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Star Warriors Elite Vs. T: A Kirby RP

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Information before we start: This RP takes place about a year after the “Kirby’s Return to Dreamland” game. This is also my first RP, so please feel free to give me some pointers on what I’m doing right and wrong, thanks!

Story: Kirby’s universe is being threatened once more by an unknown villain who goes by the name of T. T is sending minions from other galaxies to destroy Kirby and wipe out Star Warriors completely. This made Kirby’s planet, Popstar a popular place for his minions to come. Kirby has fought minions over 10 times already now that the New Year has started. This New Year also was the start of all the monster appearances.

Meta Knight has also gotten word from local Star Warriors that they are being attacked as well. This is why Meta Knight started the Star Warriors Elite, to provide a protection against T. The warriors are starting to lose many of their members due to T’s growing forces, this is why Kirby decided to find allies on Pop Star to launch an attack on T’s Army, so he journeyed away from his home of Dreamland to look in all five corners of Popstar for allies to defend against T and his army, telling them to come to Dreamland’s town fountain and talking to Kirby if it interested them. The Star Warriors Elite are now planning an assault of all of T’s conquered planets.

But of course it wouldn’t be a Kirby RP without the fat penguin we all know and love, Dedede! He and his right hand man Escargoon are causing trouble in Dreamland as well! Although they may seem meaningful, Dedede may try to bring down the Star Warriors Elite or join T’s Army to try and protect his kingdom for once.

Will you be one of Kirby’s allies and help capture T’s minions as well as discover new lands along the way?

Or instead, would you rather be the almighty T’s minion and conquer the galaxy? Then join T’s army by going to the deepest clearing of Whispy Woods and finding someone named Brick.

There may even be the possibility you want to join one to destroy the other, become a double agent, or try to destroy both of them, in that case, you can join the conflicted characters and possibly even assist Dedede in his affairs.

Sign-up form:
Name: (If you are a male Star Warrior, your name must end in knight or begin in sir. Examples: Meta Knight; Sir Dragato)

Species: Pick a species from the species list above. I will make a few exceptions for other species, as long as they are involved in Kirby.

Gender: Boy or girl, with few exceptions

Age: (Remember a Kirby species is essentially a baby Meta Knight and Meta Knight is around 2000 years old. Keep that in mind if you are a Star Warrior or Kirby species)

Faction: Are you a part of the Star Warriors Elite or T’s Army?

Powers, gadgets, and weapons: (Only 3-5 powers and only 3 weapons. No guns please.)

Personality: 6+ sentences on your mental state and personality.

Appearance: 6+ sentences of how you look.

History: 10+ sentences on your past on Popstar

Approved Characters: For now I will only allow six, non-NPC characters in each group. When reserving a character, please list the faction you will be as well, thanks!

Star Warriors Elite:
NPC: Kirby
NPC: Meta Knight

*Kyurem* - Kyoto the TAC (Ninja Assassinator)
Reserved for Raiden193 (Simirror)
Mon1010 - Violet "Vi", a species of Kirby (Jigglyp... Oh, never mind...)
Xander Kaiser - Bomby "Jack" Pops the Poppy Bro. (Gentlemen Bomber)
GalactaKinghtisawesome - Sparks, a species of Kirby (Laza Beams)
Reserved for CyberBlastoise (Rocky)

T’s Army:
NPC: Brick

CuriousHeartless - Shiro Shinobi the Biospark (Ninja. Nuff said)
GalactaKnightisawesome - Galacta Knight the Star Warrior (Meta Knight's nemesis)
*Kyurem* - Too the "Gooey" (Dark Matter matters, too)
GalladeofSpades - Chaplier the Chilly (PK Freeze! Anyone get the reference? Anyone?)

NPC: King Dedede
NPC: Escargoon

Floorman - Baron the Simirror (Dedede's loyal protector)
wιɴтerвreezeѕrυle - Luck Star, a species of Kirby (Violinist extraordinaire)
Purplepassion - Cheddar the Waddle Dee (Cookin' up some adventure)
Billy Mays - Sir Razor the Star Warrior (Sir Kibb.. erm... Star Warrior...)

