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Star Warriors Elite Vs. T: A Kirby RP


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Kirby’s universe is being threatened once more by an unknown villain who goes by the name of T. T is sending minions from other galaxies to destroy Kirby and wipe out Star Warriors completely. This made Kirby’s planet, Popstar a popular place for his minions to come. Kirby has fought minions over 10 times already now that the New Year has started. This New Year also was the start of all the monster appearances.

Meta Knight has also gotten word from local Star Warriors that they are being attacked as well. This is why Meta Knight started the Star Warriors Elite, to provide a protection against T. The warriors are starting to lose many of their members due to T’s growing forces, this is why Kirby decided to find allies on Pop Star to launch an attack on T’s Army, so he journeyed away from his home of Dreamland to look in all five corners of Popstar for allies to defend against T and his army, telling them to come to Dreamland’s town fountain and talking to Kirby if it interested them. The Star Warriors Elite are now planning an assault of all of T’s conquered planets.

But of course it wouldn’t be a Kirby RP without the fat penguin we all know and love, Dedede! He and his right hand man Escargoon are causing trouble in Dreamland as well! Although they may seem meaningful, Dedede may try to bring down the Star Warriors Elite or join T’s Army to try and protect his kingdom for once.

1. All SSPF rules apply
2. No controlling other peoples characters (aka bunnying)
3. No bullying, rude talk, disrespect or put downs outside of character
4. Only approved players can participate.
5. Place your name and location at the top of the post.
6. No spam, flaming, or harassment.
7. There is to be NO teleporting, gaining powers or weapons, or major character introduction, WITHOUT my approval.
8. No god-modding or invincibility.

Approved Characters:

Star Warriors Elite:
NPC: Kirby
NPC: Meta Knight
*Kyurem* - Kyoto the TAC (Ninja Assassinator)

Reserved for Raiden193 (Simirror)
Mon1010 - Violet "Vi", a species of Kirby (Jigglyp... Oh, never mind...)
Xander Kaiser - Bomby "Jack" Pops the Poppy Bro. (Gentlemen Bomber)
GalactaKinghtisawesome - Sparks, a species of Kirby (Laza Beams)


T’s Army:
NPC: Brick
CuriousHeartless - Shiro Shinobi the Biospark (Ninja. Nuff said)
GalactaKnightisawesome - Galacta Knight the Star Warrior (Meta Knight's nemesis)
*Kyurem* - Too the "Gooey" (Dark Matter matters, too)
GalladeofSpades - Chaplier the Chilly (PK Freeze! Anyone get the reference? Anyone?)


NPC: King Dedede
NPC: Escargoon
Floorman - Baron the Simirror (Dedede's loyal protector)
wιɴтerвreezeѕrυle - Luck Star, a species of Kirby (Violinist extraordinaire)
Purplepassion - Cheddar the Waddle Dee (Cookin' up some adventure)
Billy Mays - Sir Razor the Star Warrior (Sir Kibb.. erm... Star Warrior...)


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For Star Warriors Elite:
Make your way to the fountain in the middle of Dreamland's central fountain and meet Kirby there. He will guide you to a secretive place to discuss the tactics of the war against T with Meta Knight after a majority of allies have gathered at the fountain. You feel as if the ground is hollow, yet below you does not seem to be collapsing.

For T's Army:
You must journey deep into Whispy Woods so you can discuss your worthiness and helpfulness with Brick, whom will ask you a few questions involving these two topics. Brick is a Kirby species whom was found on a distant planet by T. There is a strange machine behind Brick, that looks almost like a bomb with an "X" on the front of it.

For Conflicted:
For Conflicted characters, if you were planning a betrayal, join T's Army as if you signed up for joining it, same for Star Warriors Elite. As for Dedede's minions, Dedede has called all high ranked minions (That's you) to report to the topmost floor of his castle for an introduction to his plans. He and Escargoon will be waiting for you.

As for my first two posts...

Entering Dreamland

Kyoto walked into the town of peace, promise and prosperity, Dreamland. He could not believe this city was waging war as the, I guess you could say, commanders of their side of the war. Kyoto looked around and saw the fountain, yet nobody was to be found there.

