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Starter Speculation/Discussion Thread

Which starter would you use?

  • Chespin

    Votes: 845 26.8%
  • Fennekin

    Votes: 1,329 42.2%
  • Froakie

    Votes: 849 27.0%
  • NONE, Dunsparce looks better

    Votes: 127 4.0%

  • Total voters
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(Fennekin fans forgive me) I don't think Fennekin looks very original. Why pick it as a starter when you can get a Vulpix, Zorua, Ninetales, or Zoroark? Arguements?
Because everyone knows Fennec won't be a dark fox or a kyubii.
Fennec will be a goddamn Flame Lucario who knows psychic moves ♥ (Nah, just kidding)


F*ck Yeah! Seaking!


like pepsi cola
So we're back to 'Fennekin looks like a hybrid Vulpix and Zorua.' Oy.

No, it doesn't.

^ Also, I just spent about six minutes straight watching that GIF. Not even kidding <3


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I don't know why everyone thinks fennekin is going to be psychic just because of that trailer. That move looked a whole lot like growl to me. You guys really dream big with the typing, I mean steel, really? I would be extremely surprised if one of them picked up steel.

The more I look at the three, the more i'm liking froakie and chespin. I think I will probably end up using froakie.


I think the main reason why so many are saying Fennekin is going to be psychic-type because well they don't want another fire/fighting starter. That's why I'm saying it, cause the dual fighting-type is way over done. GF really needs to be more creative on the dual-type for the fire starter, I'll even be fine with it just being a pure fire-type.


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I agree that they need to be more creative. It would be nice to have unique typing for a change. And I'm not saying I don't think he can be psychic, I just always see people basing it on the trailer.


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ill agree on zorua but fennekin looks much better than vulpix
Of course it does..Fennekin is a better first stage for ninetales then vulpix is, actually..XD


Fire starter
So we're back to 'Fennekin looks like a hybrid Vulpix and Zorua.' Oy.

No, it doesn't.

^ Also, I just spent about six minutes straight watching that GIF. Not even kidding <3
^thisX 10000. People really need to stop basing their dislike for a pokemon off of the fact that they may look Alike. With the case of fennekin he/she doesn't resemble Vulpix At all! vulpix looks more like a poodle with 8 tails than a fox and there are very mild similarities between fennekin and zoroua, similar body shape is about it. zoroua has a smaller head, It's eyes look completely different, and does not have fennekin's thin appearance. In all truth I think people see just what they want to see when they see a pokemon, maybe It is because they are all based on foxes. This brings me back to when they Introduced snivy and oshawott, calling the former a stuck up treeko and the latter a rodent piplup.

well I suppose everyone is entitled to their opinions.

Every time I see one of these animations for cespin I love it a little bit more, I defiantly need all three starters at some point.


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chip and dale anyone?

And i do think fennekin is going to be psychic, it makes sense.
"...because (sic), it makes sense" is not a valid rationale. As other posters have mentioned, we're looking too much into dual typing. That pink-hued attack might have been Growl (as I perceived). And anyway, single-types can use other type attacks, it's not like THAT's been done before (ex. Rhydon and Surf - ZOMGGGGGGG!!!I!!I!!!I!!!!111!I!I!1i1)

ITT: We're all hoping for the final evo (and hopefully stage 1 evo) to be a unique dual-type. Let's not speculate because we get rationale like the quote above.

Now, this makes sense, doesn't it?

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I still don't see why Fennekin gets so much hype. Her big head makes her look stupid and top heavy. The fact that her ears alone are about as big as her entire body just looks awkward to me.

For that reason I'm hoping her evolutions put emphasis on her huge head and it grows bigger while her body stays the same size. She could become part psychic type due to the enormous brain power of her freakishly large Jimmy Newtron head and could learn moves like Zen Headbutt and Head Smash. Instead of walking Fennekin's final evolution should roll around by stuffing her miniscule body inside of her ginormous ears allowing her to use attacks such as Rollout, Rapid Spin, Gyro Ball, and the new fire type move Hot Balls. All 3 evolutions should be classified in the Pokedex as the Hot Headed Pokemon.

I think a pokemon like this would really add more variety to the foxes in the Pokemon franchise and would be a valuable member on anyones team.
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