won't.

Violet loves music, the sadder, deeper, and more troubled, the better. She's been playing bass guitar since 13, and it's her most favorite hobby aside from singing. She enjoys playing in a band for the bars and open stages of the back parts of Demacia, and she pours her broken heart and soul into every piece of music she writes. Her drummer and guitar player are... fine. Probably some of the only humans she doesn't outright hate, and they all share a similar world view so they get along. Violet is huge on athletics as well, and loves working out in her spare time, whether it's lifting weights, on the punching bag, or going on a run. When she's not on stage, she works as a bartender herself, and has gotten pretty good at it. She doesn't drink often, it makes her feel horrible, but the actual mixing part is fun. Kinda. She also likes to cook, and having gone to culinary school, she's very good at it.

Deep down, past all the walls put up and the icy cold aloofness, is a scared little girl. Violet is miserable. She's lonely, but doesn't know how to fix it, nor does she believe it can even be fixed. She knows she doesn't really need anyone, so why bother even trying? She wouldn't know what to say anyway. Angry breakdowns quickly turn into sobbing and wailing once no one is around to see her. She feels that she is to blame for her mother being gone the first so many years of her life, and that every problem her family ever had was because of her. She's a disgrace, and no one wanted her, and she doesn't NEED anyone, so... why is there still a gaping hole in her heart? The question frustrates and tears at her to no end, and no matter how far down she shoves her feelings, it keeps bubbling back up as soon as she turns her back.

Violet won't, no, can't admit she wants to be loved and accepted. She so desperately wants a home, but feels her old one didn't want her, and she doesn't know how to make it a reality by herself. She doesn't even feel at home with the other corrupted guardians, she still feels like an outsider. She is ruthless in her guardian's doing, filling Zoe's orders to the best of her ability, because at this point, what does she have left? The world only hurt her, what the hell did she have to offer to the world? She was once bright and driven, but now, her worst fear has come true: Violet MacKellen dug herself into this hole, and now, she feels like she has no other option but to die there. Alone, unwanted, forgotten.

History: Mary and Jack Richie had only been married for one year, when something failed, and Mary fell pregnant. It wasn't exactly the happiest of marriages, and only slated to get worse. In the two years that followed, Jack's doings began to be shadier and shadier, while the family income continued to plummet. It wasn't surprising--Jack had dragged his newlywed bride to Zaun almost as soon as they had married, and as soon as she was there all of her friends and family seemed to abandon her. The house was falling apart, and it wasn't long before Mary found herself pregnant with another little girl.

Violet, being the oldest, was left to her own devices almost all of the time. She had her basic living needs taken care of, but with Jack's tendency to vanish and Mary's desperate attempt to keep food on the table, Violet grew up effectively alone, and had to learn to take care of her feelings all by herself. She didn't understand why she was alone all the time, but she would make do. It was clear to her that she would be the only one that would ever have her own back, and so she did what she could to numb the worry and want of affection and attention and move on. Her little sister wasn't old enough to play with yet, and Violet did her best to try to take care of Andrea as best she could, but young children cannot take care of even younger children.

At least school was easy. Granted, she was lucky there was a school to be at, but it took off the edges that lived at home for the time being. She threw herself in whatever academics she could find, determined to be the best. And she did well, for the most part. Making friends proved much more difficult. After years of doing things alone, the concept of friends felt so foreign. After an incident where a friend took advantage of what little trust she was given (and ended up going home with a bloody nose, also given by Violet), she withdrew even further. She became known for her temper on the playground, and frequently got into fights.

She didn't care when Mary uprooted her to Demacia. Nothing had changed for her, except a better access to education, she supposed. Mary had found out why she had been all alone for almost eleven years. Jack, skilled with technology, had installed hidden scripts on the phone he gave her to block numbers he didn't approve. When her family turned to writing letters, he took them and hid them, taking them away and shredding them. As cunning as Jack was, Mary was smarter, sharper. The scripts weren't hidden enough, and when she found them and stripped them away, a flood of worry filled her phone to the brim. After months of planning in secret, Mary took Violet and Andrea and fled to her family back in Demacia. They resettled with her parents as she got the divorce rolling, and she changed hers and her daughter's surnames to her parents', MacKellen.

