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Star Guardians: A New Era

Discussion in 'Role-Playing Games' started by Skillfulness, Nov 9, 2019.

  1. Sketchie

    Sketchie it's about the CUBES

    Andrea MacKellen


    Furry white half-jacket? Check. Hot pink bandeau underneath? Check. Cut off denim shorts, with the fishnets and hot pink sneakers? Check, check, double check. The rhinestoned up star sunglasses with red frames and rosy lenses? Oh, buddy, you better fuckin' believe it. Andrea strutted the empty streets with her hands in her pockets. She blew another bubblegum bubble. *Pop!* It was quiet, all except for Kuro and Shiro squeaking excitedly in her bag. Dusk in this part of town was always quiet, and while the warehouse scenery wasn't exactly scenic, it was empty. Perfect for a night's walk. *Pop!*

    Kuro popped out of the bag, eyes aglow with mischief and a silly grin on his face. "Hey, you," Andrea giggled, pausing on her walk to pat his head, "Playing nice with your brother in there?" Kuro beeped at her, before burrowing back into the bag. Andrea took a deep breath. The stars were staring to come out. She wondered if the First Light was among them. *Pop!* Not a part of any team, she didn't have any real patrol routes, except maybe Zaun. She wasn't sure that place had ever seen another Star Guardian before, let alone anyone willing to help. Even here, she always felt drawn to places she was sure didn't get patrolled as often. Just in case.



    Andrea ducked and covered her head instinctively. She could hear shouting and cursing in the distance, but it was too far off to be heard clearly. Shiro and Kuro popped out of the bag, alarmed at the sudden noise. She looked at them and nodded. Duty calls. After checking her surroundings, she quickly ducked into an alleyway, holding Kuro and Shiro close. They became enveloped in red light, and her feet slowly lifted off the ground. The boys turned into two large, heavy guns, and ribbons and stars decorated Andrea's form until she emerged in a burst of starlight. "Let's go," she breathed, shooting up into the sky.

    It wasn't hard to find the source of the explosion from above. Not wanting to be seen, she crept from rooftop to rooftop, easing closer and closer to a pillar of smoke rising from one of the warehouses. She finally got close enough to be able to peek over the gabling, and...

    What the hell is going on?
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  2. VampirateMace

    VampirateMace Internet Overlord

    Athembury City (Athembury City Park) > Lenora's Place

    Though Masaru had tried not to make too big a deal about the wave incident on their leader's request, some fighting ensued among the others and Conner stormed off, and not before calling someone a child, as if he was so mature. Leona was forced to stop Conner from leaving long enough to confirm a date with him. Honestly, he made Masaru feel like the mature one sometimes.


    Meetings were often awkward. For example, today they were at Leona's place; Masaru knew a lot of guys who'd like to case a joint like this. It looked simple enough, but it was spacious and probably had some 'hidden gems'. . . he knew he probably shouldn't think like this, and he'd never break into someone's home, but it was what it was. He was used to thinking like a con.

    She started the meeting much like their last mission had ended, thanking them and then bringing up in-fighting again. Masaru cringed. Forge, who was hanging lazily round his neck like a snake, lifted his head and looked up at him, then dropped it back down again. Masaru was pretty sure he knew how this was going to go, but she glossed past it at a decent pace (which may have been a strategy to avoid discussing it) and basically said setting up regular practices would fix it, though Masaru doubted that. Then she barreled past that subject as well, saying that they might soon be unable to keep up with incidents if they didn't figure out how to stop it.

    Okay, well, he was pretty sure they could all agree that was a problem, even if they didn't agree on much else.

    Conner surprisingly to Masaru, agreed to practices without much push. Maybe he wasn't as much a hothead as Masaru thought. Then he suggested jumping into the void. Was that something they could actually do? Clare seemed to think they should team-up with others. Masaru was new to this, and was now curious how many other groups there might be. Both she and Miu agreed to practices.

