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Star Sweet and Ribbon Sweet for Alcremie aren't in the game yet. Prove me wrong


New Member
There are 7 Sweets in the game code that can be used to evolve Milcery into Alcremie:
  • Strawberry Sweet
  • Berry Sweet
  • Love Sweet
  • Clover Sweet
  • Flower Sweet
  • Star Sweet
  • Ribbon Sweet
These are randomly given out as prizes in each of the Battle Cafes in Motostoke, Hammerlocke, and Wyndon.

However, I haven't seen a single person get either a Star Sweet or a Ribbon Sweet yet. Even after exploiting the raid reset (which also resets battle cafes), these two sweets have not shown up after many attempts.

I believe that these two sweets aren't obtainable in the game yet and might be given out for special events in the future. If you have a Star Sweet or Ribbon Sweet without hacking, please post a screenshot here!


New Member
Hi, I totally agree with you..
I never see a star or ribbon sweet, I try so much time the bar but nothing... Only the others sweet. (Excuse my english, I'm french)