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Star Guardians: A New Era

Discussion in 'Role-Playing Games' started by Skillfulness, Nov 9, 2019.

  1. Skillfulness

    Skillfulness Well-Known Member

    Only in darkness can the light shine brightly.

    ✩ ✧ Star Guardians: A New Era ✧ ✩
    Sign-up Thread

    Athembury City - Shoping District

    Leona looked around at the displays she had worked on all afternoon. While she had also clearly sold flowers and bouquets to people throughout the day at the flower shop, her pride and joy was in setting up the shop for the following morning. She had more than a dozen tables setup with a beautiful variety of bouquets. The shelves and windows were lined with smaller groupings of flowers and specialty sales. It wasn’t just flowers for sale here, but some other fun and unique plants. They had a section for things like fertilizer and pots as well and they even had a small area where they sold tools for further helping people maintain their little green friends. A shelf near the service desk had numerous books to help people care for their plants. It was a lovely little shop.

    Working here was perfect for Leona. It didn’t take up too much of her time, but was enough for her to afford a modest apartment. The owners were incredibly kind and Leona learned she had a knack for customer service. Plus she loved the plants--tulips were her favorite.

    In about five minutes her shift would be over and she could start the second half of her day. Patrolling the city took a good number of hours, but as team leader she needed to take the initiative. Especially since the sightings of void had started to increase enough that the regular citizens even noticed something wasn’t quite right. Her second job, though entirely unknown to all but a few, was her more important one.

    At the strike of 6 p.m., Leona locked up and started packing things away in the shop, counting money, etc. On weekdays they closed earlier. Zelgar was hiding in the back room so she opened the door and he pounced out immediately, chasing a small fly that flew out.

    “Oh Zelgar don’t break anything!” Leona called out. He was good about being careful when it came to staying out of trouble, which included staying hidden. Once Leona finished up he dutifully hopped into her oversized tote, curling up in the bottom. She smiled down at his furry figure while she walked out of the shop and towards the park.


    Athembury City Park

    The park was nearly empty when she reached it. Leona had made a short stop at the local sandwich place for her dinner and it was just after 7 p.m. when she arrived at Athembury City Park. With it being late into the fall months (something Leona needed getting used to her first few years on this planet) it got darker out much sooner. The encroaching darkness drove people away. The park was near the edge of town, which is what drew Leona to it in the first place. Last week she had overheard a couple that said a large, wild bug flew at them aggressively so they had to leave. This was a very big clue that Voidlings could have an open rift nearby.

    Leona made right for the edge of the park and pulled out her phone. She kept notes of which areas she had already patrolled. She felt good about the progress she had made so far. Some of her team had volunteered to help in their free time too. Working together they would find the rift soon, but tonight she was on her own.

    A chittering reached her ears. It was the familiar chirps of a small Voidling nearby. Leona crouched and started pinpointing the location. She slowly moved towards it, eyes peeled for movement. Zelgar popped his head out, resting his chin on the edge of the bag. As she wove through the thinning trees, the sounds got louder and she froze. That sounded like much more than one little Voidling and she didn’t want to risk walking into something she wasn’t prepared for. She took a moment to think about her next step.

    Leona took in a small breath and focused to fly to the top of the trees. Now she could see out much further and the sight made her gasp. Just at the edge of the trees, where a seemingly endless field began, she saw what they have been searching for. A purple glow shone through the darkness. There was a strange, lighting-like energy seared across the ground crawling with little green and purple creatures she knew as Voidlings. Taking a moment she guessed there had to be over fifty of the creatures of darkness. It would be an impossible task for a lone Star Guardian.

    Quickly she removed her phone and took a snapshot of her map app, using another app to mark a red X where she was. Then she sent out the picture to her Star Guardian team with a quick message.

    “Alright Zelgar, ready?” Satisfied with her plan Leona began her Star Guardian transformation. Summoning the power of Starlight, she spun while hovering in the air. Zelgar leapt up with her, the two of them enveloped in yellow light. First her physical appearance changed, hair becoming golden. Then her clothing transformed into her magical armor while Zelgar morphed into her sword and shield, both adorned with a four-pointed star emblem. Still hovering in the air she took a quick overview of the battlegrounds before diving in towards a Voidling near the edge of the mass of bugs. She stayed under the cover of trees and used her sword for a Sun Strike, the weapon glowing bright and slashing through three of the creatures easily. Hopefully she wouldn’t be overpowered before her team arrived to help.
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  2. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Fairy type Trainer