The transition was hell. Suddenly, she had a "family," that were sweet, loving, overbearing, and clearly lying. Violet despised it. She had spent the last ten years to be generally ignored and made into a playground pariah only for her to be smothered in saccharine kindness. She felt cheated. Why did they want to love her now? What about all of those times she had to cry all on her own, the bandaids she had to learn to put on herself, what about all of that? Did that mean nothing? Were they really that stupid to think that Violet would just gloss over it? There was only one thing left to do: throw herself as deep into middle and high school as possible. Get the best grades, prove herself as something.

And she did. She proved to be one of the best in her class, taking harder and harder classes. Her family was ecstatic and wanted to congratulate their prodigy child any way they could, by Violet just pushed them and her longing for belonging aside and dug in deeper. She found her passion for music along the way, joining orchestra on the bass and picking up the bass guitar at home. Not feeling like she had any other outlet, she started writing music in her spare time. She worked to tame her anger, as it turned out that secondary school in Demacia wasn't near as forgiving a fist fight as elementary school in Zaun was. However, anything off campus was fair game. She became quite the formidable fighter, her style bordering on ruthless. Her reputation preceded her, as a coldhearted teen hellbent on getting what she wanted. That's okay. That's fine. She shoved her loneliness further aside and pushed harder.

A part of her wanted to connect with her sister, but most of her didn't know how. She could tell Andrea wanted to be friends ever since they moved, but how could she? Andrea was probably just like every one else and pitied her, and recognize that she was the reason everything fell apart. Andrea lost friends in the move, didn't she blame her for that? It was though the weight of survival was lifted off of Andrea, and she was freed from their childhood, but Violet still felt that weight. She was afraid that if she let even one person in, even if that person was her sister, everything would fall apart. Don't get Violet wrong. She loved her sister. She even loved her mother. But this was for the best. No one getting in means no one getting out ever again. For the best.

She watched with jealousy as others watched her with fear. She envied those with high school sweethearts, those who wanted to go to school dances and assemblies, those with lives. She was top of her class, but that didn't seem to matter to anyone else but her. What did she do wrong? The school was hesitant to make her valedictorian, due to her sour and bitter attitude, but there was no denying she had earned it. Violet was reluctant to be valedictorian, after all, either you didn't know her or you were afraid of her. But, her drive to be the best got the better of her. Her graduation speech wasn't the only thing she was planning, however. She was planning on leaving. Leaving her saccharine family and longing behind. If she didn't have to see the thing she wanted, it wasn't there.

Graduation went without a hitch. So did her plan. She left the ceremony early, and by the time her family returned, all that was left of her was furniture and what clothes she left behind. No note. No trace. No where to, no number to call, nothing. This would be the last time Violet would ever see her family, and that was... for the best.

She moved to a darker, lower part of the city while she went to culinary school in a shiny fancy university. It was a hellova drive, but it was worth not ever having to run into anyone she might know. No one would guess her passion for food, either, so she felt it a pretty safe route to take. Her reputation fortunately didn't follow her, and as quiet as she was, she breezed through school almost undetected, if anything she was praised for her prowess. It was fine. She started working at a bar when she turned 21, where she eventually met the people who would become her guitarist and drummer, though not necessarily friends. On her off time, she would sometimes venture into the Demacian underground fight clubs to keep her skills sharp, and to rub off any anger and empty that wouldn't work its way out through food or music.

Violet was 22 when it happened. Shortly after graduation, feeling at a dead end, she found herself particularly alone in her dark and empty flat. The tears simply wouldn't stop. What was she going to become? Was this really who she was meant to be..? She doesn't remember most of that night, only a flash of light, and a call for help. She woke up the next day with a tiny blue phoenix resting on her chest, and the feeling that maybe, maybe this was the fresh start she needed. Fire burned inside of her, hot and bright. She was clumsy, and maybe caused more damage than necessary, but she finally felt like she was doing something, keeping these void things at bay. She wasn't sure how to act around other Star Guardians, however, so she tended to keep her distance and not reveal herself. Until someone caught her.

