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Starter Pokemon in future generations

Discussion in 'General Pokémon Discussion' started by Antwon le Blanc, Oct 31, 2018.

  1. Antwon le Blanc

    Antwon le Blanc New Member

    First time poster on Serebii!! Haha But one thing that really bugs me about starters in most generations is the lack of diversity between generations. Obviously, nothing can be done about games already released, but it bugs me that none of the devs made a conscious effort to try something else. For instance, when I play my games I can’t help but to just not train my starter anymore, or in rarer cases release them, so that I have to make new decisions about how to take on gym leaders.
    I get that it’s simple on a developer to make the same fire/grass/water types to pick from, but the furthest that that’s gone is giving them a secondary typing as they evolve. I want some new types, dang it!!
    One new trio of starters could be rock/flying/fighting. Each accomplishes the same type advantage and type weakness that fire/grass/water does to teach new players about the game. And another could even be poison/grass/ground. While this one uses grass again, it’s the only repeat in what would otherwise be mostly different Pokemon.
    I imagine what it would have been like catching certain starters in the wild as a result of having different starter types in the beginning, and I’d like to see that in the next game, if there is another. I feel it would allow for greater creativity in what could be found while exploring a new region in another release. Rant over!

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