    Conner Waters
    The Beach

    Out on the waves, keeping his balance on the board, as the large waves took him up into the sky. Conner had a look of pure delight on his face. "Yahooooo!" The young man shouted as he rode the wave. Surfing was his passion. He loved the thrill and the adrenaline rush that came from riding the big waves until they crashed onto the shore. It helped him get his mind off the stresses of life. His parents would no doubt prefer he bed studying right now, but there was plenty of time for that later. Besides, he was never going to be as successful as Arianna, so why should he bother putting in all that effort if they were only going to bring up how much better his sis was at everything. Better to focus on what he was good at, like surfing.

    Even Chesi, his familiar, enjoyed jumping around and slashing in the water. The small Dolphin knew to stay hidden when she needed to be. However, sometimes she liked playing in the water with her human companion.

    He spent a few hours on the beach, but the sun was beginning to set. Now seemed like a good time to start heading home. So, paddled his way out of the water, and onto the shore. He dried himself off with a towel, put his tank top on, then packed up his surfboard and other things into his cool blue car. After that, he hit the gas pedal, and started to make the drive home. Chesi flew away, and kept hidden, but made sure to be nearby in case Conner needed her.

    On the way home, Conner stopped somewhere and got himself something to eat for dinner. During the drive home, his phone pinged. Once he got to a stop light, he checked the notification, and saw it was from Leona, his Star Guardians Captain. She never sent a message just to casually chat. Conner's face lit up. "Ooh, looks like we're in for some action tonight!" He might be coming home late because of this. He was sure he would never hear the end of it from his parents if they caught him. He didn't care, it would be well worth it. So, at the first available opportunity, Conner made a turn, and headed for the park.

    Athembury City Park

    The park was devoid of any other people when Conner arrived. Since there weren't any people nearby, Chesi took the opportunity to come down from where she was hiding, and hover over Conner's shoulder. "Leona needs our help. You ready girl?"

    Chesi responded with an affirmative squeak.

    "Great! Now, where could she be?"

    It didn't take very long to find out why Leona had summoned the guardians here. He started to hear chirps that gradually got louder and louder as he got closer. Soon he saw them. A lot of those green and purple little bugs scurrying across the floor. Conner grinned.

    "Hell yes! Let's do this Chesi!" Conner closed his eyes, and summoned the power of starlight, and started to transform. He spun around as he was enveloped in water. Gradually the water formed into different parts of Conner's Star Guardian armor. Then, his hair turned blue, and he opened his eyes to reveal that they had turned blue as well. Finally, Chesi transformed into his trident and floated into Conner's outstretched hand. When his transformation was complete, Conner struck a pose at the end. "Alright!"

    Conner flew into the air, and charged right into the fray. He attacked the creatures by summoning a water jet from his trident. Knocking back a few of the creatures with the strong water pressure. "Yo! Leona! Riptide, at your service!" He gave her a quick salute before heading back into the battle.
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  3. Vern

    Vern Why not both?

    Clare Grace Walker
    Demacia - Residential District --> Athembury City Park

    After the school day, Clare returned to an empty home, which wasn’t unusual. Her father was rarely home so early, and her mother had a habit of buying groceries around this time — why she chose it, Clare never knew, but it suited her just fine. It wasn’t that she disliked her parents, per se, but when they were absent, she felt a lot more free, like chains had been lifted from her shoulders.

    She ascended the stairs to the second story of their house, where her room was located, and changed from her school uniform into a casual t-shirt and pants. Her room was fairly sparse, nothing more than a bed, a desk, a chair, and her wardrobe — all coloured a muted combination of greys, blues, and browns. Recently, she’d bought a dart board and hung it on the wall at the foot of her bed. Her guitar was propped up against the wall by her wardrobe, and she gave it a few cursory strums before setting it aside.

    “Lu Chien!” She called, looking around the room for her familiar. There was no response, which was typical, but it was worth a try. He was probably asleep somewhere, and it wasn’t like he needed her to remind him to keep hidden.

    She allowed herself to fall backwards onto her bed, letting out a tired grown — school never failed to drain her of all her energy, as well as most of what little motivation she had. I wonder how long it’s been since I last enjoyed a class… shaking her head, she cut herself off before her thoughts drifted too far in that direction. Things aren’t like that anymore. You have a reason to wake up now. Keep it together, Clare.

