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Stargazing - Deitobi Oneshot


The Compromise
'Cause you know you love those two to bits. *huggles Tobi and Dei plushies*


The night sky stretched out before him, stars speckling its vast surface as it rippled from horizon to horizon, lapping peacefully around the silver disk of the moon as she chased her wayward partner. The sun itself had long since set, leading its trail of clouds away with it, leaving him with a perfect view of the stars. A small shuffle caught his attention and he looked to the left, where his partner Tobi leant casually beside him, putting his weight on his forearms as he craned his neck to look at the sky. His orange mask gleamed dimly in the light, fixed, as ever, around the brown haired boy’s head. Deidara frowned slightly at the sight and pulled himself up into a sitting position, sparing the stars no backwards glance as he fixed a frown on his partner.

“Why did you call me out here, un?” He asked, crossing his arms over coat.

“The sky’s pretty clear tonight, don’t you think, Sempai?” Tobi asked happily, ignoring the question and continuing to gaze at the spectacle overhead. “You can even see Orion!” He raised a hand and pointed to the left hand corner of the sky, at a collection of constellations defined by the straight line in which three were placed. Deidara’s eyebrow twitched as he resisted the urge to unleash a small platoon of birds at his partner’s head, fighting to control his anger as Tobi continued to point out a series of other constellations before subsiding once more into silence. They stayed like that for a while, Deidara’s scowl growing ever deeper as his oblivious partner just stared at the stars, before-

“Do you like star gazing, Deidara-sempai?

Deidara looked up, startled from his mental blow-by-blow of exactly how easy it would be to end Tobi’s life then and there by the unexpected question. The boy just gazed back at him, head tilted in the usual questioning way, waiting for an answer. Feeling the usual twinge of annoyance – how old was he, five? - the blond looked away, before glancing up at the stars with a thoughtful expression.

“Not really, un.” He replied, lowering his eyes once more. When Tobi continued to watch him, obviously waiting for him to continue, he sighed, scowling a little as he complied. “They’re just not very interesting, un.” He informed him, shuffling into a more comfortable position. “Just a bunch of far off lights that get covered by a cloud every once in a while. A bit pointless, un.”

“You think?” Tobi returned his gaze to the heavens, contemplating them in silence for a while once more. Deidara watched him with a slightly raised eyebrow; this was not usual Tobi behaviour.

“I’ve always thought of stars as being wishes,” the boy told him, not moving his gaze. “And that if you watch for long enough you’ll see when a wish comes true.”

Deidara’s other brow raised and he glanced at the stars again. A bunch of random specks dotting a boring, black sky. Never moving, never doing anything other than just being there. What was so special about that?

“Look, there’s one!” Tobi suddenly exclaimed, sitting up fully, pointing at something with unconcealed excitement. His partner followed his gaze, bemused, sharp eyes just catching a trace of silver as a meteor darted across the sky. His breath caught slightly as he watched it disappear as quickly as it came, a single flare of beauty that bypassed its surrounding stars by far. He blinked.

“Did you see it, Deidara Sempai?” Tobi was quivering excitedly besides him, looking at him eagerly. The Iwagakure missing nin nodded and the boy beamed right back. “Beautiful, wasn’t it? It’s a sign that somewhere, someone’s wish has come true. A good luck charm.” Tobi’s eyes returned to the sky, scouring it intently as he sank back to his elbows. “If we stay alert, we should be able to see a couple more before sunrise.”

Deidara nodded, considering the sky with a new curiosity. Single blue eye sparkled as he watched another piece of silver trail across the sky, shining out for a brief second before disappearing forever. So much like his art it was, a piece of beauty, a single moment of…

Something clicked in Deidara’s mind and he lowered his head, fixing his gaze instead on Tobi, slightly amused. The boy tried so hard to hide from the world, blundering along purposefully, but there were times, albeit far and in-between, when he’d let that mask slip a little.

Like now.

“Is this why you called me down here, then, un?”

Tobi nodded once, continuing to gaze upwards. The explosive Nin’s expression softened and he gazed up at the stars, considering them before lying back casually, crossing his arms behind his head. Nothing more was said as they lay in silence, waiting the night out together.


Meh, not too happy with this one. Too similar to Confusion at the end, and had some odd parts at the beginning... Nevermind.

Maybe I'll write one from Tobi's view next time. XD