    Masaru figured that meant it was his turn to speak. He picked up a cookie, mostly so his hands would have something to do. Holding it lightly, he agreed, “I don't think practice wold hurt at all, and a couple times a week sounds. . . reasonable. Memorizing your moves, your patter,” he paused, comparing this to cons was probably not ingratiating. He shifted the cookie between his hands, “It tends to keep you out of trouble. . . But look, you all know I haven't been at this long. So, and this may be a stupid question, but are those actually options? Could we jump into a void? Without dying? Or something? And are there others that could help us? 'Cause it seems like they might be busy themselves if they aren't already here helping us.”
  3. Skillfulness

    Skillfulness Well-Known Member

    Leona's Apartment

    Leona was taking mental notes as her teammates spoke up. Clare made a good suggestion about trying to coordinate with other Guardians. She knew of a few in neighboring areas that might be able to lend more insight. She also made sure to note Conner’s idea involving jumping into the void. As horrifying as it sounded, Leona considered investigating them on her own at first--she could never risk her teammates like that. Miu was mostly quiet so she planned to have a one-on-one with her later. Their newest member Masaru was rightfully concerned so Leona decided to address it now.

    “Masaru is right. We aren’t entirely certain what happens to creatures that attempt going through the rifts, unless those creatures are void. We could perhaps design some experiments to test the boundaries of the rifts, but it won’t be easy. Voidlings will be crawling out as long as it stays open so Clares point about coordination with others may be the way to go for now. I’ll see if I can get in touch with some old teammates that might still be around.” Leona paused and looked around the room with a smile.

    “Miu, talk with me a moment?” She gestured towards her bedroom for a short private conversation with her. “There’s more cookies in the kitchen if you guys want, otherwise we can end here and I’ll send out more information when we start planning practices. Feel free to stay and chat a while though or get going if you have things to do.” While she walked down the short hall, one picture of a pretty seaside scene hung there, Leona pulled out a notebook to start jotting down anything important from the meeting. She’d have to dig through some old files and hope her friends hadn’t changed their contact information. But for now, she had to talk with her youngest member. It was odd having their youngest have the most experience, but Miu had proven herself time and time again, surprisingly mature for her age.

    “Hey Miu, you doing ok? You were kind of quiet today and I wanted to make sure you were doing alright. Is there anything you’d like to bring up privately?”


    Lamb and Wolf
    Woods near Anthembury Hospital

    Zoe giggled to herself while skipping through the air, zipping between trees in the forest, all while staying just out of sight of the ghost girl. The trail of her hair was enough for the lone Guardian to follow and Zoe would lead her right to where her minion would be waiting. As soon as Violet was in sight, Zoe waved happily to her and popped into one of her portals, disappearing for good. The rest would be up to her corrupted friend.


    Violet - Six

    “Six,” you hear the voice resonate within your head. Another telepathic message from Zoe, your leader. She likely had another mission planned for you and never really cared that you might be in the middle of something when she told you about it.

    “I need you in the woods by the hospital in Athembury soon. We’re going to ambush the Lamb and Wolf Star Guardian--you’ll be on your own after I lead them there. Let me know when you arrive and I will give you notice when I begin the chase. After that, you will be on your own to cause some… chaos. Have some fun.” And with a giggle, the voice is gone. You’d best be on your way to do your job.


    Warehouse Roof

    In the center of the warehouse, you see a tall man, though it’s hard to make out details in the dim of the interior. He must have been the cause of the explosion, but what exactly was he doing down there? You catch a glimpse of a girl with colorful hair stepping through a hole in the ground with a box. The hole closes before you can make anything out about her; what is going on here?


    Oliver - Diamond

    “Oh Diamond~” The playful voice in your head is none other than Zoe’s, your corrupted leader. As always, she simply pops into your head, regardless of time of day. She likely had something for you to do, thought hopefully it wouldn’t be right away, it rarely was.