RP thread is here!
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*squee* Can I reserve a Birdon for the Star Warriors Elite faction? Please?

EDIT: Put my reserve on hold for a sec, does your species have to be one of the listed?
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Hmm...Sounds interesting.
Would I be able to have Conflicted Simirror character? If I can't have the Simirror, then I'll probably use a waddle doo.
Wow a Kirby RP! It's been so long since the last one.

Could I reserve a Conflicted Waddle Dee? Thanks. owo
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Hey, I have a question. Approximately how old is King Dedede? If I'm going to have a character who's been affiliated with him for a long time, I need to know his age.


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How's this?


Species: Simirror

Gender: Male

Age: 44

Faction: Conflicted

Powers, gadgets, and weapons: Being a Simirror, he has his wand. With it, he can create mirrors around him as a shield to protect himself from projectiles. He can also split himself into two separate versions of himself for a time.

Personality: Baron is a rather absent-minded Simirror. He is loyal to King Dedede, and would protect him with his life if he had to. He has a bad habit of rambling on about nothing in particular. When he does this, he is often telling stories of King Dedede's exploits, not all of them good. He is reliable and (Mostly) honest. He doesn’t seem to understand the concept of being evil, and follows Dedede out of loyalty. He’s easily scared, and is slightly paranoid. He has no concept of money, and works for Dedede for free. He sees himself as a scholar, even though he really knows little in the realm of practical knowledge.

Appearance: Like most Simirror, Baron wears a wizard’s hat and robes, and carries a wand in his hands. His robes are blue, and he wears a sea-green hat. His shoes and gloves are green. His hat is a little large for his head, and it droops down over his eyes. He doesn’t mind this though, as it helps hide the fact that his face. His face, like those of all Simirror, is black and featureless, besides a pair of glowing yellow eyes. His wand is red, with a ruby on the top of it. The ruby has a noticeable fracture in it from one of a number of sources.

History: Baron was raised in a small village of Simirror on the outskirts of Dreamland. Strangely enough, whereas most neighboring villages could care less about anything outside of their domain, his village had been a source of trade, and was actually rather large for a village. Baron was always wanting to do something with his life, and after graduating from school to learn mirror magic, he set out to travel the world. Where and when he met King Dedede, he doesn’t remember, but what he does remember is that he was offered a job. Strangely enough, though, there was no mention of pay, and he hasn’t recieved any in all of the years he’s been working for the King. He is actually surprised he’s been working for him so long, and finds it hard to believe that he’s older than King Dedede.


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Name: Kyoto

Species: TAC

Gender: Boy

Age: 23

Faction: Star Warriors Elite

1) Copy Ability (Able to take and copy someone’s ability)
2) TAC Hide (Invisibility)
Gadgets and weapons:
1) A mini-Katana
2) Small Daggers

Personality: Kyoto is a very quiet and poised TAC. He does not talk to others or use teamwork much anymore ever since his master betrayed him and has been on his feet and ready for an attack at any time. Kyoto is also very untrustworthy of other people also due to the incident. He does not trust anyone he works with and especially not anyone that reminds him of Amon. Since his parents died while he was at a young age, his vagabond life made him believe in hope. His hope is the only thing that allowed him to keep going with already three people dying around him.

Appearance: Like most TAC’s, Kyoto is dressed in a red ninja suit. This isn’t any ordinary suit though; his suit has the capabilities of turning invisible. His eyes are the only thing you really see in his appearance as well as his cat-like ears. Kyoto also wears slipper-like shoes on his feet instead of sandals like most TAC’s wear. These shoes are red and improve his agility when fighting a foe because they are so light. It also allows him to sneak around undetected. Although most TAC’s have a bag on their backs, Kyoto’s mini-Katana is strapped there and is ready for battle when an opponent wishes to challenge him.