“Hmm… I was sure Kirby said that allies must meet him here.” He checked around the fountain once more, yet nobody lurked as he had discovered. “I guess I should go do something while I wait for them,” he said and then he eyed a nearby eatery that said on the front, “Chef Kawasaki’s.” “Well, I guess I am a bit hungry,” Kyoto said walking into the restaurant.

He sat at a table and picked up a menu as he heard someone say, “A customer? I can’t believe it!” An orange circular man wearing a plaid apron walked over to him and said, “May I take your order?”

“Yes,” Kyoto responded, “I will have a sushi roll, please.”

The orange man said hastily, “Coming right up sir,” and then asked, “You are a sir, right? I can’t tell under your mask!”

“My name is Kyoto and yes, I am a man. Who are you?”

“Chef Kawasaki at your service, sir! Now just a minute, let me input your order with the chef.” Kawasaki then ran to the back of his restaurant and told the cook, “One sushi roll, if you don’t mind!” He walked out and sat down at Kyoto’s table as hastily as he was before and asked him, “So customer, where are you from?”

“Well,” Kyoto responded, “I travel much, so I don’t exactly live anywhere.”

“A nomad, eh, well that’s just fine! I am sorry for the nosiness, but I haven’t had a customer in so long I felt I needed to strike a conversation. The Cappy haven’t been around so much since this war began, so me and Kirby just sit here and wait…”

“Wait a minute,” Kyoto responded, “Kirby works here? I’ve been looking for him! I needed to join the Sta…” He was interrupted by Kirby walking out of the kitchen with a platter in his hands and then walked away. “Wait, what about the…” Kyoto didn’t finish his sentence because of Kirby walking to the kitchen. He picked up his platter and looked at his food hungrily.

“Well, I guess I will let you eat your grub then,” Kawasaki said, “Thanks for coming and don’t worry, there’s no need to pay.”

He walked into the kitchen and Kyoto pulled down his mask to the point his mouth was revealed and took a bite of his roll, which tasted a bit like barf’s aftertaste. He looked down and saw a note stuck inside his roll. He pulled it out and it read, “Stand at the fountain and get to know the others.”

“That’s right; I should get to know my teammates!” Kyoto took his roll and trashed right away as he walked out to the fountain. “Huh, I guess Kirby is wiser than he looks,” he said watching figures in the distance get closer and closer to the fountain.

((OCC: BTW I will control Brick, so leave your post at speaking to him. Since I am him, I am controlling him in this next post))

Above Whispy Woods

Too floated high above Whispy Woods searching for Brick, the person who would sign him into T’s Army. “Wonder where that clearing is… I want to get straight to the army work…” He then looked down and saw the clearing as well as an odd machine guarded by a circular figure. He landed and said to the round person who looked nearly like Kirby, but brown in color, “Could you be Brick?”

“Could you be registering for the army?” said the unnamed Kirby species.

“Yes, I am Too, here to join T’s Army.”

“Then yes I am,” said Brick, “Here we call him Almighty.”

Too figured he was referring to T and rolled with it, “Well what will it take to join Almighty’s army?”

“Just answer a few questions,” said Brick, “What can you do for the army?”

Too though of what may interest him, “I am a being made of Dark Matter, I can disguise as anyone or anything I have seen, I can copy abilities of others, and I can fly.”

Brick asked him, flabbergasted, “Wait, you are made of Dark Matter?”

“Indeed,” Too responded.

“You are accepted! Accepted, accepted, accepted!!!” said Brick excitedly and then composed himself,

“Please, just wait right there in case others would like to join the Almighty’s army as well.” He then said something into a communication device he had on a belt he was wearing.

Something like, “Dark Matt… you sha… Ze… return to li… will rule…!”

Too hopped up on a rock and rested, wondering what in the world Brick said in his communicator. He then looked up and noticed some apples in the tree above him. He reached his long tongue into the tree to reach them and then looked over to see a figure coming into appearance.
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Billy Mays

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Sir Razor
Dedede's Castle

"Sir, Dedede has requested for you to come to the throne room immediately!" A small waddle dee with a spear said to Razor, as he sat at a table by himself, sipping a cup of tea, which he brewed himself.

"So, the king has orders? He better not be trying to get me to help out with janitorial duties again, I told him I shall not do something so demeaning." Sir Razor finished his tea, then picked up his sword and made his way up the the top floor of the castle, where Dedede was waiting for him.