    “This evening, I need you to steal something for me. There’s a warehouse with a special chemical I need. Secure it, and I’ll arrive to take it back with me. After that, cause a bit of a scene, cover your tracks, by whatever means you desire. Let me know when you’re there and I’ll tell you what to look for.” Silence follows after her commands. Looks like you’ll have some time before you have to get going.
  4. Sketchie

    Sketchie it's about the CUBES

    Andrea MacKellen
    As the smoke cleared, Andrea could start to see a figure down below. Two for a moment, actually, but before she could really react to the figure with colorful hair it disappeared into a portal of some sort. She narrowed her eyes. Something told her this wasn't any normal explosion-causing figure. That disappearing figure... it gave her the same vibes her old teammates had last she ran into them. Kuro beeped, handing her her cell phone. "Thanks, Kuro," she whispered, quickly snapping a pic of the situation over the rooftops before handing it back to Kuro. Might come in handy to have a shot of what's going on in case she needed to call for backup.

    "Okay," she said, ducking behind the gable and pulling Shiro and Kuro close, "If this really is one of my old teammates, we can totally take them. Even still, just one guy? We got this!" Shiro gave a silent nod, while Kuro squeaked excitedly, shimmering with anticipation. "Ready?" she giggled, a wild glint in her eyes. She scooped up Shiro as he transformed into his machine gun form, while Kuro floated just above her shoulder. She had the advantage. The figure's back was turned. Andrea grinned. "Let's go!"

    Andrea jumped over the gable and slid down the warehouse roof, leaping at the edge with a "wahoo!". She landed squarely behind the strange figure, holding Shiro in a ready position. "Alright, mister," she said, a crazed laugh growing in her voice. You could see the determination in her eyes, alongside a glimmer that looked almost deranged. "I'm going to tell you exactly what's going to happen. You're going to turn around, tell me what was in that box, and then, I'm going to shoot you! Ahahaha!"


    Violet MacKellen
    Bar -> Woods in Athenbury
    "Come on, Vi, it would be fun!"

    Violet looked up from her dishwashing to glance at her coworker, who was leaning across the bar with her face in her hands. Caitlyn was pretty. She had long purple hair that she kept in a braid while working, and piercing gunmetal blue eyes. It was sometimes a little hard not to melt at her cheery personality, but here and now was not the time to be making new friends or more. "Not now, Caity, I... I have a lot of stuff going on."

    Caitlyn sighed. "You always have a lot going on. Just one night? You, me, we'll leave a table down after the closing checklist is done, and maybe I can see what that smile of yours really looks like."

    "Caitlyn, I..." Violet trailed off, looking up from her glasses with a pained expression. "I just can't be going on dates right now. It sounds lovely, it really does, and you're a really nice girl and everything, but I just... I really don't think you should be wasting your time on me."

    "Alright, Vi." Caitlyn nodded, deflating a little. "Maybe... take a rain check..?"

    "Alright, Caity. I'll take the raincheck." Violet sighed, and looked back down at her glasses. It was hard to put her down every time. She had to admit, Caitlyn really was growing on her, as was the temptation to say yes to one of her propositions. Maybe Cait would let her go back on her word this time... she just had to ask...

    “Six,” echoed a voice in her head. Violet bit her tongue. Guess she really couldn't stay after all. Zoe needed her. "I need you in the woods by the hospital in Athembury soon. We’re going to ambush the Lamb and Wolf Star Guardian--you’ll be on your own after I lead them there. Let me know when you arrive and I will give you notice when I begin the chase. After that, you will be on your own to cause some… chaos. Have some fun.” Zoe giggled, and the voice was gone.

    "Hey, Cait?" Violet said, sighing, "Hey, I know this is super last minute, but we're almost done, and I just looked at the clock and realized I'm late for an engagement. What are the chances you can lock up for me so I can jet."

    Caitlyn nodded, shooing her off. "Yeah, yeah, go be busy somewhere. I'll cover for you."

    "Thanks, Cait." Violet put down the glass she was on, and headed to the back to grab her jacket. She exited through the back door, into a dark alleyway. Above her, she heard a crow's caw getting closer. It flew down, landing softly on her shoulder. Violet smiled weakly. "Hello, Ravah," she cooed, gently petting the feathers on the top of her head. She started in Athembury's direction, picking up the pace as she went. "Zoe needs us. We're going after a guardian. I didn't get exactly what she wanted, though, whether she wants Lamb and Wolf back like us, or if she wants them out of the picture totally... I suppose we'll find out."