She never knew his real name, only Echo. He had been a star guardian for years, and ran into Violet by following a stray firebolt. He took a shine to her, and although she wasn't keen on having a companion, it was nice to see someone actually like her for a change. He didn't know anything about her, her mistakes, her history, and she felt that if anyone could actually like her, it was him. Echo was the one who gave her the nickname Six, since calling her Vi was still too close to her real name. They were partners for over half a year, enjoying their own little team, until tragedy struck. They were fighting a monster that might have been more than the two could handle, but there was no choice. Violet fired, but the monster was smart and quick, dodging in such a way to put Echo straight in the line of fire, knocking him out. Panicked, she did her best to destroy the monster before it could destroy him. Unfortunately, her attempts were in vain. In her anger at her inadequacy and sorrow over the loss of her friend, she lashed out in a wave of fire, just enough to take the monster down. Echo died in her arms.

Violet was distraught. No amount of screaming or wailing would ever bring her friend back, and it was her fault he was gone. Still clutching to her friend, she was approached by a shadowy figure, who introduced herself as Zoe. She wasn't like a Star Guardian, she was... different. Dim. She saw the darkness and anger in Violet's heart. Violet, convinced that she would never make a good Star Guardian now, gave into Zoe. Her vibrant blue emblem faded with the rest of her, marking her descent as a Corrupted Guardian. If she couldn't be good at being good, she'd do what she's always done: good at being cold and ruthless.

Violet kept Echo's emblem, hidden, as a reminder and the last thing she has left of him. She still works at that bar, still plays in her band, life goes on as normal, but it is dark and grey. Her own bitterness has drowned out any hope that she has left. All there is now is the hunt. She doesn't go after Star Guardians who genuinely do their jobs, but looks for those who are as wreckless and aloof as she, unless Zoe says otherwise. Believing that redemption is out of the cards from her, she is here to cause as much destruction and pain as the world has caused her.

Codename: Six

Years as a Guardian: 2

Years of Corruption: 1

Specialty: Violet's fire powers burn as hot and intense as she does, so hot that it burns blue rather than red.
- Fire Punch: Exactly what it sounds like. Violet sets her gauntlets on fire and hits you. Hard. With fire.
- Firebolt: Violet charges a ball of flame in her palm and fires it in a beam. Very hot. Don't wanna get caught in that. Can be a one or two handed attack.
- Breaker: Violet charges at the enemy with firey speed and brute force, hitting them with her gauntlets and knocking them off their footing. This attack is intense enough to break regular shields, and does a good bit of damage to magical shields.
- Overheat: In a fit of emotional energy, Violet releases a shock wave of superheated fire around her. It is exhausting, but will burn everything in its wake.

Weapon: Violet uses a pair of heavy gauntlets alongside her firepower. Much bigger than just her hands, they extend to her forearm, and have her star emblem (a dim blue diamond) on top. While the gauntlets can be powered up, they pack quite a punch even on their own.

Spirit: Ravah was once a brilliant blue phoenix, decorated with beautiful plumage and perfectly sized to fit on Violet's shoulder. Now, her color has faded to a dull ash grey, looking more like a crow than a phoenix. She spends most her time on Violet or perched just out of sight. Ravah is Violet's opposite in many ways, being quiet and reserved. She prefers to watch from away, and scope the full situation before making any plans. She is very prideful, and won't do anything that puts her elegant image in danger. Even as ash, she will be the ethereal bird she was meant to be.


