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Staraptor=Blissey killer??


Ultimate evil grinXD
Hey, here's a moveset for Staraptor I came up with to counter Blissey. Well, Ive never faced a Blissey with this moveset but this is just a theory....

Staraptor: max attack evs, max speed evs,
Nature:neutral or attack increasing nature,
Moves: Close Combat, Endeavor, Brave Bird, filler,

Well, how about u let Blissey whittle down your HP as much as possible until ur HP is just above 100. Then use Endeavour, to bring Blissey's colossus HP down to a mere 100. Then finish it off with a Close Combat!!
Do you guys think this will work?


Or you could just Close Combat from the beginning and KO.


The Nose of Doom
Blissey isn't going to be staying in on a Physical threat that has Close Combat...


Custom User Title
Just Close Combat until either: a) Blissey Faints b) You Faint (ICE BEAM) or c) Blissey switches

CC will do as much damage, though the idea i good. Also remember in that time Blisseys Ice Beam or Tbolt would either 2hko or perhaps freeze or paralyse you which then means your Endeavor will attack last and you will be beat before that. ^_^


Ultimate evil grinXD
A single Close Combat from Staraptor wont OHKO Blissey. It'll just take a big chunk off. Ice Beam won't OHKO Staraptor either, and the chances of Freeze are really small. The only thing in the way is Thunder Wave, otherwise this moveset can work.


LOL, Sup?
ice beam will 2x Star in all likely hood (haven't calculated), however im pretty sure that blissey would quickly run to a electric poke knowing you are carrying CC and then youd be forced to switch.

probably not the best counter


Well-Known Member
Oh my God! Someone discovered that Physical Sweepers kill Blissey!?! This is the most amazing discovery since we learned that Magneton can kill Skarmory!?!

Seriously, it's not that amazing that a Physical sweeper can kill BLissey.


Well-Known Member
Now why the hell would youuse Frustration when you can use Return, and of coursemaking a Pokemon love you is easier than making it hate you.


Gnarf Gnarf Gnarf

Starraprotr is one of the most basic Flying Phyiscal Sweeper, that's easy to get. :D

I use him on one of my teams. Oddly, it can take a hit. One hit, but a hit alright.


prophecy fulfilled
Wait. I missed the part where Blissey actually stays in on a Pokemon with a 120 base power Fighting move coming off of at least 339 attack.

Oh right it didn't. Thread over.


Pokemon Master
I'd say although this could work, there are better options, like ANY pysical sweeper that is good against ice attacks and is super effective... Blaziken might work


Ultimate evil grinXD
I'd say although this could work, there are better options, like ANY pysical sweeper that is good against ice attacks and is super effective... Blaziken might work

Blaziken's a bit too slow..... Staraptor can learn Close Combat, Im not sure if Blaziken can learn it....