    As soon as she felt far enough away from the bar, Violet ducked into a nearby alleyway. "Let's go, Ravah," she said quietly, closing her eyes. Blue flames erupted from her chest, creeping over her body and leaving the black and blue uniform in its wake. More fire spread over her hips and calves, transforming into dark bronze armor, finishing up with the bow at her back, and the starred crown atop her head. With a deep breath, she held Ravah in her hands as the bird transformed into her signature gauntlets. She shot up into the air, and flew off into the night.

    Violet touched down in the treetops. "I'm here," she thought, giving Zoe the head's up. Violet narrowed her eyes, scanning the forest for Zoe, and this Lamb and Wolf guardian. They had to be around here somewhere. Of course, the Lamb guardian would be far behind, there was no way she could keep up with Zoe's portals, but one could never be too sure. She watched, and waited, until suddenly, a glimmer of colorful hair appeared between the trees. Violet nodded as Zoe gave a wave, and disappeared.

    Violet took a deep breath, and readied to pounce.
  5. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Fairy type Trainer

    Conner Water
    Leona’s Apartment

    Conner sat and listened. Leona said she would test the boundaries of the rift. Conner shrugged his shoulders. If those voidlings could get through alright, it didn't seem like there would much trouble for them. Whatever, Leona knew better he supposed. She also said she would contact some other Star Guardian friends of hers to come help them. Then she went to have a private chat with Miu. Conner rolled his eyes.

    As soon as Miu and Leona left, Conner went to the kitchen, and came back with another plate of cookies. "Of course, the child prodigy genius gets a private talk." Conner began as sat back in his chair, and angrily took a bite of yet another cookie. “I grew up with someone like her. When I was a kid, I managed to get a small part in the school play. I was so proud of myself that I managed to get any kind of role. I ran home to tell my parents, only for my older sister to come in moments later to announce that she had gotten a lead role! All of a sudden it was as if I didn't exist. Or the time I managed to ace a major exam, only for her to come home with straight As on her report card. Crap like this would happen again and again. My parents never fail to me ask me why I can't be more like my sister, and rub in how perfect she is, and I'm not."

    Conner sighed, and took another bite of his cookie. "When the First Light chose me and not her, I thought this would finally be my chance to be special for once. Oh but no. Every damn day, I have to be upstaged by a freaking child! She never fails to rub in her experience in my face either."


    Oliver Cobalt

    For Oliver, today had been relatively uneventful. He went to class, then went shopping at the mall because he had enough money to do so. Things got more interesting when Zoe sent him a message to steal some chemicals from the warehouse. ‘Am I thief for hire now?’ Still, Oliver thought it best to do what she said. So, that night he transformed and flew to the warehouse she had told him to go to.

    Once he arrived, stealing the chemicals Zoe wanted proved to be relatively easy. You would think they would have their chemicals guarded better. Once he had what he came for, Zoe was outside the warehouse waiting. After handing her the boxes, he threw some crystals at some crates, creating a big explosion. What exactly they were hiding here Oliver did not know, nor care. The explosion would probably be a good enough distraction for their purposes.

    Then he heard someone screaming “Wahoo!” He rolled his eyes to see a young woman with red and purple hair who was armed with a gun. ‘How juvenile and unimaginative’ Oliver thought with a roll of his eyes. “How about no.” He tapped the group with his lance, causing several purple crystals to sprout beneath her feet. “I wish they had sent a cute boy after me, but you’ll do I suppose...” He then raised his lance, and fired some crystals at her.
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  6. Sketchie

    Sketchie it's about the CUBES

    Andrea MacKellen
    The purple man gave off only one vibe: BORING. “How about no," he said, tapping his stick on the ground. Before Andrea could react, crystals started growing around her feet. “I wish they had sent a cute boy after me, but you’ll do I suppose...” The man raised his stick and shot a couple crystals her direction. Her finger readied on the trigger.