    Clare wiggled backwards, propping herself up against her pillow. With a wave of her hand, a small purple film appeared over the dartboard — as she’d leant the hard way, her needles had a tendency to pierce through the fabric and damage the wall behind it, so some sort of protection was necessary. Using her own shield power to fulfil that end killed two birds with one stone — maintaining it for extended periods of time was always a problem for her, so this gave her an opportunity to practice that as well as her marksmanship.

    “Lu Chien!” She called again, and once again received no response. Occasionally, when it tickled his fancy, the snake would carry the dartboard in his mouth and fly around the room, giving her a moving target, but it appeared he wasn’t feeling up to it today. Sighing, she called five needles into existence above her head, directing them towards the dartboard with her finger. “One, two, three, four, five…” all five of them hit the board dead center, bouncing off the shield and falling onto the ground, disintegrating into nothing.

    It occured to her that there was homework she was supposed to be doing, but she decided to leave that for tomorrow -- or at least after dinner.


    “Hey, Lu Chien,” Clare yawned, “Do you remember what that squiggly thing next to sin(x) means?” She’d finished dinner and retreated to her room, not wanting to spend too long in her parents’ company — today was one of those days. Her familiar had decided to show himself after being bribed with a piece of chocolate, and was now looped over her shoulders, staring down curiously at the algebra worksheet on her desk. He wasn’t exactly helpful, for obvious reasons, but it felt good to have someone to talk to.

    Her phone buzzed.

    Feigning indifference — although she wasn’t sure who she was acting for, really — she reached over and picked it up, in time to see the text: “Leona: Found the void rift, come assist ASAP.” It was followed by a map marked with a red ‘x’. A smile crept over her face. “Well, what are you waiting for?” She said, standing up and stretching, causing her companion to slip off her neck and fall onto the floor, “No time to lose.”

    Clare made her preparations quickly — first slapping a post-it note saying “practicing, don’t come in” on her bedroom door, then locking it and opening her laptop, instructing it to play a pre-recorded loop of various guitar solos. Then, she opened her window and jumped out, using her flight to slowly descend to the ground. She could see her parents having a hushed discussion in the kitchen, neither of them looking up to see her sneak out onto the road, with Lu Chien looped around her neck, his form hidden by the jacket’s hood.


    It didn’t take her too long to reach the location Leona had marked, having made a beeline there after finding a place secluded enough that she could take off without being noticed. It wasn’t hard to see the source of the commotion — a familiar figure dressed in gold was already engaged in combat with a swarm of dark shapes, glowing sunlight lighting up the park in the waning light of the evening. She’d gotten here just in time to see Riptide — one of the newer members of the team — transform, strike a pose even though nobody was watching, and dive into the fray.

    “Showoff.” She muttered to herself, more jokingly than contemptuously. Smiling, she took a deep breath and gave her animal companion a pat on the head, “Let’s not keep them waiting, Lu Chien.” She hovered in place for a bit as she initiated her transformation, her clothes shifting into her guardian outfit, and her hair and eyes turning purple. Lu Chien gave a gleeful hiss, evidently excited by the prospect of battle.

    Approaching the fight, Clare arced around to land besides Leona as a few voidlings screeched in pain, their insect-like eyes punctured by her purple needles. “Hey,” She said, giving her leader a friendly wave -- Riptide seemed to be a little distracted by beating up insects, and it wouldn't be good to interrupt someone in the midst of battle just to say hello. “Is there a plan, or do we just kill whatever we see?"
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  4. VampirateMace

    VampirateMace Internet Overlord

    Pellico City (Alley)

    Masaru stood against the wall in an alley, glancing out every now and then, as a tourist haggled with his buddy Hodge. They were just close enough for him to hear the conversation. The man was obviously skeptical and asked, “Well, it's not a real Magirotex is it?”

    “That's what it says,” argued Hodge. Masaru yawned, moving fakes one at a time was boring, but relatively safe as long as they stayed away from the authorities. Which is why it was good to have a look-out, the roll he was fulfilling right now. He glanced behind him at Hodge and the tourist. The tourist wavered and looked around, then finally sighed, “Fine, I'll take it.”

    Hodge counted the money as the guy walked off, then slipped into the alley opposite Masaru. He handed him a couple bills and slipped the rest into his coat pocket, before suggesting, “Guy almost walked away from me.”