History: When Kyoto was just a boy he didn’t exactly know what he wanted to do for his life, being only a TAC with no parents, making him vagabond on the streets and from a small town on the other side of Popstar. Kyoto journeyed to far off places to discover who he is and can be. He traveled along a large mountain one day to find a not exactly old, but aged Biospark named Amon. Amon told Kyoto he would train him in the ways of the ninja. For many years, Amon and Kyoto trained together and Amon even welded Kyoto a mini-Katana and gave him a light-bending suit to wear as well as daggers for far away opponents in celebration of fully becoming a ninja by learning all of a ninja’s skills. Amon then told him to kill someone after he learned all the skills. Even though Amon was Kyoto’s teacher for many years, Kyoto couldn’t believe he was going to make him do this. Kyoto said no, but Amon eventually forced him to, leaving Kyoto to fight him even though he was his master. In an epic battle, Amon eventually died because not of being cut by Kyoto’s mini-Katana or his daggers, but instead, he jumped off the side of the mountain he lived on when Kyoto was going to stab him. Ever since Amon died, Kyoto has tried to put his newfound assassination abilities to good use, as well as his TAC abilities.
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Sign-up form:
Name: Luck Star

Species: Kirby

Gender: Male

Age: He is considered to be a young adult, but is about 1100 years old in regular time.

Faction: Conflicted

Powers, gadgets, and weapons: Luck Star has a couple powers and owns one weapon.

Power 1: Copy Ablilty: Like the majority of his species, Luck Star has the ability to absorb his enemies and copy their abilities. However, he hardly ever uses this talent.

Power 2: Musical Blast: Luck grabs his violin and plays a short melody that blasts from the instrument. The beam will change color depending on the type of song. Faster music will generally be warm colors, and slower songs will be colder colors.

Power 3: Stealth: Luck Star can move through shadows without being seen.

Weapon 1: Rapier: Luck owns a very thin rapier that he stores in a sheath (see appearance.) It is made out of silver, and has a cone shaped hilt.

Personality: Luck Star is very sane creature, however, he will sometimes act insane to receive attention. He loves being the center of the attention and might cause a little chaos to get to it. He is the type of guy that people view as a "bad boy." You know, the type of guy who acts bad and yet he gets all the girls. He is also very sneaky and devious, and is perfectally capable of tricking someone into doing something for him. He has a strange obsession with shiny things, and more specifically, gold. He is also fiercly loyal to his family, or whatever remains of it. He is not a very trustworthy person and, heck, he doesn't trust anyone either. He is actually quite intellegant and observant, but pretends not to be.

Appearance: Luck Star has the same body shape as the majority of the Kirby species. His body is basically a green sphere with stubby arms. He is mainly a aple green color, but on his main body there is a golden star shape splattered across it. He wears a darker green shoe, and the shoes also have golden stars on them. He wears a black belt. Attached to the belt is a thin sheath that holds his rapier. It is positioned on the back of the belt. He has a few scars across his face from battles. Luck also, on occasion, will wear a black hat with a green feather plume, a black cape, and a ninja mask. His eyes are a golden yellow in color. He doesn't smile that often. He also can be seen holding a violin case.

History: Luck Star was not born on Popstar. Instead, he was born on a faraway planet called "Sognstar," way before the majority of Popstar's residents. His planet was very small, but it only had the Kirby species living on it. He was born to a middle-class family and had an average life for a while. The first thing that really affected him was when his friends all "betrayed" him. He became very cautious, and hardly ever trusted anyone. The second time was when he was about a teenager in Kirby years. His girlfriend was murdered by an insane student in his grade, but he couldn't prove the kid guilty. So he donned his hat and cape, obtained the rapier and mask, and swiftly killed the killer. He became an infamous character known by the name of Sir Lucky Knight. No one knew that Luck was Sir Lucky Knight, not even his parents. When Luck became an official adult by Kirby standards, he moved to Popstar. Right after he did so, he received notice that his planet had been destroyed by a mysterious force with an unknown name. He became depressed for a while, and decided to work for Dedede. He swiftly rose through the ranks of his Royal Guard and became the head of the Royal Guard. He receives a small pay, but since he does things for the villagers at times he still has a lot of money.
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