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SU Thread | Main RPG Thread

GM: Leona, Leader of the Star Guardians - Skillfulness


Masaru, Fire - VampirateMace
Clare Grace Walker, Purple Magic - Vern
Conner Waters, Water || Oliver Colbalt, Gemstones - Monster Guy
Miu Meizhu, Candy - GoldenHouou
Lamb, Life and Death - AndyDemon
Andrea MacKellin, Guns || Violet MacKellen, Blue fire - Sketchie
✩ ✧ Hey everyone, GM Skill here! Though most of the info here is what's found in the sign-up thread, I will update it as we meet new characters and move forward. As always, feel free to ask any questions and I'll answer them as soon as I get a chance to, thanks. ✧ ✩

Blurb from the SU Thread
The universe has existed for ages. Trillions upon trillions of years have passed with all manner of life passing with it. Matter changes form over millennia and stars are born and die every day. While most of the universe passes time without much importance, there are things going on behind the dark curtain of destiny.

The First Light was there in the beginning, alone in the darkness. Tired of being alone, it spread it's starlight through the universe. Everything in existence has starlight in it, everything has a bit of the First Light within it. It knew it's creation would not stay safe though. The darkness is relentless and filled with terror. It knew it needed to be protected. Thus the first Star Guardians were born.

The Guardians were imbued with great power. The First Star filled them with light and called them to protect the universe against darkness. The first Star Guardians burned brightly. They also burned quickly. They fulfilled their duty and protected all that belonged to the light, but all things come to an end. A Star Guardian will burn up their starlight over time, and it will eventually fade. Still, the First Light continued to call new Guardians to the cause, spread across all edges of the universe. Unfortunately, not all those who were called believed in their given purpose.

One Star Guardian decided she was tired of the cycle and splintered from the other Guardians. She kept the powers of starlight, but retreated to the darkness. There she found siblings of her own and treasured them. They were all they had, together alone in the dark. But they would be attacked by a great evil there. The battle was ravenous and the Star Guardian lost all her friends in the fight. She mourned and despaired, but her sorrow quickly turned to anger. It is said that she went to hunt down the evil and confront it to change her destiny, but no one knows for sure what became of her.

In the present day, Star Guardians exist across the universe, living within alien societies and blending in with their regular brothers and sisters. They burn bright with starlight, as numerous and unique as the stars themselves. Most gather together. Groups of stars shine brighter when they work together, as the First Light intended. Very few can remember how they were called by the light and simply know they were chosen to fight against darkness and protect the light. Guardians are chosen for their good virtues such as kindness, resolve, and cleverness, but above all they are chosen for their courage. A light must continue to burn bright even in the most powerful of darkness.

When a person is called to become a Star Guardian, they receive a small, star shaped trinket that embodies their power. Small enough to fit more than one in your palm, they sparkle and shine the healthier a Guardian is. They become dull and begin to show cracks the more darkness a Guardian embraces, and when a Corrupted Guardian defeats someone, they destroy their emblem to gain more power. A Guardian who loses their emblem is in danger

Half of becoming a Star Guardian is having magical abilities, but the other half is your spirit. Your spirit is a small, animalistic creature that is able to transform itself into your magical weapon. Some prefer to stay in animal form and assist your regular, magical abilities, while others will never come out from their weapon form. Each has their own personality, but cannot communicate verbally, only use gestures or actions. When corrupted, their colors may darken and their personality may become more bitter and filled with hate, but otherwise they don’t change.

The First Light:
The source of any and all Star Guardians powers. Not much else is known about it, except there are some Guardians that have special relationships with it. Some see visions, others can hear it speak, but most Guardians are only aware of its general presence and its task to protect the universe.

Corrupted Guardians:
When a Star Guardian is filled with darkness and despair, they may become a Corrupted Guardian. Zoe is the only person capable of turning a Guardian, but she is always looking out for new members to recruit. She kills the Guardian, then resurrects them with a heart filled with darkness instead of the light. Corrupted Guardians can be cured with enough time; if they feel remorse for their actions and have a willing Star Guardian, the Guardian can purify them, repairing their connection to the First Light. This isn’t a common occurrence so the exact process isn’t known in great detail, but experienced Guardians usually have the power to purify.

These are the mysterious creatures Star Guardians fight against to keep the universe safe. They come in many varieties, always appearing from strange, one-way portals to cause destruction and consume anything and everything in their path. They have their own power that can rival that of the First Light, which is why Guardians frequently work in teams to take them on. Most voids are weak, but large in number they can be a great challenge. Stranger, larger enemies have been known to appear


Star Guardians
Meet your Leader: Leona
(see GM sign-up)

Leona has been a Star Guardian for 8 years, so she has a lot of experience. She’s a warrior on the field, but she’s known for not being able to keep the same team for too long. Part of her worries she is too strict or cold towards her teammates, but another part of her is afraid she’s cursed and putting her teammates in danger everyday. Though she is incredibly courageous and self-sacrificing, she has her own doubts about her ability to lead and she’s concerned about the rising number of Voids attacking the city. As one of her teammates, you’ll be following her lead and helping her fight the darkness. You’ll have your everyday life to worry about as well, but do your best to answer her call when she needs your help to fight the darkness.

Corrupted Guardians
Meet your Master: Zoe

Zoe was the original Corrupted Guardian from the old stories. She still lives and spends her time hunting down not just the greater evil that destroyed her friends, but she also hunts down Star Guardians. To make a Corrupted Guardian, she kills them, then resurrects them and replaces the light in their hearts with darkness. While she prefers to find stragglers, the abandoned, or ostracized Star Guardians that are easy targets, Zoe can be bold and will use her Corrupted minions to attack full teams of Guardians from time to time. If you have been corrupted, you will receive instructions from Zoe, but are otherwise free to hunt Star Guardians on your own. Until your master calls, you’re left to your own devices, but when she calls, you will have to answer.

And away we go!
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Sorry for such a delay on the last post, but found the time to polish it up and we're set to go! Let me know if you have any questions or confusion.

Monster Guy and Sketchie - Oliver and Violet are free to be doing whatever beforehand, but ultimately they will be appearing before Jinx and Lamb and Wolf respectively. Let me know if you need more details ^_^


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Something like that; she could imprint the warehouse in his head, then give him the specific location so he knows where it is and what it looks like. You can have some artistic licence here whether she did so magically or logically.