    “Eh, it happens,” dismissed Masaru, “just let it go if they do. Don't do anything to give them a reason to call the cops.” He pulled out his phone and checked the time, then he reached down and picked up his backpack, “But, we've been hanging around here long enough. I think the newsstand guy is getting suspicious, and I need to get get going anyways.”

    “Man, where do you keep disappearing to?” asked Hodge. Masaru slipped on his backpack, somewhat carefully since his familiar was riding inside, “I'm just meeting a friend.”

    “Since when do you have friends besides us?” asked Hodge as he started to walk away. Masaru turned back, made a rude gesture, then waved goodbye.

    Athembury City (Bus Station > Athembury City Park)

    It was already getting dark as the bus pulled up to the station, the breaks hissing. Masaru waited while other people started filing off, mostly orderly, but there were always a few impatience pricks in the bunch. His boredom was interrupted by a soft chime, and quietly he slipped his phone out of his pocket. The notification on the screen showed the start of a text from the team leader, indicating the location of rift. Perfect, looked like things tonight wouldn't just be a boring search mission.

    After he got off, he started jogging towards the park marked on the map. It wasn't too far away, and there was no point in trying to find a open locker or an isolated place to transform at the bus station. Mere blocks away he'd have more privacy, especially this time of day. He slipped off his backpack and unzipped it part way, letting his dragon familiar slither out. The wiggly snake-like body flew just behind his shoulder as ran.

    As he approached the field, he could see two others had already joined the leader. He stopped and looked back at Forge, “Guess we're here. Let's do this.”

    Forge flew closer, encircling Masaru as he was sheathed in golden starlight. The light quickly turned orange and fiery as his clothes transformed into Star Guardian uniform. The dragon rose, becoming thinner and darker, then falling into his hand in the form of a whip. The flame like energy died down and Masaru cracked the whip, along which flames flared to life.

    Flying in, he was just in time to hear Clare ask it there was a plan. He swatted back the nearest void beetle thing with a lash of his whip, leaving a scorch mark on it's shell. Then he commented back, “I don't know if Leona has plan, but killing them all sounds like a fine plan to me!”
  5. Skillfulness

    Skillfulness Well-Known Member

    Athembury City Park

    Leona danced around the edge of the swarm. She kept her shield at her left to defend herself from that side while she made wide, sweeping strikes with her sword on her right. So far she had saved herself from getting surrounded, but it wouldn’t be long before she needed help. They continued pouring out of the rift, tens at a time. As she knocked back another scampering Voidling, a jet of water appeared and took out a wave of enemies.

    "Yo! Leona! Riptide, at your service!" The blue-clad, blue-haired Riptide, a.k.a Conner, gave Leona a salute. He flew into the fray, trident in hand. The young Star Guardian had nearly a year of experience and was doing well. He had exuberant enthusiasm for the calling, but could be cocky at times. His water abilities could be useful in crowd control situations such as this one. Leona was grateful he was here for helping close the rift as not everyone was able to come out to help on every fight.

    A moment passed and Leona sensed a new presence nearby, announced by a spread of purple needles.“Hey,” Clare said, giving her a friendly wave. “Is there a plan, or do we just kill whatever we see?" Leona bashed another pest with her shield, stamping it dead with her boot. Clare also proved to be a valuable member of their team. She was determined, driven, and focused. Leona was worried she had some deeper seeded worries that plagued her, but she was still waiting for the appropriate time to approach the subject

    “I don't know if Leona has plan, but killing them all sounds like a fine plan to me!” Above them, Masaru joined the group with a flick of his flaming whip. The newest, but not the youngest, member of the team occasionally had issues following orders, but Leona hoped he would grow to respect her decisions. She understood about earning respect. He was a decent battler so there wasn’t too much of an issue if he went rouge during a fight, for now.

    “Alright team!” she hollered above the buzzing and chirping of their adversaries. “I want Masaru and Riptide handling the Voidlings while Clare and I get close enough to close the rift. If anyone sees Candy Witch show up, have her handle damage control and Riptide switch to focus on healing and protection while we close it. Let’s go!” Clare had been around to close a rift or two. Given the number of void pouring out, it would be best to close it quickly and next time they found a rift she could help another member get experience. In this case, she didn’t want things getting out of control.

    Shield forward, Leona dashed through the voids, trusting that her allies would protect her sides and rear. She slashed to her sides and watched her peripheral for Clare, making sure she stayed close. While it wouldn’t be difficult to reach the rift, it got incredibly risky if one wasn’t prepared. As long as Conner and Masaru took care of the swarms, Leona and Clare would be safe enough to use their Starlight magic and close off the rest of the voids. Once it was in sight, Leona signaled to Clare for her to take the left side of the rift while she ran off to the right.

