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Star Light Town (Forest V2)


Thank you my prince!
THE FINNAL GAME I WILL TRY MY LUCK AT! (Not really, kukuku~) a re-make of the forest~

Poke Luna~
An outer space pokemon game~

Pokemon have finally found a way to live in space! Many homes and jobs are open for pokemon! A few pokemon have been asked to test this and makesure its safe for all ages. Grab watering cans, or knifes, and maybe even a sewing needle or two and make a new sapce colany!


Soon after the Harvest goddess left the forest with the harvest sprites, the King also left. The goddess is travling space, looking for a new planet needing help while the king is making a planet ready for pokemon. It took him months, countless tickets from space police, other alien pokemon, and metors hitting the planet but finally the planet was now ready for pokemon.

The king named the planet "Luner" after being asked to by the space goddess and her 7 watchers. The space goddess (;488;) lives in hidden stars with her watchers (;151;, ;121;, ;282;, ;344;, ;337; ;338;) helping her.All watchers have powers of their own. Mia (;151;) transforms comets and other rocks into much larger sizes. Mimi (;121;) Fills it with water and Rock (;344;) makes the land and mountains. Luna and Temper (;337; & ;338;) make the night and day, also make the tides and help plants grow. Lulu (;282;) makes gravity, she can also make oxygen like plants. After their work The goddess(;488;) makes a star with the help of her rival, The shadow king (;491;) in a space battle.

(Also the Harvest King is the 7th and final watcher that makes planets sutable for plants, not counting grass)

The home planet, even has a moon! the planet is small and not that big. only a small part of the planet has tamed pokemon.

Job list

Mayor (After awhile, a character will be voted for this job)
General store owner
General store staff
Fishing store
Inn owner -taken by me-
Bar owner -taken by me-
Inn/Bar staff (Chef, Waiter, maids, belhops. owners take the front counter)
Church owner
Jelwery Maker
Travling Merchent
Fortune Teller
Resturant Owner
Resturant Staff
Cafe Owner
Cafe Staff
Bath Houes owner
Rancher (ONLY 1)
School Princapal
Students (From ages 3 to 15)
Job less (The game needs SOME people with no jobs)


PS if your an owner of a store, your family lives and works there if they are over 15.

The planet has some very nice sites to see too!

Mount Star Light- A mountain that has a great view at the top. Where the star festival takes place also

Cream Beach- a beach with a cream colored sand and blue waters, great trip in the summer! Where the ocean festival takes place also where the Fishing store is located

Ten-Ten Forest- Home to wild pokemon and the Carpentry shop, DO NOT CUT DOWN ALL THE TREES!

Star Light mine- a cave full of shiny gems!

Moon View Pond- Found hidden in the Star Light Mountain, they say people who go there together fall in love. Must be found to get married

Town Square- Where the Town hall is found, and where seasonal markets and bank are found. Also has a light houes

Star Light Town- Where the Inn, General store, Clinc, and School are located

Solar District- Where the Farms are, the sunnyist part of the Planet

Lunar District- Where its the darkest at night, where most homes and the Curch is found

Mount Star Light District- Where the Bath houes and Blacksmith is located, entrence to the mine, also the entrance to the forest and a Ranch.

Solar Ranch- The only Ranch in the gamee, they only grow feed for animals and corn for other animals. Has alot of space for their animals to graze

Star Light Falls- A water Fall with a butiful view, You can climb to the top to find a hot spring, and a nice view of a large tree on top of the falls

Star Light Path- A path found in the Solar District, Takes you to where the falls start, also has many Cherry Trees, Some times called Cherry Garden.

Everyone ejoys a nice festival! Also, if you want a stall at the Festival PM me the day BEFOR the fesival

Star Light Festival- Takes place at Mount. Star Light. Enjoy looking at the stars when they look their best! Bring a date or some friends for more fun! You might find rare gems in stalls!

Fishing Contest- Takes place at Ten Ten Forest. Catch the biggest fish to win (I will pick what you get AT RANDOM) Find homde sea food dishes at stalls, as well as pet water type pokemon!

Harvest Festival- Celibrate the end of fall and enjoy some delicious produce from the farmers. this is also when the cooking contest take place! Find yummy foods and

Flower Festival- Look at the Cherry Blossom trees with a friend or loved one! Takes place at the Cherry Garden

~Starting a Famly~
PM me befor the Proposel ladies.

Dating: The two people in love must date for awhile. After awhle, if they want to, they can marry with each other.

Proposel: The guy will get an item (Depends on the girls close friend/Family Member gives the guy) The guy gives it to the girl, she takes it then a wedding a week later! If she say now then the guy will be lonly (Plus you only get the Item if she wants to marry you, and if a guy isn't ready to marry he can just save the item untill he wants to marry the girl!)

Wedding: Will take place in the church early in the morning. Friends and family will be invited! After the wedding they live together in the guys houes (Or if the girls a farmer, in the farm) If you marry the Goddess or one of the watchers, Your wedding will take place somewhere else and they will not live in you houes (To marry a watcher or the Goddess, You give them a blue crystal ring. To find one is rare.)

Pregnancy: When the Wife feels sick (The person playing as a Girl PMs me wanting a baby) the husband takes her to the clinic. The nurse take a look at her and will tell them "Shes going to have a baby soon!" They leave and eather go to the church praying for a healty baby or keep going with their day.