Razor entered the chamber and asked, "So Dedede, you have orders for me?" He didn't know yet if he was the only person Dedede called, but he hoped whatever Dedede had to say would at least be something interesting for once.
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Sparks, Cappy Town

"Huh,this place sure is small," Sparks complained as she wandered the streets of Cappy Town, "Not bad for a little village, though..." She turned the corner and almost jumped when she bumped into Kyoto. She stared at him for a while, then blushed.

"Sorry!" she stammered, "I-I-I didn't mean to..." She pulled her hat over her eyes to cover her embarrasment. But then a thought struck her.

"Um," she asked, "Do you happen to know anything about...the Star Warriors Elite?"

Galacta Knight, Whispy Woods

Galacta Knight circled high above the trees of Whispy Woods as he continued to look for Brick. This, he thought, is boring. I might as well be doing something else. But he continued to look, just in case there still was a chance that he might be able to join T's army.

"Revenge," he said through gritted teeth, "That's what I'm here for." He still remembered Meta Knight, with his annoying composture and his sword, Galaxia. They almost cost me my life, he thought furiously. And they'll pay. He looked around some more, then saw a brown Kirby.

"Who are you?" he asked warily, "I don't...are you Brick?"

((This is probably my last post until tommorow...I have a long car trip ahead of me.))
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Creeping On Le Floor
Dedede's Castle

Baron sat in a chair in his room, staring out the window. He'd heard much about the war, and wondered how long it would be until the king decided to take part. It would happen sooner or later, but Baron secretly hoped that it was later rather than sooner.

It was then that he received a knock at the door. "Come in, It's not locked." he said, turning to find a young waddle dee.

"King Dedede requests your presence in the throne room." The waddle dee said.

"If that is all, then you may go," Baron replied, getting to his feet. He walked out the door, seeing the waddle dee had already gone.

"Hmm, I guess this means we're probably joining the war. Oh, dear, that's not good." He talked to himself, before he walked through the throne room doors, bowing. "You called?" He asked, noting that he wasn't the only one called to the room. He recognized many of the others gathered there as the higher-ups in Dedede's forces, like himself. This only confirmed his thoughts.


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((OCC: Alright GalactaKnight, have fun on vacation! Remember though, no bunnying with the NPC's. Just end with asking the NPC a question or responding to something they did/said.))

Dreamland Fountain

Kyoto watched the figure come closer and closer until a person rounded the corner nearby and bumped right into him as she turned a corner. She looked almost like Kirby except yellow instead of Kirby's pallet of pink. By the way she spoke, you could tell she was a girl, "Sorry! I-I-I didn't mean to... Um..." She then asked Kyoto a question when she was done straightening herself out, "Do you happen to know anything about," She paused, "The Star Warriors Elite?"

"Of course, I am waiting for all the others to arrive. Trust me, just wait here and more will come. What is your name anyways?"

Clearing in Whispy Woods

He watched the white blob of Dark Matter try to eat an apple with his unusually long tongue, his only entertainment until all the members who would like to join the Almighty's Army. Then, he heard a thump, as if something had landed from above. Brick turned to see a pinkish knight looking person who actually reminded him of a Star Warrior on this planet Brick was trying to find named Meta Knight. Brick asked the Star Warrior, "Who are you?" He was prepared to attack the stranger and have Too help as well if he was a foe.

The strange knight asked, "I don't... Are you Brick?"

Brick then asked him in response, "Before I answer, are you friend or foe to T, the Almighty?"

King Dedede/Escargoon
Dedede's Castle

Dedede and Escargoon waited and waited. "I thought I told those Waddle Dee's to get them hours ago!"

"Sire..." Escargoon responded, "It's been only a few minutes..."

"Y'know what, I have half a mind to..." Dedede was interrupted by the opening of the room's door and one of them entered.

"So Dedede, you have orders for me?" Asked Sir Razor, one of King Dedede's highest ranking minions.

"Well Razor, just be patient... the others will be here soon..."

Another just arrived inside as Dedede finished his sentence saying, "You called?"

"Ah Baron, the others will be arriving shortly, take a seat," Dedede said pointing his old friend to the table he and Escargoon were sitting at. "Oh and you too Razor."