    Up closer, the rift sparked with dark energy. Streaks of lightning-like power rippled at the edge and within the rift was a dark, purple void. It looked like all the science fiction depictions of space with swirling nebula in multiple colors. A rushing sound surrounded the opening and a slight breeze rushed around it, seeming to come from all directions. It was unnerving being close to the source of such dark and evil creatures, but it was a necessity. Star Guardians were the only ones capable of closing these portals.

    “Alright Clare!” Leona shouted over the sound of the rift’s energy. “Signal when ready. Riptide and Masaru, watch our backs while we close this sucker!” Leona threw her shield over the shoulder to give additional protection to her back and steadied herself. There was no specific instruction to closing a rift, but she preferred to touch the emblem on her chest to focus her Starlight powers. For now, she held her sword ready to fend off Voidlings until Clare gave indication that she was also ready.
  6. GoldenHouou

    GoldenHouou be prepared

    Miu Meizhu
    The Candy Witch
    Residential District, Athembury City

    Though it was only early evening, Miu’s apartment complex was in a lull. Her kitchen looked unused, and her living room downright uninhabited. Beige throw pillows sat in a neat row on a large sofa, with nary a crumple in its cotton cover. The TV was plugged in, but turned off as usual; its only sign of life was a bright red dot of light, clearly visible amidst the surrounding darkness. The curtains around the house were closed, and the apartment basked in dusk.

    The only sounds in the lonely three-room apartment were the steady tap of a pen upon wood, and the occasional rustle of plastic.

    Behind the closed door of her room, Miu sat idly at her desk. The lights were turned off, but a small lamp illuminated the mess that occupied her table; piles upon piles of books and booklets lay strewed on the table, covering a variety of subjects. It was two weeks’ worth of homework, and save for math, she’d done none of it. She’d always found an excuse not to. Voidlings, usually.

    Miu stared at the open history book in front of her, hoping she could be fighting Voidlings right now.

    Truth be told, Miu used to love school back at home. But the things taught here... they were all either too simple, or of no use to her later on. This whole planet was so backwards. They hadn’t even invented their first flying car yet. Not even one!

    With a soft sigh, she reached for the bag of cookies resting against her pencil case. Mint chocolate chip, her favourite. Perhaps with the power of sugar, she could get herself to read at least a little more.

    But as she slipped her hand into the bag, she did not find the baked goods she was searching for. What she pulled out instead was a cross between a panda and a hamster, desperately clinging onto half-eaten cookies.

    “... Maru,” she stated in her usual, deadpan tone, “...Were you eating my cookies.”

    Maru seemed startled by the accusation. He started to stuff cookies into his mouth as fast as his small paws would allow, until his cheeks were round and swollen. He shook his head, showing off his now-empty hands as if to prove his innocence.

    “Oh.” Miu contemplated for a while, peeking past her familiar to find the bag empty. Her tone did not change to reflect her words, but a more acute observed might’ve noticed her brows furrowing a tad. “I wanted some...”

    Maru looked at her for a moment in remorseful silence, then started to loudly try and regurgitate some of what he’d stolen.

    Without so much as a blink, Miu dropped him back into the empty bag and returned to her homework.


    Athembury City Park

    An hour later, she’d forgotten all about reading.

    Miu sat sideways on a giant lollipop, breezing over treetops as fast as her transportation would allow. She’d fallen asleep on her homework, waking up to a missed message from Leona. She’d found a rift. Hopefully, Miu wasn’t too late; the chirping was loud, and the glow intense. Aside from Leona, their leader, she was the most experienced member of their team-- and therefore, she should have been the first to show up and set a good example. That’s what she usually did, too. This level of negligence on her part was unacceptable.

    By the time she arrived, the others were already in the fray. Leona and Clare were pushing their way through to the rift itself, while Masaru and Riptide were keeping the monsters at bay. She sped up toward them, jumping off her lollipop to swing it at an approaching swarm. There was a series of disgusting crunching sounds as the bugs’ shells shattered upon impact, but Miu was already preparing another attack.

    “... Sorry.” She said to the two boys behind her without letting her focus sway from the voidlings. All the while, she was conjuring colourful candies all around her. “Late.”

