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Star's Sprites


I'm Mega Man!!!
Just some of my newer sprites. I couldnt really say I took my time on any of them. They were all done for requests so I try to be quick with those.

Sword was scratched.Also most of the head

Head and light saber were scratched.


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Ohnoez!! OMG HELP!!!
All of them are great and don't worry Rapidash is just hard to draw/scratch cause of it's flames.. So you can make another one but just use a easy pokemon E.G. Bidoof, Weedle, Metapod, Furret.


Vamo' lo' pibe' loco
The rapidash looks great.
It has an awesome cartoonish style.
Do you accept request? I want a Marowak in that style.
Marowak is good and so are the sprites
Good job ^_^
no problem always love praising poeple great Work
^ ^