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Starter Discussion & Thread

What is you favorite Sun & Moon starter?

  • Rowlet

    Votes: 467 43.2%
  • Litten

    Votes: 343 31.8%
  • Popplio

    Votes: 270 25.0%

  • Total voters
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Mod input:
Endless said:
Discuss the three new starter Pokemon for Sun and Moon!

All posts must be constructive and contain ideas, support/elaborate their ideas, and must contribute to the discussions and/or on-going arguments. Also, one-liner posts such as "I agree.", "I want [this] to be in the game!", "This sucks!" will all be considered SPAM, deleted and you will be possibly infracted.

Also, we know that this is the speculation thread and you are free to speculate the possible designs of the starters' evolutions. But we encourage everyone to please try and refrain from posting Fakemon.

Simply posting "I think [starter] will evolve into something like this." or "I want [starter] to evolve into this." will also be considered spam and will result to infractions.








Serebii's new pokémon page
Official English new pokémon page

What would you guys like for the new starters?

going of the possible south america ideas, I'm hoping for a jaguar. If so, likely the water one, mostly physical
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Same here.

Wish I could think of a good fire type, going of off SA.


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A little dino kind of pokemon as the grass starter. Similiar to Charmander. Also get wings for the final stage like Charizard. Grass->Grass->Grass/Dragon. Medium fast (90BST). Special Attacker (110 BST). Medium-High defensive stats(90-100BST).

A canine like pokemon for the fire starter, that get's bipedal. Body structure like a mix from both Infernape and Swampert for the final stage. Fire->Fire->Fire/Dark. Also can learn many fighting moves, is fast (100-110BST) and have high Attack (120BST) and maybe Sp.Attack stats (95-100BST) Low defensive.

A little lobster kind of pokemon for the water starter. Turns into a giant lobster with giant claws, that look like Scissors. Look similiar to Crush Crawfish from the Mega Man Universe. Water->Water->Water/Steel. High defensive stats (110-120BST), Higher attack (100BST), low speed (50-60BST)


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Rock, Grass, Ice typings for the starter base forms and ending up as Rock/Water, Grass/Flying, and Fire/Ice for their final evolutions.


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^Y'know, maned wolves (which are orange reddish) could be a decent canine fire starter.
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Ooo, thought about this way too much before Sun and Moon was a thing, admittedly.

Love a fire/poison starter. Perhaps make it a snake cause of the whole zodia theory, maybe give it two heads to differ it from like the snivy line? We had very anthropromorphic starters last gen, I want some good old fashioned monsters again XD

Definitely want a dolphin water type, maybe make it water/fairy in the end. We SO need a dolphin and it would be really cute/beautiful to balance the giant snake.

I want a bug based grass starter, haven't had a bug starter ever! I'm thinking a grass/steel tarantula like Pokémon that has steel web traps. It would be super weak to fire, but it's an uncommon type pairing, and maybe it could have a signature move that effects the field and weakens the strength of fire type attacks? Or a HA that does that?

I also wouldn't be surprised if they did a branched final evolution for a gen. Like, Sun has the starters fully evole into one Pokémon, and Moon another. That would frehsen up the style without sacraficing the fire-water-grass tradition.


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Not that I don't love the snakes, I'd vote komodo dragon or something for fire/poison.


1 more day ^^
Hopefully a different kind of animal for the fire starter. Komodo dragon sounds cool, maybe a bear or tiger =)


I want:

Grass starter > Gras Koala or Gras Woodpecker > Grass/Fighting Koala or Grass/Flying Woodpecker
Fire > Fire Asian Elephant with fire tusks > Fire/Dark in the end
Water > Water/Psychic Dolphin


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There is the spectacled bear, if the SA idea pans out.


Beyond Evolution
I wish they'd introduce a koala or a kangaroo-like starter in this generation. A dolphin ain't that bad of an idea, as well, but if they do release one, the design should be seriously middle ground fantasy because dolphins do not look flattering in real life. Or a moose? They can decide on their types, I just want to see these animals brought to life in Pokemon.


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Not that I don't love the snakes, I'd vote komodo dragon or something for fire/poison.

Oh that's actually a REALLY good idea. I couldn't even think of another poison creature besides a snake! I could get behind that, we don't have a Komodo dragon Pokémon and that is such a basic animal it would be easy to flourish it up Pokémon style.
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Oh that's actually a REALLY good idea. I couldn't even think of another poison creature besides a snake! I could get behind that, Ed don't have a Komodo dragon Pokémon and that is such a basic animal it would be easy to flourish it up Pokémon style.

I'd kill for a komodo dragon pokemon. I love them. Or, going by the Central/South America ideas, possibly a gila monster?


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For the grass starter I'm hoping for a Koala-like Pokémon that could have an abillity that makes it immune to poison type moves, as a reference to Koala's eating Eucaplyptus leaves that are too poisonous for other animals to eat.

For the fire starter I'm hoping for a tiger cub that later evolves into a Fire/Dark Siberian tiger.

For the water starter I'm hoping for either a dolphin that eventually becomes a water/psychic type or a water type Hadrosaur (Duck-billed dinosaur)


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Anything but another piplup/oshawott/chespin ripoff.

..........oh no...i just realized we never got a fire type one of these...

But besides that, I kinda hope all 3 starters are good looking. Gen 6 almost had it until we got their final evolutions. I feel like I might choose grass this time around. I chose fennekin and mudkip in the last two games so now it's time to switch again....unless the other ones catch my eye.


Beyond Evolution
You know what, I don't care what they are. I just wish they'd all look horrible in the early stages and give us all a huge punch in the face for being awesome and cool in their final stages of evolution. Fennekin really ruined everything for me last generation. Switched to Team Froakie (still chose Chespin, though) right away.
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