    With that, she fired off a round of her explosive candies, dyeing the sky in all the colours of the rainbow.
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  7. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Fairy type Trainer

    Conner Waters/Riptide
    Athembury City Park

    As the battle continued on, and Conner stabbed Voidlings with his trident, more of his teammates showed up to help. First there was Clare. Conner didn't really know too much about her, but she seemed cool he guessed. Then there was Masaru. Conner had respect for him, as he was the only other guy in. He wasn't a bad looking guy either, he definitely had nice abs that was for sure.

    “Alright team!” Leona hollered above all the noise. “I want Masaru and Riptide handling the Voidlings while Clare and I get close enough to close the rift."

    Conner gave a thumbs up. "You got it!"

    "If anyone sees Candy Witch show up, have her handle damage control and Riptide switch to focus on healing and protection while we close it. Let’s go!” Then she and Clare took off to close the rift.

    Conner's heart sank. While he didn't mind being the healing and support guy sometimes, he enjoyed beating up voidlings much more. He secretly hoped Candy Witch wouldn't make it there in time. She was a child! Yet somehow, she had more experience than everyone besides Leona. She never failed to flaunt that fact. At least that's how Conner perceived her. He couldn't stand people who thought they were better than everyone else.

    But she wasn't here now... He was all alone with Masaru, staring down a bunch of Voidlings. "You ready to do this, handsome?" He asked with a smile and a wink.

    But before Conner could even do anything, Candy Witch showed up. Conner didn't even acknowledge her presence...

    He flew up, and raised his trident. Conner summoned a large tsunami behind him. Then he flew on top of the wave, and surfed it. "Surfs up dudes!" He exclaimed while making a hang loose gesture with his other hand. The powerful wave crashed onto the ground, and washed away a bunch of voidlings. It also may have gotten some people wet in the process.
  8. VampirateMace

    VampirateMace Internet Overlord

    Athembury City (Athembury City Park)

    Masaru lashed his whip back the other way, catching several voidlings with the attack, knocking them back about half a foot and leaving a trail of scorch marks along their shells. They could easily corral groups of these weak enemies into one area for mass destruction. Meanwhile Leona issued her instructions, which included him and Conner continuing to kick these thing's asses. That was fine with him, he shouted back confirmation, “We're on it!”

    Then he smirked and replied to Conner's flattery, with shameless puns, “Of course I'm ready cuddlefish, but I think I'm about to get too hot for you to handle.”

    He snapped his whip, causing it to wrap around one of the bugs and tugged, squeezing the life and goop out of it with a pop. Effective, but a little slow for dealing with a horde. Changing tactics, he grabbing another with his whip and slammed it into a group. Then a series of crunches told them another combatant had entered the area, and glancing that way he could see Miu wielding a giant lollipop, who excused herself for being late. He smiled, “At least you're here now!”

    With all this he lost track of Conner's activities, only becoming aware of them again as a wave crashed down over the immediate area, drenching him and putting out his whip.

    “Guuuh! Damnit!” shouted Masaru as he stood there with a much less intimidating steaming whip. He channeled his anger into his Bonfire power, setting it off early so that flames merely licked all around him, not catching any teammates or enemies at this small size (most had been washed away anyways to be fair), but drying his outfit and reigniting his whip.

    “Watch what you're doing!” he complained to Conner, before charging on one of the remaining groups of voidlings. He summoned his trio of will-o'-wisps as he did this, sending them forward into the group, and following them in with a round merciless slashes from his whip. Chunks of charred bug flew flew left and right.
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  9. Andydemon

    Andydemon Nanomachines, Son!

    Lamb & Wolf
    Athembury City

    It was yet another lonely night, Lamb sat atop the hospital roof, listening to the machinery inside, the beeps indicating that one still clung to life. She knew she was going to hear the familiar sound eventually, the one the living called a flatline. She found the setting to be ironic. Hospitals are a place that is meant to save lives, yet so many people die there. Lamb had to give them some credit though, they at least also make sure those that can't be saved die peacefully.

    Wolf on the other hand, was pacing along the roof impatiently behind her. He was waiting for someone to try and escape their fate, someone he can chase and drag to the other side himself. For them, it wouldn't matter that they already died. Their journey to the afterlife would be a painful one. Thinking about this, Lamb did wonder why anyone would try to escape what has already come to pass. Haunting a location doesn't grant you a second life, it's just lingering in denial, unable to truly reach out to loved ones left behind.