Billy Mays

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Sir Razor
Dedede's Throne Room

"Well Razor, just be patient... the others will be here soon..."

Another just arrived inside as Dedede finished his sentence saying, "You called?"

"Ah Baron, the others will be arriving shortly, take a seat," Dedede said pointing his old friend to the table he and Escargoon were sitting at. "Oh and you too Razor."

"Alright. I shall wait." Sir Razor was liking the fact that he had also called his personal bodyguard Baron. This almost definately meant that Razor was actually going to get to do something. They weren't even the only two called from the looks of it, more than likely that Kirby guy who's in charge of the royal guard and any other important people were being called too. Sir Razor went over to the chair Dedede directed him to and sat down, waiting patiently for anyone else to arrive.


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Shiro Shinobi
Whispy Woods

The violet ninja snuck through the forest, jumping from tree to tree. Finally, he saw the clearing he was meant to go to. Landing in a tree branch on its edge, he looked at the clearing. A black mass sat over to one side while a pink warrior and one of those Kirbies spoke in front of a large machine.

"Greetings, I am Shiro Shinobi," he greeted as he jumped out of the trees. "Which one of you is Brick?" The Biospark looked at the three beings in the clearing and awaited a response.


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Luck Star
King Dedede's Castle, top floor

Luck Star finally reached the top of the stairs to the top floor. He pushed open the door, yelled, "I'm here!" and sat at the table while he waited for Dedede to speak. He held his rapier in his hand and was just looking at it as things floated about in his mind. Things such as what Dedede could want. After all, this was the first time in service he had ever been called up here to the top floor for a while. Well, in reality, it had been a week. But even then, it took a looong time to get up to the top floor. Luck had to haul his violin case up the stairs as well. That certiantly was not fun.

Luck looked around, seeing that he was not the omly one there at the time. He noticed Sir Razor, and Baron, ones he knew. He nodded his head in respect. He put away his rapier and waited, waited for Dedede to speak. He wondered if any of this had to do with the upcoming war.
Dedede's Castle

"Cheddar!" exclaimed a Waddle Dee who burst through the door of the kitchen, obviously quite excited.

The cheese-colored Waddle Dee, meanwhile, had just finished a batch of hot soup. Taste-testing it, he found it tasted great. Just like it should, thought Cheddar, and although he couldn't smile, he was quite happy. He then focused his attention to the other Waddle Dee that had just entered. "Oh. What is it?" he asked, curious about what got his fellow worker all...well, worked up.

"His Majesty has been calling all the high-ranked members of the castle to the throne room!" said the other Waddle Dee, and that got Cheddar interested. What could the king possibly want? Cheddar said as much. "Well," the Waddle Dee thought for a moment. "I couldn't exactly hear why, but it sounds interesting, doesn't it?"

The other Waddle Dee was right. "I suppose I can bring this batch of soup over to the king, then," Cheddar said, scooping the soup into several bowls. "I think he may like a snack." He got a plate, placed each bowl on it, and picked the plate up. He said a thank you to the Waddle Dee, who had opened the door for him. The cheese-colored chef slowly made his way into the throne room.

"Ah, um," said Cheddar politely, putting the bowls of soup on a nearby table. "I suppose I wasn't called, but I needed to notify you that the soup is done." He looked at the other three who'd actually been called to the meeting, recognizing their faces quickly. They'd been there longer than Cheddar had; the Waddle Dee felt as if he had no place being here, despite his position as an assistant head chef being higher than usual as well; after all, what use was cooking in a war? Cheddar thought for a moment. Would he stay or would he go?
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Monster Guy

Fairy type Trainer

Vi, an inflated purple puffball flew through the village. The place seemed nice enough, not like a place that would be involved in a war of epic proportions though. Eventually, she saw the fountain she was looking for, and exhaled, letting the air out of her, and making her much smaller. She gently started descending down, and softly landing on the ground. She then looked around, but she didn't see Kirby, whom she was hoping to meet. She stomped her foot in a disappointment. "Darn!"

