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Starter Speculation/Discussion Thread

Which starter would you use?

  • Chespin

    Votes: 845 26.8%
  • Fennekin

    Votes: 1,329 42.2%
  • Froakie

    Votes: 849 27.0%
  • NONE, Dunsparce looks better

    Votes: 127 4.0%

  • Total voters
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Uni hiatus
I'd like Chespin to end up as Grass/Steel. We only have Ferroseed/Ferrothorn with that typing at the moment, and it's pretty likely that as a chestnut/hedgehog hybrid that it's going to have some spikes. Most likely on it's head and back. Steel would be a good match in that case.


Fear the Deer
Not going to lie. Its going to be difficult choosing a starter when X and Y are released.

Chespin is interesting to look at. So little green compared to most other Grass Starters. I haven't got the slightest idea as to what its based off of. It doesn't give any major hints. I'm guessing the 'Ches' in its English name comes from Chestnut, maybe? One thing I do know is that its expression looks like something off of Happy Tree Friends.

I really like the design of Fennekin, truthfully. If I decide to use it, I'm going to have to reset until I get a female because it fits it better. I think its safe to say it will not be a Fire/Fighting, based on its design. Based on the trailer, it looks like it might end up being a Fire/Psychic like Victini.

Froakie certainly is interesting. It looks like it has a bib. Basing it off of a Frog seems so...predictable. I really don't have a problem with how it looks though.

Of course, I have very little to go on right now. Need a quite a bit more before I decide which one is my favorite.


Based purely off design I like Fennekin the best, will lose my **** if its another fire/fighting though, thankfully that looks unlikely. Not a fan of the names though, they'll likely grow on me in time, but if not hooray for nicknames.


Water&Grass Trainer
I have to say that Froakie and Chespin intrigue me most out of the 3. Froakie is obvs. based off of a frog and chespin appears to stem from Chestnut and some sort of rodent species?


Well-Known Member
I'm going to wait and see the evolved forms before I jump to conclusions of who I'll use or like. Things changed for me when they revealed the BW starters evolved forms. But I adore Chespin, he's just adorable. Fennekin gives me the vibes that Snivy did when it was revealed, like trying to look awesome.

Kurloz Makara

Red Death
Fennekin's adorable! Looks like I'm choosing the Fire Starter this time, regardless of its Stats.

I'm hoping Fennekin's a Fire/Psychic type. That'd make it the first starter with that Type combo.


Scarlett starlett
Well, after a Generation gap, it seems I'm going back to the Fire-type starter. I've already decided I'm picking Fennekin.

Unless its evolution is another Fire/Fighting, in that case I absolutely refuse to choose it.

Same here. I've never chosen Tepig as my starter as I don't like Emboar at all.
Fennekin here looks interesting, it's the first fire type that's looked quite feminine (compared to others) Chespin and Froakkie look pretty cool, I'd have to see the other evolutions though first before I could make proper judgements.


Fire trainer
I reckon the types are Grass/Dark, Fire/Ghost and Water Fighting, since that would mean they trump their respective opponents from the video. Ghost and Dark are interchangeable, I guess.

Also Froakie is the best starter.

I think you might be right.It would make sense for the fox to be part Ghost.Though,the frog looks so intelectual.I must say,I'm intrigued.

I think Chespin is using Night Slash in the vid.I dunno about the others.
Is it me or are they losing creativity in pokemon?

You seem new

This opinion is not

I hope one of them ends up being -psychic. I'm dying for a proper fire/psychic line.
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Dancing Mad
I'm gradually warming to Froakie and slowly going off Chespin. Fennekin at the moment seems... well, it's a good design and all but I can't get Vulpix/Ninetails out of my head whenever I look at it.


Hylden General.
Chespin doesn't seem like much to mee tbh. Fennekin looks awesome, and Froakie is cool. Don't mind what Froakie's evos will be, I'll start with the Water starter anyways, It's a tradition that I won't break. For my second playthrough as a female character, Fennekin is my pick, It just screams for a female trainer.
AS for typing: Chespin: Grass/Ground. Fennekin: Fire/Psychic and Froakie: Water/Fight or Water/Ground


Well-Known Member
I really like Chespin, wonder what happend to its tail, I sure will take this starter!
I think Froakie will become a frence frog-ish with a mustace and a beard ( what is awesome!)
Fennekin, I think will look beutiful, some majestic fox!


Triple Cherry Bomb!!
I actually like all three of the starters this time. Fav is probably Fennekin though and I'm most likely going to end up using it. Hoping it's gonna end up part psychic because it seemed to be using a psychic attack in the trailer...
For me, Chespin kinda looks like an otter, but I still like it none the less. Froakie seems to be very interesting. The two white spots almost make it look like its wearing glasses.


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Guys something just ran a bell about the Fire Starters about something based on what PokeJungle mentioned (during speculation). The fire starters are based on Chinese Zodiac Animals. Charmander is based on the dragon, Cyndaquill is a rat, Torchic is a rooster, Chimchar is a monkey, Tepig is a pig and Fennekin is a fox but it maybe based on the tiger from the Zodiac (maybe it evolves into a tiger Pokemon). Just thought you would be interested.


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Chespin looks really different, its face, arms, legs and tail don't seem to based on a single animal. I wonder how it will end up its evolution.


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i think this might be the 3rd generation i start with the water starter first, cant wait to see what their evolved forms look like. and do u think theyll reveal anything new on pokemon smash or corocoro soon?
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