Appearance: As a Star Guardian, she was decked in white, gold, and pale cerulean. She wears an embroidered cerulean vest that tucks into white pants with blue stripes up the legs. Her frilled white shirt hung off of both her shoulders with glossy short sleeves, and she wore white and blue boots to finish the base. She also wore pieces of gold armor: a set of pauldrons, cuisses, and greaves, all beautifully engraved and sparkling. She also wore a golden circlet that draped perfectly over her forehead, adorned with stars. Her five-point star emblem could be found on her left pauldron, shining for all to see. To tie it all together, she had a pale blue bow tied in the back.

Now that she's been corrupted, everything has gotten dimmer. Her armor has tarnished into a dark bronze, and the circlet is completely black. The tied bow is also a much darker shade of blue, and her white boots are pure black. She now wears a navy long-sleeved collar shirt, tucking into now black leggings with a navy stripe. She also wears a black half jacket with short sleeves, adorned with broken bronze stars and her own dimmed emblem.

Other: It has been six years since Violet last saw Andrea or anyone else in their family. Violet is two years Andrea's senior.
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Monster Guy

Fairy type Trainer
Name: Oliver Cobalt

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Species: Human


Appearance: Oliver gives off the impression of someone who was born into wealth. He carries himself with class and sophistication at all times. He has an angular face with a firm jawline, and defined features. He has been told he’s handsome a number of times, and if we’re being honest, he actually believes his own hype. He stands tall at six foot three inches, and has a surprisingly muscular build underneath all the clothes he wears. He has piercing blue eyes, a fair skin complexion, and medium length blonde hair. His hair reaches a little past his ears, long enough to do a dramatic hair flip sometimes. It is kept neatly styled at all times. He usually wears a serious stoic expression on his face. The times when he does smile, you can see he has perfectly white teeth. He has multiple piercings in his ears so he can wear a bunch of earrings if he so chooses.

For clothing, Oliver likes to dress fancy. He wears expensive designer clothes that flaunt his wealth. His fancy wardrobe mostly consists of button down dress shirts, vests, trousers, and dress shoes with spats. He always keeps his clothes neat and tidy. He usually dresses in a purple and black color scheme. He also wears a lot of jewelry like earrings, rings, hairpins, brooches, etc. He is rarely ever seen without some kind of hat on his head. Usually a black newsboy hat. He also enjoys wearing scarves.

Personality: Oliver is a proud, confident young man. He can come off as arrogant sometimes, often overestimating himself, while underestimating others. Oliver was born into wealth, and was given everything he ever wanted growing up. He is not used to being told no, and developed a superiority complex because of it. He often acts entitled. He has very high standards, and he gets upset if things do not meet those standards. He is very frivolous, and lives a very extravagant lifestyle. He's known for spending money like it grows on trees. He demands the best from everyone and everything, himself included. He works hard to be the best he can be, and doesn’t understand why others can’t be bothered to do the same.

Oliver values beauty in all areas of his life. From his taste in clothes, to the people he associates with, to the kind of possessions he collects. He likes nice luxurious things and won’t settle for anything less. He puts a lot of stock in his own looks, and prides himself on being handsome. He can often be seen studying his reflection in mirrors. He despises dirt and ugliness with a passion, and has no problem criticizing other people that don’t meet his standards.

Although he can be quite charming when he wants to be, In reality, Oliver is depressed and lonely. He goes home to a big empty house, and a part of him wishes he had somebody to come home to. Behind closed doors, he is sad and lonely. He can be clingy with those people that do hang around him. He spends a lot of money on the person, doing whatever he can to impress the person, constantly calls/texts the person, and is always hanging out with them. He is very stubborn, and strong willed. Once he’s made up his mind on something, it’s near impossible to unmake it. He wants things done his way all the time, and doesn’t compromise with others. He also is one to hold grudges against those that have wronged him, and is slow to forgive. You would think that would contradict with the clinginess, and it does. He still wants people around, but he wants them around on his terms.

He likes the power that comes with being a Star Guardian. He is ruthless in a battle, and enjoys showing off and always wants to be the one to deliver the finishing blow. Beneath the arrogance and entitlement, Oliver is a sad lonely rich kid. He will never admit that to anyone, lest he be seen as weak.