There were however two others tnere. Most likely fighting in the war as well. One was some kind of cat ninja thing. The other was a girl puffball like herself. Vi sighed with relief when she saw her. Happy she wouldn't be the only the girl of her species fighting in this. Still, the one she was hoping to find was not there yet. So, she approached the two strangers that were present. "Have either of you seen Kirby around here? He's supposed to be here..."
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Sparks, the fountain

Sparks turned around as she heard someone approaching. "Uh, hi." she said as she saw Vio, "So...are you planning on joining the Star Warriors Elite? I mean, you're a Kirby Species too, aren't you." She smiled neatly and looked at Vio with a friendly look on her face. She tried not to look nervous, but beads of sweat started popping up on her face.

"Uh, uh," she muttered, "Sorry, I'm kind of nervous today...excuse me. So are you joining the Star Warriors Elite?"

Galacta Knight, Whispy Woods

Galacta Knight looked at Brick suspiciously, but replied, "Well, I guess I count as a friend. I plan on joining. And I think you're going to want me to." He smiled coldly and held out his hand in a friendly gesture, showing that he wasn't holding any weapons. Or at least any that anyone could see. "So...are you accepting me?"

((Yes! There's wi-fi in this hotel!))


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((OCC: CuriousHeartless, Too is a white blob, not black. He is made of Dark Matter, though.))

Dreamland Fountain

Before the girl could answer the question he asked, the figure he saw before landed and walked right over to them. She asked, “Have either of you seen Kirby around here? He's supposed to be here..."

Kyoto nodded, “Yea, I am not sure exactly what he’s up to… but he told me to relay a message that we should all wait here and get to know all the other members gathering here. My name is Kyoto.” He held out his hand for the newly introduced female Kirby species to shake.

King Dedede
Dedede’s Castle

After the two sat, new minions arrived in the room. First, Luck Star came in with his violin saying, I’m here!”

“Lucky,” King Dedede said, “I see you’ve arrived, too! Take a seat with the others.”

Clearing in Whispy Woods

Before the strange pink knight could say anything to him a ninja-like person hopped tree to tree and said to all of them, “Greetings, I am Shiro Shinobi,” then hopped down to the ground, “Which one of you is Brick?”

Brick figured he didn’t really need to keep it a secret anymore that they were having the, I guess you could say, “Sign ups,” for the Almighty’s Army. Brick responded to Shiro, “That would be me. What abilities do you have and how can you assist the Almighty, or as you may know him as, T?”


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(OOC: Sorry bout that *Kyurem*. Also, do to my misunderstanding something, all mentions of shuriken are actually Kunai)

Shiro Shinobi/Clearing in Wispy Woods

"What abilities do I have?" Shiro repeated the question. "Well let us see. I can create shuriken and throw them." Shiro reached into his scarf and pulled out a shuriken he proceeded to throw into one of the trees. "I can also use my sword." He unsheathed the small sword attached to his side and slashed through the air with it a few times. "And I can even charge them with my energy!" The Biospark held the sword out for a few seconds as a light violet glow surrounded it and he swung it again. Pulling out all the stops in trying to impress Brick, he reached into his scarf and pulled out three shuriken. "Watch this." The three shuriken glowed with the same violet energy and he threw them into a tree, leaving scorch marks on the tree's surface.

"And now." Shiro glew with the same violet energy before disappearing. "Hah, see, I can turn invisible." He turned visible again. "So, is that good enough?"


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((Sorry if there are any spelling mistakes, I'm on a laptop and not used to it.))

Sparks, At the fountain

Sparks watched Kyoto quietly. "So," she said, clearing her throat, "Let's just wait here for Kirby then...I mean, we can't just leave without him, right?" Then, she added under her breath, "I have no idea where we're going to go anyways...So, what do you think?"

She started to look bored and plopped herself down comfortabely down on the rim of the fountain. "I guess...um, do you think more people are going to join the Star Warriors Elite? I mean, I don't have a single idea of how many people we're going to be working with."

Galacta Knight, Whispy Woods

Galacta Knight tapped his foot impatiently against the surface of the branch he was standing on. He knew that there was going to be quite a few others joining T's army, but he was tired of waiting.

"And after waiting forever to get my revenge on Meta Knight," he thought, thinking back to those times. Well, actually, who knew how many years had passed? It always seemed like eternity when Galacta Knight thought back to it.

"So," he said again, sounding more and more annoyed, "Am I accepted?"