    Lamb couldn't help but pity them, she understood their loneliness all too well, she and wolf were the same as them once. Only allowed to meet those who had died, existing only as a shadow to everyone else. The brief time she spent with those she escorted to the afterlife wasn't nearly enough. Even after being given a physical form, she felt....feared, shunned, and alone amidst a sea of mortals. Was this what it meant to try and defy one's true nature? Had the First Star intended to play only the cruelest of jokes on her from the star?

    Lamb was broken out of her musings by the sound of Wolf sniffing at the air. Perhaps he had found someone that didn't want to go just yet, that he may chase and show the folly of that desire, or so Lamb thought until he noticed lights in the horizon. Lights she knew weren't normal by any means.

    "Lamb, I smell them again! The Void things are back!" Wolf growled eagerly. "We must begin the chase!"

    "I see, Dear Wolf." Lamb responded as she stood up, barely taking her eyes off the direction she saw the lights. "We have found our pray. Time to begin our hunt."

    And with that, Lamb swan dived off the hospital roof and was engulfed with a light, the bandages around her left arm vanished as an elegant white bow materialized in her hand, the gown she wore faded away revealing her goat like lower half, the beautiful white fur traveling up her body to replace the gown, until her entire body had taken the form of a white bipedal mammal. Over her chest, a breastplate formed around her, covering her upper body as if to protect her before topping itself off with a light blue emblem.

    Once her transformation was complete, Lamb's slow fall stopped into full on flight as she soared towards the location of the Voidlings like a comet through the sky.

    Athembury City Park

    Once they arrived to the outskirts of the park, Lamb and Wolf saw that a fight had already broken out. It seems the other Star Guardians had arrived to fight off the bulk of their pray.

    "They have come here as swiftly as always, here to stop the void once more." Lamb said as she hovered over the battle.

    "Their chase is always sloppy, stragglers get away, only to find their way to my teeth." Wolf stated as he orbited his partner. "Will we have to chase the leftovers again, Lamb?"

    "Yes, Dear Wolf. Once again, but the ones that get away are numerous. We will not be bored tonight." Lamb reassured Wolf as she perched atop a park lamp between the park and the rest of the city. There was no doubt the Voidlings that sneak past the others will come this way, towards the city, towards The Kindred, towards their death. "Those that the Void attempt to prey on. It is not their time yet, we shall not allow their lives to be cut short by such unnatural creatures. So go, Wolf, chase to your hearts content."

    As soon as Lamb urged him forward, Wolf let out a howl and headed to ground level. As soon as the Voidling stragglers were wither their sight, Wolf charge forward and proceeded to rip them apart one by one. Lamb on the other hand grabbed her bowstring and pulled it back. An arrow made up of light blue energy forming between her fingers as she did so. Once the arrow was fully drawn, a black and white symbol shaped like a target formed over one of the Voidlings attempting to escape Wolf.

    The arrow flew through the air towards the Voidling, seemingly following the target Lamb had conjured over her prey, until it connected, striking the small Voidling dead. The hunt had begun.
  10. Vern

    Vern Why not both?

    Athembury City Park

    “Got it,” Clare said with a nod, readying another barrage of needles as she put herself into position behind Leona. She hated having someone else take the brunt of the attack for her, but Leona had a strong defence, and she… well, she did not. As their leader forged forwards, slashing at voidlings in front of them, Clare followed her, staying close by and using her needles to beat back the voidlings that tried to approach from the rear.

    As Leona took position around one side of the rift, Clare flew towards the other, throwing out another barrage of needles to clear her path. After that, though, she’d have to rely on her team-mates to keep her safe. Closing a rift, especially a large one like this one, required most of her concentration, even with Leona’s help. She floated upwards and raised her hands in front of her face, pressing her fingers together in a vague triangle shape — different people focused in different ways, and she could see Leona raising her hands to the emblem on her chest, which was her way of doing so.

    Just as she was about to call out that she was ready, a wave of water sprayed her as Conner used his tidal wave to wash away some of the voidlings — but wet clothes weren’t exactly the most pressing issue at the moment, annoying as it was. Grimacing, she pulled her costume’s hood over her head and turned back to the rift. “I’m ready to go!” She called, “Channeling now!”

    Taking a deep breath, she used a bit of magic to throw up a thin shield around her. Then, she turned her attention to the rift, closing her eyes and allowing her starlight powers to flow out of her, starting to seal up the void.

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