History: Oliver Cobalt was born into a wealthy family. They owned and invested in many businesses, and acquired a large fortune. They spend most of their time attending to their many businesses, they barely had time for their son. His parents basically threw money at him, and hoped the issue of having to raise a kid would take care of itself. Whether that was hiring the best nannies they could to take care of him, to outright giving large cash allowances so he could get himself whatever he wanted.

Of course, throwing cash at your kid is not a substitute for parenting them. Oliver grew up with a huge superiority complex, but also a strong sense of loneliness. He tried his best to win friends and influence people. He threw himself into Academics, and tried his hand at sports. He did all he could to be the most popular guy in school. While he built himself an entourage, It didn’t really help much. He knew deep down these people only hung around for his money

There was one friend he had in his life. A boy named Conner Waters. They went to the same school, and spoke to each other a few times. He sure as heck didn’t look like it, but his family had money too. They started dating at some point. For Conner this was just a casual fling, but for Oliver, this was something serious. Oliver believed that he and Conner would be the biggest power couple the world had ever seen! Conner broke up with him. He wasn’t ready for a serious relationship, and wanted to see other people. He also felt that Oliver was too clingy for his liking. Conner was ok just being friends, but Oliver still hasn’t forgiven him for it.

At some point, Oliver was chosen by the first light to be a Star Guardian. He doesn’t remember the details of how it happened, or even why he was chosen in the first. Still, at the time, it was the happiest day of the his life. He was going to be special! He joined a team of other guardians. He tried his best, but found he didn’t really get along with his teammates. He always wanted to be the one to deal the killing blow on a monster, close rift, get any kind of glory he could. He often ruined plans and got into fights with his teammates because of it.

One day they were fighting a bunch of monsters. It turned out to be a lot more than anyone bargained for. A teammate died in the fight. An argument ensued between Oliver and the remaining teammate. After that, Oliver left in a huff. He soon met Zoe. She convinced him that his teammates would never appreciate him. She offered him a place where he would be respected and treated like the sparkling diamond he is. Feeling like he had been understood, Oliver gave in, and Zoe killed Oliver and corrupted him.

Now Oliver is a college student. He lives a luxurious lifestyle and causes chaos as a corrupted guardian. He enjoys it very much.

Corrupted Guardian Section
Codename: Diamond

Years as a Guardian: 2

Years of Corruption: 1

Specialty: Gemstones

Crystal Spike: Oliver summons crystal spikes out of the ground that stabs opponents.

Crystal Blast: Oliver fires sharp crystal projectiles. They explode on impact.

Gem Shield: Oliver produces a shield of crystals in front of him to protect from an attack

Diamond Storm: Oliver summons a vortex of swirling diamonds. It’s beautiful and deadly. Anyone caught in it get stabbed with a bunch of razor sharp crystals.

Weapon: Oliver’s weapon is a crystal lance. A long stick with a pointed purple diamond at the top. He can wave it around to channel attacks, or stab people with the pointed tip.

Spirit: Amethyst is a cat literally made out of crystal. Her body is faceted like a diamond, and she sparkles brightly. Pre corruption, she used to be a lavender color. Post corruption, she is now a much darker purple. Her personality is very much like that of a spoiled cat. She like her owner acts high and mighty, and isn’t very nice to others. Oliver is the exception. He spoils her, and she loves that.


Appearance: When transformed, Oliver is basically covered in crystals and gems. He dons faceted crystal armor. His chestplate, gauntlets, and greaves appear to be made of solid diamond. He wears matching boots as his footwear. He also wears a vest with crystal design on it over the chestplate. The vest has a tailcoat flowing behind it. Sprouting from his back are crystal wings. Two clusters of crystals sit on either side of his head, and crystals adorning his shoulders and hips. He also has diamond earrings. Diamond symbols appear on his forehead while transformed, and similar symbols also appear in his eyes.

Pre corruption, Olivers colors were lighter. He wore lavender and white. His hair and eyes also become lavender. Post corruption his color scheme became black and a darker shade of purple.
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