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Chaplier, Whispy Woods

One of the clearing's trees froze and collapsed, leaving a black top hat that glew an eeire blue in it's place. The top hat returned to a Chilly which, presumably, was it's owner.

The Chilly went farther in the clearing and spoke. "Well hello there... I am Chaplier and I would love to join T's Army." A crazed look was present in his eyes. He then politely took off his hat and bowed... revealing a slice of chocolate cake under his hat, complete with a plate and a fork. He immediately looked up and screamed with glee. "Oh goody! I forgot I had that up there!" He then proceeded to grab the slice, put his hat back on and scarf it down like a wolf.
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(OC: Then, no offence, but control them. You have people to reply to for goodness' sake.)
((OCC: I am sorry, I have been quite busy since the end of school finals (terrifying, lol) are near. I will make a post right now! EDIT- Post has been posted!))

Dreamland Fountain

The Kirby that floated to the fountain didn’t shake his hand back. She looked a bit absentminded. He returned his hand and looked over to the Kirby holding an odd wand. She seemed nervous as beads of sweat were all over her forehead. “Uh, uh," she said, "Sorry, I'm kind of nervous today... excuse me. So are you joining the Star Warriors Elite?" The second Kirby didn’t reply to the first Kirby’s jester either. "So," the Kirby with a wand said, "Let's just wait here for Kirby then... I mean, we can't just leave without him, right?"

“Indeed,” Kyoto said to her, “He has told me to tell everyone to remain here and for us all to get to know the other members as well as to do it myself.”

She then said to the other Kirby and him, "I have no idea where we're going to go anyways... So, what do you think?"

“Ehh,” Kyoto replied, “I’m not exactly familiar here on north side of Popstar. More with the southern part.”

The wand handling Kirby plopped herself down and said, “I guess...um, do you think more people are going to join the Star Warriors Elite? I mean, I don't have a single idea of how many people we're going to be working with."

“I believe there will be more than three people here… oh, and I don’t think I quite got your name?”

Clearing in Whispy Woods

"Well, let us see,” Shiro replied, “I can create shuriken and throw them." The Biospark pulled out a kunai threw it into the tree Too was still trying to get an apple from. Shiro then continued, "I can also use my sword." He brandished his short sword and swung it in the air with blinding speed.

“Impressive,” Brick said, replying to his awesome skills.

"And I can even charge them with my energy!" He held the sword out and an odd light violet glow covered it and he swung it with all his might. He reached into his scarf not just one, but three kunai. "Watch this," He said to Brick throwing three violet glowing kunai into the same tree he threw the others at. This left marks on the tree and knocked down a few apples from the tree that Too proceeded to eat. "And now,” All of a sudden, the Biospark disappeared inconspicuously, “Hah, see, I can turn invisible." He then turned visible and asked, "So, is that good enough?"

“I think,” Brick responded, “That is more than enough Mr. Shinobi! Welcome to the Almighty’s Army! You may do what you like until most of the others have arrived.”

The other pink knight he met earlier said, “So, am I accepted?”

“Well, how can you assist the Almighty?” All of a sudden, another person interrupted him and the pink knight landing in-between him, the knight, and Shiro.

He looked down at Brick with a large and crazy look in his eyes, “Well hello there... I am Chaplier and I would love to join T's Army." He took his hat off and Brick noticed a delicious looking piece of chocolate cake on top of his head. It was prepared with a plate and fork, too. He looked up and squealed at the sight of it, then said, “Oh goody! I forgot I had that up there!” Then he ate it in almost an instant.

“Well Mr. Chaplier, it is pinkie here’s turn,” Brick said pointing to the pink knight. “Just wait until he’s done, thanks.”

Clearing in Whispy Woods

Too reached his tongue up high in the tree and kept at trying to reach his apple. All of a sudden, three kunai came out of nowhere and hit the tree. This made Too look over to see what was happening, but it just seemed like there was a new recruit testing his abilities. “Interesting abilities…” Too said. Three more flew at the tree, but these glowed an odd purple color. This made the apples he was trying to grab fall off the tree. He slurped them up then said, “Now it’s time to have some fun!” He looked over at the Biospark closely and transformed himself into the exact image of him. He formed a sword made out of himself as well then walked over to the very Biospark he was disguised as. “Hello! I am you!” Too said to the Biospark.
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