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Starter Speculation/Discussion Thread

Which starter would you use?

  • Chespin

    Votes: 845 26.8%
  • Fennekin

    Votes: 1,329 42.2%
  • Froakie

    Votes: 849 27.0%
  • NONE, Dunsparce looks better

    Votes: 127 4.0%

  • Total voters
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Discuss the three new starter Pokemon for 6th gen!

All posts, speculation or not, should be constructive and contain ideas, support/elaborate their ideas, and must contribute to the discussions and/or on-going arguments. Also, one-liner posts such as "I agree.", "I want [this] to be in the game!", "This sucks!" will all be considered SPAM, deleted and you will be possibly infracted.

Also, we know that this is the speculation thread and you are free to speculate the possible designs of the starters' evolutions. But we encourage everyone to please try and refrain from posting Fakemon without supporting the idea. At least elaborate on why you think the specific starter will evolve into such creatures.

Simply posting "I think [starter] will evolve into something like this." or "I want [starter] to evolve into this." will also be considered spam and will result to infractions.[/SIZE]

Let's promote a worthwhile discussion!


Chespin: 806 (26.78%)
Fennekin: 1,286 (42.72% )
Froakie: 797 (26.48%)
NONE, Dunsparce looks better: 121 (4.02%)
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Raiden Maximus
I swear, if Fennekin's evo gonna be a fire/fighting Swords of Justice wannabe I'm gonna-

I like Chespin the most here. Its dorky-lloking face is its charm point imo. I would most likely use it.

Fennekin looks adorable too, especially for its feminine looks.

Froakie looks okay. I like it the least among this set of starters and when compared to other starters, but I still like it.
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Power Is Beautiful
I'm gonna have to take some time to get used to Froakie and Chespin, but I'm already loving Fennekin. Always had a thing for Fennic Foxes... I can't wait to see what direction they take this fire-type fox in to differentiate it from Vulpix and Ninetails.


anata wo toosenbo
The two little bubbles on Froakie's nose look like bifocals. That's my only observation, really.


I love all three of them. Chespin is adorable, Fennekin is sleek and Froakie's cool. I'll probably pick Fennekin when the time comes, though, since I gravitated to it from the very instant I saw it (plus, my middle name is "Fox," so let's just say I have an affinity).


Chespin's evolutions will be interesting, I have no clue which way it'll go. Fennekin is my favorite, love the wing-esque designs of its fur.


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Well, after a Generation gap, it seems I'm going back to the Fire-type starter. I've already decided I'm picking Fennekin.

Unless its evolution is another Fire/Fighting, in that case I absolutely refuse to choose it.


Dawn/Sinnoh Fan!
I love Fennekin, I've always wanted a fox starter and this one looks great so far, I'm very excited to see its evolution now,and hopefully Corocoro this month will reveal more about the starters.


I think I might pick chespin, but it alll depends on the evolution, my second chose is the fire starter


Fire trainer
I bet Chespin's evos are Grass/Fighting,Fennekin's evos are Fire/Dark[mischievous fox--Zorua anyone?] and Froakie's evos are Water/Psychic[just look at the way it holds its hand]---although,they could evolve into totally surprising things[just look at Samurott]

And I like the idea of Psychic type attacks being not very effective on Dark types instead of not having any effect.

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so given the international release of the othe language names does that mean chespin,froakie and fennekin are confirmed names for the English version?


Is it me or are they losing creativity in pokemon?

Chespin reminds me of an Oshawott/Dewott grass version.

Froakie reminds me of a Poliwhirl Seismitoad mixture.

Legendary Y reminds me of a bird from Windwaker when you go to the fortress.

Legendary X... So many like deerish pokemon, dont we have enough? It is like a mixture between Suicune, Verizion, Cobalion, Sawsbuck.

I will wait till further pokemon show up to give a final statement, but so far, I dont know yet.

But on a side note, the game looks AMAZING! Everything about it, and I am 100% excited to play it! Havent felt this excited in a while :D




Hey Scotty,Jesus Man
I'll definetely use Chespin. It looks like Oshawott, but it's even cooler. I also loved Fennekin, but not as much as I love Chespin. Froakie is OK.


Dawn/Sinnoh Fan!
We really can't decide until we see the final forms. Its ususally in the final forms that they become great

I don't see why not? Not everyone evolves pokemon, so they can go ahead and choose which starter they want now. I did that with 4th gen, when I found out about Turtwig I liked it so much I chose it right away and decided at that very point I wasn't evolving it.


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i like all three but froakie is my favorite. chespin looks the worst out of the 3 in my opinion but i still like the design and fennikin looks graceful and i imaging it's final evolved form would look cool.
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