Baby: The wife will have a baby a mouth later. With a smal chance (Or a PM to me) She might have twins! Name the child/ren. The wife and baby will go home a day after the baby is born. when she gets home, the baby will usally stay in the crib and make noises (It take like a week in Real time, also you can pick the gender)

Baby 3 Month Old: Your baby learns how to crawl! leave door shut and sharp things away from the baby (3 days in real time after they are born)

Baby 6 month old: Your baby will walk now! They will also make littles sounds! NOw you have to be even carful! (Really takes 6 real days after 3 months old)

Baby 9 Month old: Your baby now talkes small words. The baby might walk out the houes at this age and play with things near the houes (If you live at a farm it will Bring up Animal Happiness LVLs. Really takes 9 days after turning 6 month old)

1 Year Old: Your baby is now a year old! It now can talk proper english (Okay if you write in good english) and walk and run without falling. Now they can do what other people do (Besides getting married and having a job! Your baby is a year old 12 days after turning 9 Months old)


Likes (Items he/she really likes, and please make it something everyone would know)
Dislikes (Items he/she cant stand! please something everyone might know)
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Truly Deceptive

It is I: ME!
Name: Transterra
Species: ;386;
Job: Priest


om nom nom
Name Inferno
Pokemon ;392;
Gender Male
Job Genarl Store owner.
Personaliy: A cocky,brave and loyal Infernape,He's married,and don't blame him if his wife uses a AK-47 sometimes.After his parents dieing from a murderer,a blastoise,he may be cold and bitter to water types.He has an adopted daughter.
History He was adopted,parents dead,has a scar on his chest,and is married to PomPom.
Age 20
Likes His scar,wife,and a amulets he has.
Dislikes Blastoise.
Pokemon ;424;
Gender Female
Job None
Personaliy Just as cocky as Inferno,she is not one to fight with. They are a perfect pair,and love eachother deeply. Be careful,she can kick his Balls in SSBB. She carries a AK-47 for emerges.
History She also has an amulet like Inferno,and 7 brothers.
Age 20
Likes Inferno,and her amulet
Dislikes Jerks.


Follow my lead!
Name: Whip
Pokemon: ;490;
Gender: Female
Job: Bath House owner
Personaliy: After finally carving a personality for herself and moving away from home, Whip has become an adventurous and somewhat blunt person. She'll say whatever is on her mind without regret.
History: Found as an Egg by Roxan, she was raised by her adopted mother to fight and to love. that made her a good person, but she does love being cute.
Age: 16
Likes: Cute things, chocolate, video games
Dislikes: Spicy food, creepy things, vegetables
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Name: Mizu
Pokemon: ;134;
Gender: Female
Job: Church Owner
Personaliy: Sweet and caring. Loves children
History: Has had a long histor as a rescue team with Kaji and loves Kaji.
Age: 23
Likes: Chocolate
Dislikes: Other eevelutions

Name: Kaji
Pokemon: ;156;
Gender: Male
Job: Blacksmith
Personaliy: Cocky yet friendly
History: Nothing he wants to tell
Age: 25
Likes: Coal
Dislikes: Water

Name: Kage
Pokemon: ;133;
Gender: Male
Job: Student
Personaliy: Rude and bratty
History: Has a long historyof stealing
Age: 8
Likes: Jewels
Dislikes: His mother


Thank you my prince!
Wow, Whip gre up fast.....and I never put my sign-ups! And I have to do them for the goddess and the watchers too....

Name: Yoru
Pokemon: ;197;
Gender: Male
Job: Inn/Bar staff (Waiter)
Personaliy: Always trying to look good, and usally staying away from dirt. he goes crazy without hair-gel, and hates windy days becaues it ruins his hair. He thought that he would get to live alone, but was followed by Aura....
History: Was founded by Aura inside a Wailord. Even though Aura was prtective, he forgots Yoru alot. He was mostly more favored by Mia, Aura's childhood Friend. After being forgotten for about a year, he returned in PokeCity and met Whip.
Age: 18
Likes: Hair Products, Milk, Whip, sweets
Dislikes: Windy Days, Fans, cold foods.

the blade of light

im really sorry
Name: blazer or blaze for short
Gender: boy
Job: carpenter
Personaliy: is a very focused individual and very virtueous
History: back home worked in a steel mill for 3 years tell he heard about the colonies
Likes Good quality wood, also cant resist some good steak
Dislikes: unfairness or racism of any kind

Pokemon: ;135;
Job: assistant carpenter
Personaliy: is very quick wited and honest
History: brother to blazer and also just graduated colledge barely
Likes: Shiny crystals and poetry
Dislikes: know it alls

is it ok if there co owners?
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Name: kashou
Pokemon: ;136;
Gender male
Job Fishing store( Or one of the other jobs tomorrow)
Personaliy Kashou is a relaxed fellow who loves to sleep occasionally when nobody pays attention
History: He's one of the four Kusabana male eeveelutions
Age 19
Likes sweet food sleeping relaxing
Dislikes cold loud noises

Name Hari
Pokemon ;135;
Gender male
Job General store staff
Personaliy he's energetic and a little on the immature side acting like a kid most of the time but can easily get serious at times
History he one of the four Kusabana male eeveelutions
Age 17
Likes running peaches pastry's
Dislikes sour food heat mean people

Name Murasaki
Pokemon ;470;
Gender Female
Job General store staff
Personaliy She's sweet and loving to others
History she is one of the four Kusabana female eeveelution
Age 16
Likes sunny days water quietness
Dislikes cold days windy days

Oh yeah this will be fun >=) is it okay if I add a character later on in the game ?
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;136;K ;470; *sitting in the shade of the tree*