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Starter Discussion & Thread

Discussion in 'Pokémon - Generation VII Discussion' started by CrusherTheFeraligatr, Feb 26, 2016.


What is you favorite Sun & Moon starter?

  1. Rowlet

    467 vote(s)
  2. Litten

    343 vote(s)
  3. Popplio

    270 vote(s)
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  1. Tiptop

    Tiptop Saved by Hamboning

    As with every gen, new(or uncommon) type combos would be welcome! I hope they keep with partial reverse triangles for secondary typing. I really like the South American theme that some have brought up, so here are my thoughts:

    Grass/Elec: fast and agile Jaguar warrior
    - something other than rotom mow
    - follows Chesnaught as another grass Mammal, but stats allow for mixed attacking
    - Combines wood hammer/wild charge with synthesis and t-wave spreading

    Water/Poison: a ghoulish looking river dolphin
    - poison typing brings in some commentary on pollution in the Amazon
    - fast, but defensive, making good use of stat boosters and status.
    -it's a solid typing that could use some new mons other than Tenticruel and Qwilfish.

    Fire/Ground: armadillo with a jetpack
    - kinda steps on Sandshrew's toes, but I just like the idea
    - balanced stats, much faster than Camerupt.
    - signature move would be a fire-type Dig where it blasts up out of the ground.
    Last edited: Feb 26, 2016
  2. .Aerodactyl.

    .Aerodactyl. Well-Known Member

    Definitely like the idea of a grass electric typing :D

    And a dolphin would be great no matter the second typing. Not personally a fan of a ground fire armadillo, but that's just me. It is certainly very creative and sounds like starter material.
  3. phanpycross

    phanpycross God-king

    Oh god, so much yes.

    Any starter with /electric would be really cool.
  4. Tuoko

    Tuoko Well-Known Member

    I hope there's a Fire/Dark tiger.
  5. Cradily17

    Cradily17 Well-Known Member

    I really hope we get a Grass-type reptile starter this time. Why did Chespin have to ruin the pattern?
  6. Deadred23

    Deadred23 Veteran Trainer

    I'm going to predict.


    Fire/Fighting (I really hope not)

  7. Soleli

    Soleli Well-Known Member

    Oh Fire/Electirc and Grass/Electric - how criminally underused you are. No seriously i would like to see a Fire/Electric, Grass/Fire and Water/Ground despite being overused be the new combination for the next gen
  8. Bus

    Bus Well-Known Member

    Since I dont see the cycle breaking, I'd like to see some new combos for the starters too. Honestly, I love the ideas Tiptop already mentioned like the Electric Jaguar (that sounds epic!) and the Poisonous Dolphin (again, awesome!). At the same time, I have really been hoping for some kind of Fire/Poison type for awhile. Like the smoke produced by the fire pokemon is toxic and it just exhales a purple haze or something; like a Fiery Gila Monster. Also, as for Grass, since the the reptile grass chain has been broken, maybe its time for a Moose. If they do decide to return to grassy reptiles, though, maybe a gator of some kind. I think all we really have in that department is a water gator and a sand gator (not that they arent awesome; I love both those pokemon).
  9. World Turtle

    World Turtle Well-Known Member

    I want a Wolf which I think could work well with any Type.

    Snake/Cobra-Fire/Poison or Fire/Psychic

  10. Aetius

    Aetius Sky Emperor

    Since fire starters seem to follow the chinese zodiac, I'd really wish for a fire tiger as a starter.
    It would be also cool to give it the electric type as a secondary typing.
    As for the other two, I really don't know what to expect....
    I just hope that their typing won't be disappointing and that they will give some unique combinations! :D
  11. Skyknight

    Skyknight Active Member

    I'm rather hoping for a mantis shrimp starter, myself (with a Hidden Ability of either Compound Eyes or Tinted Lens). Although the only type formation that would really make sense is Water/Fighting. So...Grass/Psychic and Fire/Dark? We have all of those, though...
  12. Lion Demon

    Lion Demon Fairy Type Champion

    I'd personally want a Grass/Fighting Raptor, Fire/Fairy Unicorn and Water/Steel Buffalo Pokemon. That'd be unconventionally unique!
  13. bolter1

    bolter1 Swampert Trainer

    The last thing we need is for Grass to follow Fire's footsteps and have multiple Grass/Fighting types in a row XD

    If they aren't going pure Grass/Fire/Water, I want the starters' types to be combos that no other starters have with preference to completely new type combos for each
  14. yeabuddy46

    yeabuddy46 Member

    I do not ever think that Pokemon will diverge from the Fire/Water/Grass triangle in the main series games. There are certain things that may change about the starters over time as obviously they did not mind moving away from reptiles for the grass starters.

    Personally, I have been envisioning a starter trio of a peacock, a bear, and a platypus.
    A Grass/Flying peacock would be pretty legit and would round out the trio of bird starters.
    A Fire/Ground or Fire/Rock or Fire/Steel bear would be awesome in my eyes.
    And then a Water/Fighting platypus. I originally thought of Water/Poison, but then thoughts of Perry the Platypus fighting evil crept into my mind and now I want a kung fu-fighting platypus.
  15. ECM

    ECM Well-Known Member

    I would really like for the starters this gen to have unique type combinations from the rest of the starters. Like Grass/Ice, Fire/Ground and Water/Rock. Personally I'd like to see any one of the three be an Ice type. I'd love it even more if it were Fire/Ice. Probably not the best type defensively, but it could make for a cool Pokémon design.
  16. Soleli

    Soleli Well-Known Member

    I like the idea of Ground,Electric and Flying for secondary type combinations
  17. TWN

    TWN 5326 7398 1244

    I'm getting really tired of the repetitive Fire-Water-Grass trichotomy. I want something different. Either offer different types, or offer more choices than just three, or have some version exclusive starters, or ANYTHING else. Just PLEASE do something different Game Freak.

    EDIT: Also I wish Game Freak would have starters that were weak instead of powerhouses. It would encourage people to use strategy and have diversity on their teams instead of making it so easy to get through the game with your starter as your dominant weapon.
    Last edited: Feb 26, 2016
  18. jinnrob

    jinnrob Water Pokemon Master

    I would like to see a water-fighting starter.

    As for what beasts, if this region is based off of Italy, then I'd like to see a Stag, Wolf, Eagle based trio (Fire/Dark Stag - think Satyr-like, Water/Fighting Wolf, and Grass/Flying Eagle)

    If this region is based off of Spain than I'd like to see a Bull, Bear, and Lion based trio (Grass/Steel Bull, Fire/Dark Bear, and Water/Fighting Lion)
  19. Räven Velish

    Räven Velish black lives matter

    What if the split evolution occurred by either evolving it in daytime or nighttime? The games are called sun and moon, after all
  20. benknightprime

    benknightprime Master Trainer

    Grass/Electric is my dream, with Special Attack and Speed to support it. This is just a type combo I really want to see, and I'd love to get it early on the game with the starter.

    Fire/I don't care so long as it isn't Fighting. Maybe Rock or Poison could be interesting.

    Water, I'm not sure. Anything would be fine. Maybe Ice or Ghost.
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