    Now, the best part about owning a minigun, especially one with three barrels, is that accuracy becomes less important when you can simply rain a hellova lotta bullets in your opponent's direction.

    DTA-DTA-DTA-DTA! went the minigun, as Andrea shot his crystals to bits. By the time they hit her, it felt more like cat litter than crystals. Unpleasant, but not life threatening. Andrea giggled. "That was cute," she said, releasing Shiro and summoning Kuro's rocket launcher, "Now watch this!" She took aim at the figure, before juking her gun to the ground and firing at her feet. The force shot her straight into the air, with a "Wheeeeee!-hee-hee-hee-hA-HA-HA!" as she ascended. She twisted at the top of her arc, aiming right at the man's feet. With a quick "bang!" and a pull of the trigger, she shot three Kuro-shaped chompers at his legs. One chomped right onto the man's ankle and started slowly beeping, while the others spun aimlessly nearby, looking for something to sink their Kuro-shaped teeth into.

    Andrea landed with a thud, laughing the whole time. "Aww, I'm having so much fun! I'm sooo sorry I'm not that cute boy you ordered but..." She gestured at his form and snorted. "A cute boy's never gonna fall in love with a boring old bad guy like you." Andrea aimed her rocket launcher at the man once more, this time with a bit more seriousness. "Anyway! I was so inspired by those crystals, that I thought you'd like my version! And the best part is?" Andrea giggled, clapping her hands with excitement, "Mine explode! So, I'm gonna ask one more time, before they do. What was in the box? And don't worry about me snitching."

    The trigger was calling. Just one more bit of pressure, and she'd send a rocket right at his dumb face. "It's not like I have friends."
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  7. Vern

    Vern Why not both?

    Leona’s Apartment

    The rest of the meeting passed somewhat uneventfully. Clare smiled when Leona acknowledged her suggestion – acknowledgment from their leader had always meant something special to her, in a way she couldn’t quite pinpoint. If she had to guess, it’d be that it was a recognition of her transition. Any time Leona agreed with her, it was proof that she was moving further into her world.

    As Leona took Miu to the side and the others lapsed into their own casual conversations, Clare found herself once again feeling bored. She half-listened as Conner ranted about his insecurities and his frustration, debating whether or not to say anything. Socially, perhaps it was her role as a more experienced member to correct that sort of thinking – but at the same time, she found his childishness… uninteresting. She’d seen many such people before. It was always the same sort of story. The meeting was already over, so she had no reason to stay. However, just as she was about to check out of the conversation, she caught the last part of Conner’s rant.

    "When the First Light chose me and not her,” he was saying, “I thought this would finally be my chance to be special for once. Oh but no. Every damn day, I have to be upstaged by a freaking child! She never fails to rub in her experience in my face either."

    “You are special.” Clare said, “Out of everyone on this planet, the first light chose us. It chose you.”

    It would be wrong to say that his comment had angered her – Conner’s sentiments didn’t make her feel any particular way. But she couldn’t deny that there was a certain injustice to it: how, after gaining access to this wonderful, magical world, all he could see was the fact that he wasn’t the star, while she would have begged for the chance to so much as be an extra, a prop. But she wouldn’t blame him for it, nor did it bother her. She was simply different from him, that was all. Just as she was different from everyone else. A hollow, worthless person.

    There was a short pause, and she continued, deciding to, at least for now, assume her role as advisor. “Don’t be too bothered about Miu,” she said in a perfect replica of a supporting, optimistic tone, “She’s been doing this for longer than all of us, so there’s no shame in being upstaged by her. It’s not our fault we were all chosen later – after you get some more experience, I’m sure Leona and everyone else will look at you the same way.” With that, she stood up and moved towards the door. “It’s getting a little late, so I’m going to head out now – say goodbye to Leona for me!”

    Athembury City Streets

    Clare wandered down the streets of Athembury, headphones in and her hands in her pockets. For a while, she wondered if she’d made a mistake, leaving like that – while the guardians knew her well enough to know that she wasn’t the biggest fan of mundane socialising, perhaps it was irresponsible to her to have just left with so many tensions running rampant. What if they ended up disbanding because it all got out of hand? Maybe she should’ve done more, tried to placate Conner more, smooth things over, like she’d gotten so good at doing…

    No, no, you’re overthinking it. Leona knew what she was doing – if anything, she’d probably pulled Miu aside to talk about all this. She would have things under control. Have some faith, Clare.

    She’d left the meeting because she didn’t want to go through the effort of socializing with everyone, but at the same time, the prospect of returning home didn’t fill her with enthusiasm. It was getting late, and her parents were probably expecting her for dinner – but she could tell them band practice dragged on, and that was more than excuse enough. Doing so would have the side effect of avoiding another awkward dinner conversation, and that, she assured herself, would be good for both sides.

    So instead, she decided to spend some time scouting around the city, looking for any hints of voidling activity. It wasn’t like she expected to find a void rift, or even that she was hoping to find one (not that she would mind if she did). All it was was a distraction, a temporary postponement of her inevitable return to the real world.

    The streets were different when she was looking for rifts. In fact, the entire city seemed to take on a new sort of life – all those too-familiar walls and streets became new, fascinating puzzles to be deciphered, hiding secret corners and alcoves away from the light where infestations could grow without detection. The overwhelming mundanity of pedestrians and other uninteresting people became a background, a distraction, rather than a relentless tapping at the back of her head, reminding her how utterly alien this world really was to her. It was a pleasant change.

    Smiling, she stepped into a small alleyway, where a vending machine was standing, allowing the city sounds to fade slightly as she dug around her pocket for some change. She could really use a coffee right now, and maybe a little snack to temper her hunger a little. “Lu Chien,” she whispered, peering down into her jacket to where her familiar was nestled, “Do you want anything?”
  8. Andydemon

    Andydemon Nanomachines, Son!

    Lamb and Wolf
    Athembury Woods

    Lamb leapt from tree branch to tree branch in pursuit of the girl, who strangely seemed to be able to stay just far enough away that the only way one could make out was her hair. She didn't need to catch up to them to know who they were though. She knows all names, she knew who this was, she knew what this was. They weren't alone.

    Soon enough, Zoe vanished from sight, seemingly into a portal of sorts. To the Kindred it was a more primitive way of moving around quickly, then again, the omnipresence that comes with being Death itself means they can appear anywhere at will. They could simply leave, leave the one lying in wait alone, but what fun would that be?

    "It's gone, Lamb." Wolf stated in disappointment.

    The pair's voices reverberated throughout the woods. The one hiding from them could hear their every word loud and clear. It was like the woods themselves were haunted, by something far more dangerous than a mere ghost.

    "She may be gone, but there's another waiting to take her place. They think they can hide from us~." Lamb responded, she looked off to the side and faded away, becoming invisible. Unable to be seen, and unable to be touched except by those who have died.

    "I smell it, Lamb. It's close, close enough to chase!" Wolf said eagerly as he faded away along with her afterwards.

    "It thinks it can hunt us. They think we're it's pray~" Lamb explained.

    "It wants to chase us? Wolf does not be chased, he only does the chasing!" Wolf declared loudly.

    "It is not their time yet, Dear Wolf. She has come to us, so we will give her a choice. She can either leave peacefully and live to die at her destined time, or she can cross our path sooner~" Lamb said out loud, her voice reverberating all throughout the woods and right into Violet's ear.

    "There won't be a chase here, Little Lamb?" Wolf's voice could be heard questioning.

    "That is for her to decide whether she want to be part of the game or not, Dear Wolf~" Lamb's voice stated, coming from everywhere, but at the same time nowhere.

    "The choice is yours now, Violet~" Lamb's voice resounded right into the Corrupted Guardian's ear, as if she were right behind her. "Will you play with us tonight~?"

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